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  1. i just coverted from mandrake 10.1 to unbuntu. and im happ i like how it installs nvidia drivers by default, and it just works !! good luck
  2. flightcrank


    has anyone here actualy got it working on mandrake ? if so, what did u do and how did u do it ? i installed everythin that it need but still no luck. bloodly hell linux is a pain somethimes
  3. im fed up also, is runs fine for a while then jst gets worse and worse, ill try the new one that coes out, and if its bad ill change
  4. mandrake sound fine, i hope they never chage it
  5. i found this in mcc, under system, then menu. it has the kde menu entry, however it is higlighted blue ? so it is there, any ideas EDIT: the only problem i have is KDE optin not showing on the task bar, to solve i just made a shortcut to "Kcontrol" this gives you all the options to configure KDE3.4 so i fixed the login, and menu problems. all up i would say kde boots 60 70 % quicker its much faster. i recomend it the problem are easly fixed. or easy to work around.
  6. ok i just insalled kde 3.4, this is what i did. firt of all some background info. i have mandrake 10.1 about a month or two ago i updated the starndard 3.2 to 3.3 from thac's repositorys all was fine updated perfectly. no need to install any thing just need to add thacs repositys and updatde kdebase. thats it then toaday i found that 3.4 is out from thac so i updated. heres what i did i added these repositorys 1.mandrake main 2.mandrake contrib 3. plf 10.1 free 4. plf non-free 5. thacs rpm then i updated xorg to 6.8.2 then i installed the new kde "kdebase3.4" and restartd x. and x didnt restart so i just rebooted. and that worked fine, however i got the login porblem where the login screen pops up but just loops, it also adds at lest 20 user entrys. so i just cntrl-alt-backspace, login as a user, then type kde, and kde boots up fine, my taskbar short cuts were all gone, no big problem i re-added them, it has a cool new feature when u leave you mouse poiter over the shortcuts now :) the side image on the taskbar menu still said 3.3 even though i updated to 3.4 so i istalled this mandrakelinux-kde-config-file just go to mcc serch for "mandrakelinux" and slect mandrakelinux-kde-config-file its from thac's repository. the side bar image now says 3.4 ( i think u may need to restart x for this to take effect. also mu taskbar menus all had double entrys, also some were missing such as the configure>kde menu was completly gone. doing this... su *password* urpme mdkkdm urpme kdebase-kdm urpmi mdkkdm Reboot and everything *should* be fine. urpme is the command for uninstalling an rpm file. did not work at for me at all. however doing this fixed the double entrys open a console or log in via cli type: mv ~/.local ~/.local-bak Run update-menus -v Once that is done, everything should work for you how ever the KDE menu where u can configure kde still dose not show up. EDIT: i just rebooted my computer and i still have alot of menu entrys however it lets me login now without looping at all, so something i typed here worked !
  7. has any one succuessfully installed kde 3.4 under mandrake 10.1 ? maby a tutorial is in order ?
  8. and comment it out (#). Good luck. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i did what u said but it just shows no splash at all, which i assume is what i commented out, and now it just crashes after that. i can move the mouse but cant click on aything.
  9. oh yeah u can change your workgroup name without going through the wizard, just edit the conf file located in "etc/samba/smb.conf" and change your workgroup name from there, then save, and restart the samba server with "service smb restart"
  10. hrrmm well try typing in smb:/ (in otherwords smb:/the.ipadress.of.the.pc) u want to access or after u change your workgroup name u may have to reset the smaba its self, so it can re-load your smb.conf file and read the new changes. (thats just a guess) type "service smb restart" in console, u may have to bee root to do this
  11. well i still have this problem with my windows machines alwas losing the internet. when it goes down i can ping both my network cards fine, i believe the problem is in the routing,. any ideas on why this is happing?? ive tryed everything
  12. after a bit of googleing i changed my refresh rate to 60hz and my colours down to 32bit color, but with limited success. the corupted images arnt as bad but there still there and the screen still freezes before it gets into kde
  13. well i got them to install which is good. i see the nvidia logo, then it boots into my kde desktop, as soon as this happens i get a corupted image on the screen, image is "garbled" and no displayed corectly, then it freezes. i change my xfree86 file back to "nv" insted of nivida and my desktop works fine again, i would like to play games :) but im outta ideas on how to get this to work
  14. new nivida drivers are out i think, any tryed installing them yet ? i simply could not get the last ones working with mandrake 10.1 [moved from Software by spinynorman]
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