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  1. Hmmm, I would expect the manufacturer to tell me it is NOT their fault, but the fault of either the dealership or the place I purchase my gas. I would shell out more money on an upgrade plan... just hoping it will fix the problem. I would just keep forcing the doors to open and close until I could afford to purchase a newer model ( from the same stupid company ) to replace that "piece of crap." Yeah, might as well buy a whole new one --- even though the rest of the components are perfectly fine and I still own the original ( which probably could be easily fixed... IF I only knew how ). Yep, I still believe this is the best darn company in the world. I will continue to support them by buying all their cool stuff... I mean, what else is there? I just can't believe people. Wish I could run a business like that.
  2. I am guessing you are seeing a "DOS" like screen after you log in? And you have a command line thing that looks something like this: [kingli@localhost kingli]$ I would try typing this: Followed by hitting <ENTER> and see what this does, any error message from this, report back here :)
  3. In that case, I would continue trying to get this to compile to hopefully get things sorted out... unless your up for a clean install, which would probably be a better option than any upgrading.
  4. Or, if all we want to do is upgrade our kernel... why not just download the latest .mdk kernel and rpm -ivh kernel-2.6.3-13mdk.i586.rpm and reboot into the new kernel then ? Don't really need the sources (or those dev packages), unless you plan on compiling more stuff or a nvidia kernel.
  5. scoopy

    Configure error

    gimp2 is in the contrib folder on your favorite server. Try this: ftp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandra...0/contrib/i586/ No, you don't have to stick with rpm files, but it helps ;)
  6. If that is all that is wrong with this setup... should b easy enough to fix. Newer systems, usually mean newer hardware, that is normally made with another OS in mind. I believe all distros take a while to catch up to support newer hardware. It all can probably be fixed... and become a nice stable working system... with some more info on the problems at hand.
  7. We have something in our FAQ's forum. Try here: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=4548 From what I see in your post, your link command does not seem complete. Also, the link needs to be in /usr/bin and not /apps/firefox. Hope this helps...
  8. I totally agree with you cannon. :D Its a service and conveniance that some are willing to pay for... instead of dealing with those "too many users," "curl 9 errors," and "file does not exist errors" we all been getting trying to urpmi some package and its dependencies. Plus, it saves you all the time and effort of downloading, gathering, and packaging it all on a CD.
  9. That seems to be the standard around here. I haven't heard of anyone using /home from windows or writing to NTFS from Linux either.
  10. Just to be sure... you did set the bios to boot CD before HDD-0 ? It really should of booted.
  11. An ".exe" file... strange... and in /tmp ? (unless that is where you wanted to save the .iso file I tried that address and it don't seem to exist. Try this address: ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distribution.../iso/10.0/i586/ Figuring 1024 bytes per kilobyte would equal 716,800 KB per "700" CD... then figure an ISO image has some extra stuff written to the file that tells your burner what to do... and it can be even larger. If I remember from when I did mine... It worked out to a 699 MB disc 1. Yes it will fit. Open a terminal and do this: df -a and then we can tell if you got enought room.
  12. I'll help ya... I will glandly test that SuperKaramba rpm your working on when its ready.
  13. scoopy

    Gimp 2 won't start

    This was a mandrake rpm ( gimp2_0-2.0.0-2mdk ), right? and you installed libgimp2.0_0-2.0.0-2mdk also, right? How bout gimp2-freetype-0.5-3mdk ?
  14. IF your running KDE, try this one kdenetwork-kget-3.2-17.1.100mdk
  15. Got it working now. Fissy's directory options fixed up the permission thing. Don't know why they did not include that in the sample config? Now if I can just figure out the redirect options... I can probably access everything from outside the network too. thanks again,
  16. That would work... IF I filed the stuff in /var/www/html/my_file... BUT I would like to file it in a totally different partition which is mounted as /www. damn, maybe thats where I messed up... document root should be /mnt/www/html. Will try that after work... along with fissy's idea if needed. thanks,
  17. Just set up Apache2 on a fresh install of 10 OE. I am trying to setup a virtual server that will allow myself easier access to my files (test sites). Everything works fine from the /var/www/html directory and works using my IP. I just need this to work for me, outside (of my network) access is not neccessary. This is my Vhosts.conf : ################# Named VirtualHosts NameVirtualHost scoopy.localhost <VirtualHost> ServerName scoopy.net ServerPath /etc/httpd DocumentRoot /www/html </VirtualHost> This is what I am getting in my browser: So, I am sure I missed something or did something wrong. Maybe some sort of redirect would work too ??? thanks,
  18. scoopy


    york, I would stay away from Mandrake's wizards this time. Your better off editing the file bvc quoted manually with a text editor (as root of course).
  19. Here's another way to accomplish this: Someday, your gonna also want to move a file... say a cool wallpaper you want to save to /usr/share/wallpaper, but you won't be able to do this either with normal konqueror because of permissions. So, what I do is create an icon on my desktop for a "super user konqueror" right next to home, which is "normal user konqueror." This super konq allows me to browse to the files I want to edit (double clicking for me opens the file in root's kate, where I can edit it), change permissions and move them to folders owned by root. to create this "Super Konq": right click on empty spot on your desktop and choose "Create New --> File --> Link to Application" under Application tab, in the line for command, put this: kdesu konqueror
  20. scoopy


    I think it should be on CD 3
  21. scoopy

    complete newbie

    That's the last time I trust a post to the U.S.P.S. Seriously tho, I noticed someone was viewing this thread and thought I too would check it out. Before I knew it --- I posted what I thought was a helpful reply --- without checking the date. Sue me --- dock my wages --- add to your post count. /me need sleep
  22. Yep, its a bellybutton and very ticklish too (like the Pillsbury Doughboy). :P
  23. scoopy

    complete newbie

    That would be because "root" owns that file ( and everything else under /var ) What I do to edit these is to open up konsole or terminal and then: su <enter> ***** (enter root's password) <enter> kate <enter> This opens kate as the root user, which enables the file to be edited. You can substitute this with your favorite text editor.
  24. continuing with the penguin talk... I have seen some really good posts from members without any penguins too. We all just try to be a very courtious and helpful flock of "loonixers" here. As for my collection of birds, I have been here a while now and just try to be as helpful as possible --- wherever I can and with my very limited knowledge.
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