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  1. i seem to remember back in the cobwebs of my mind (around the early 80's) microsoft was working very closely with ibm (who at the time were the bigger company) and what happened? microsoft screwed ibm to the wall !! ibm has never forgotton that experience, and it looks like novell / suse is going down that same path, don't they know their industry history!! good bye novell / suse it was nice knowing you for a while ! it may take months or it may take years, but just wait and see, microsoft will break you both ! reb
  2. ok guys, i gave up in the end, and i am sticking with 2006 for a while longer! i found out that i had accidently downloaded the wrong one (rc2) and after a while noticed a few problems! never mind when i have time, i shall try again :wacko: thank you guys again for the help, although i have given up for now, at least others have an explanation as to why their 3d desktop don't work. (so it was not all in vain). regards and thanx reb2
  3. thanx for that ixthusdan, yes the kernel source is installed for the stock kernel now all i have to do is find the plf repositories ! they don't exist for 2007! i guess i shall have to add them to urpmi as "2006" ? thanks again though, i will post back if / when i have it done regards reb2
  4. ok so i downloaded the 4 cd iso's, burned the cd's, and did a "upgrade" over 2006, well it trashed the upgrade ! rpm drake did not work (crashed), xchat crashed most things crashed when trying to use them ! so i did a complete wipe and clean install, and this worked fine, everything now works !! as this is a spare machine i was not bothered, but maybe others would be, MANDRIVA, WHAT IS THE POINT OF AN "UPGRADE" OPTION IF IT DOESN'T WORK!! And of course i have a NVIDIA fx 5200 graphics card so the 3d desktop stuff don't work! yes i have got the correct kernel source, and installed the NVIDIA driver (8774) and its all ok. i wonder why not, maybe i have a config wrong somewhere, the error i get is "your system does not support 3d desktop fx" yet the 3d config tool say's i can have one of the 3d options (not the ai one) ? never mind its only eye candy after all but it would be nice to check it out ! anyway i like the look of 2007, its slick, good looking, and a bit quicker than 2006, overall impression is well done mandriva keep up the good work it shall be on my main machine by monday regards reb2
  5. interesting typo in my post, must be a fruedian slip! "god guy's" was meant to be "good guys" ! but i liked the way it sounded so i left it intentionally lol
  6. My understanding is, any un-authorised entry to another persons machine is a violation of that persons privacy. even if you visit a friends house, and snoop at your friends files if he slips to the bathroom for ten minutes! but any attempt to gain un-authorised access to another computer across the internet is (as far as i am aware) illegal. if someone does gain un-authorised access ( ie: cracking passwords, decrypting encrypted files, stealing or copying files planting trojans / virus's or just moving or deleting files), then that is called cracking and is of course an even more serious offence. by cracking the defences of the target machine, be it firewall, passwords etc, the term cracker is appropriate. hackers, are the good guys and gals that sit up through the night burning the midnight oil, hacking code to improve it, or writing code for program's, they hack large code blocks and look for small mistakes and correct them, they hack it to pieces and study it improve it, and then re-assemble it, without hackers there would be no linux, no open source programs etc etc hackers are the god guy's !!!! and i hate it when everywhere i go i hear "hackers are the crooks, bad, criminals" they are not !!!! its the crackers we don't like they are the bad guy's !! its about time this was explained a lot more to the "un-educated" in this matter, its not the fault of the average person who has never took an interest in programming, but, i had to write an email a couple of years ago to my ISP !! about a statement on their website stating that very mistake! (stating hackers were bad guy's) i was informed by reply email that "well it is now a generally held term that "hackers", means a person of "dubious" and or "malicious intent" !!! this is an isp for gawd sake! man it makes me sick! and no i am not a hacker, or a cracker! lol i wouldn't know a "peek" from a "poke" and what is a "malloch"? (i remember peek and poke from the old sinclaire spectrum days) and "malloch" i have seen recently whilst going through the packages info during an install :huh: sorry about the rant :unsure: regards reb
  7. overall its great news that toms hardware is doing these reviews, (so many winblows users read his articles, thus more exposure for the linux platform) and that the graphics companies are trying so hard. keep it all coming, roll on the revolution how long till the latest greatest games, are developed for linux (default) and windows (ports) anyone like to hazard a guess? regards reb2 this linux amateur
  8. what is all this stuff about linux has to run microsofts plugins and applications etc etc etc......... the glorious thing about the open source world is that we have the chance (hackers permitting) to create new applications smaller better and more efficient, written with higher quality code, that does not break under stress. i hate all this guff about linux has to run windows anything!! go your own way, do it right (where they have gone wrong), don't immitate, Innovate! ok so microsoft has the market lead now, but if the linux application developers create better, more efficient applications/plugins, then they will gradually take over, and as it becomes more efficient to use linux the people will follow. IMAGINE A TIME WHEN MICROSOFT USERS SAY " WINDOWS HAS TO RUN LINUX PLUGINS OR ELSE!" human beings are fickle things, people would just as quickly leave microsoft, as flocked to them in the 80's, providing the alternative was better in all areas. what linux needs is independent, out of the box thinking (like its originator linus torvalds), create something new and different , BUT MAKE IT SMALLER, FASTER, BETTER AND MORE SECURE. so microsoft developed direct x, active x, etc etc whoopee! so why can't the open source world develop our own version (not of microsoft subroutines, but linux /unix sub routines), this maybe years away but don't waste valuable coding time trying to imitate that which you all despise, do it different and do it better thats the way forward. LINUX HAS ALREADY COME A VERY LONG WAY IN A SHORT SPACE OF TIME, and if we keep losing the plot in our thinking, it will end up with just a linux version of microsoft. i know lets make linux run all microsoft stuff and then what, linux with blue screens and fatal exceptions!! no thank you, i want applications written for linux by linux coders. if i want to run microsoft anything i have a spare old machine here for that thank you! oh and just as a by the by, Bill Gates retiring from microsoft would make absolutely no difference whatsoever Microsoft the corp is its own entity. and gawd bless him Bill stuck 30 billion dollars into his foundation (which has been doubled to 60 billion by another very wealthy american (who donated 30 billion dollars!!) this according to a news snippet i watched recently will double the charitable donations to 6.6 million dollars a year! thats a lot of dollars helping the fight against malaria, hiv aids, etc etc this is a great thing to do, and his foundation is making a huge difference to the world and for that i personally thank the man. still i am reminded of the biblical story about the little old lady who had only a halfpenny, and she gave it to a poor soul who she deemed needed it more than she. and the millionaire who gave £10,000 who gave more? regards Reb
  9. No, hokah, Linux is different from WindBlows. Its not more difficult, just different. It will run and run and run till you forget how to fix it! But that's a different problem.Indeed, it has been so long since i last had to use my root password i forgot it !!! i was pulling my hair out for all of ten minutes before i remembered i had written it down in a notebook lol. still, i can't remember my mobile phone number either (i never have to ring it) ! i am just a light user of computers now, email, browsing the web, and some simple games and i find linux works fine for me and nothing to be scared of at all. stick in a cd and re-boot, follow the on screen instructions and 1 1/2 hours later i am all up and running. everything is installed office apps, games, email / web. and when i've tried that with microshaft winblows its a case of, install operating system, then install office, then seperately install individual apps for whatever i want to do (at a cost £), then i find out that my hardware is not direct x 9.0c compatible so i can't play latest games without buying a new graphics card / sound card etc etc. to me windows is scary not linux. and i don't use a cli (command line interface), i use only the gui (graphical user interface) for setup so to say linux is scary, in my own opinion is total bunkum. but i do understand how other people would think it, it is what they have become accustomed to, and that is "the microsoft way" regards reb
  10. i was working in a computer repair shop, and basically got fed up with windows machines. it seemed every local computer running a microsoft o/s came into the shop every couple of months. great for the boss and his business, bloomin boring as hell for me. so i looked around for something else, found a "pc plus" magazine and purchased it. inside was a cd with loads of the usual crap software aplication freebies, and a second cd with mandrake 7.2. i was intrigued and imediately tried to install it. to my amazement it worked (little old me actually got something other than microsoft installed and working). (bearing in mind i had never seen a different o/s than microsoft). i was impressed and have stuck with mandrake / mandriva ever since. i have also tried many other flavours of linux, but mandy feels like home for me.
  11. me, i'm just a home user, and use my boxes for all the usual home user stuff, including games (quake2, vegastrike, (broken sword and broken sword 2 through scumm vm)) + all the lovely little kde games etc (i do love crack attack though lol)). photo's, email, internet....... you know the usual "everything". and i must say it answers all my needs (basic though they my be).
  12. so if i understand this all correctly............. Mr duvall takes hold of something and makes something different with it. Makes something better with it. gives it appeal. makes it work more efficiently / easier. in general works damn hard producing / improving adding to this thing. and then forms a company called mandrake to produce it, and heaven forbid, make some profit! Then along comes some "business" types to run it. and they say, ok thats your lot geezer sod off !! ? Mandrake / mandriva is his baby for gawds sake, who the hell are they to "lay him off". jeesh whats next linus torvalds sacked from producing the linux kernel? i know, its not a company but the principle is the same. (just a thought but..... any of that mandriva management team on microsofts payroll? great way to undermine the enemy eh sack the inventer and most of the original coders!). good luck Gael Duvall, i shall be watching for your new product's with drooling anticipation now i wonder which distro i should look into next mmmmmmmmmm
  13. i was working in a computer "repair" shop in 1999 aged all of 37 years and i just got fed up with all the machines coming in "not" running M$windows. i mean they had M$windows installed but not flipping working, they were screwed. Viruses, trojans, spyware, missing files, corrupted files, "this game won't work!" jeesh i just got so fed up with the constant barrage of whinging clients. so i thought there must be something better out there somewhere. i did a search on the infamous google and found suse 6.1. got it installed and running first time, by pure luck all the hardware in my machine was linux compatible, including my external modem. after that came a free magazine cd of mandrake 7.2, a copy of redhat 7.0 and then the big plunge i "purchased" the full mandrake 8.0 powerpack. and have stayed pretty much with mandrake / mandriva ever since, with occasional dips into other distro's. i am fortunate in that i have more than one machine (so i can play around on one whilst not messing around on my main machine). M$ business ideas leave me cold now, and so as far as i am concerned i am a "rebel" and shall remain so, "viva la revolution" go linus and the open source community, teach the world a better way "the way it oughta be" regards reb2
  14. i guess it's too late to stop the ministry of defence sticking microsoft o/s on the new fleet of warships they are having built, i wouldn't mind, but in control of the critical "command and control" dept !!!! i can just imagine the scenario,.................................... .... incoming enemy aircraft detected captain,...... defence systems locked on targets................fire!........... sorry sir system lock up, blue screen ! we need to reboot !!!!!!!!!!!!............ BOOM !!! GAME OVER!
  15. well, i must be a lucky soul. after a bad experience first time around with 2006, (i believe due to bad cdr's) all downloads checksummed, all discs checksummed after burn, all ok, but simply refused to install properly, errors here, lockups there, damn !! i re-burned the three "free" download cd images onto a different vendor's cdr's and voila!, operating system installation nirvana!! i deliberatly did not install kat (due to comments elsewhere on this site), and i did download and install the nvidia driver for my Nvidia fx5200 graphics card. and so far everything including hp930c usb printer was detected and runs flawlessly. urpmi was a breeze to setup thanks to this site, and easy urpmi! thanks guy's and gals. everything i needed was downloaded in a single session (two hours) and the system is now complete, well except for java i have to get round to that yet lol. i am running kde, because it looks more like windows to me, and i have managed to find my way around it easier than the other desktop / window managers so far. it is faster at booting up and shutting down than 2005le, and applications also open quicker too. so far no lock-ups at all. oh it also looks great! i don't like that mandriva home page thing in konquerer it is extremely annoying. i tried to change it to something else but to no avail (any help on this point would be appreciated). i tried to change it too google, but it still opens up on the mandriva page and i have to click home to get google! why do they do this! they have mandriva web links all over the place so why hijack konquerer! still, it's a small grumble and overall a brilliant release FOR ME. mandriva everything is working that i have / need which is not a lot, (by which i mean no fancy devices like usb pen drives, internal win modems, sata drives, joysticks etc). soltek sl75drv mainboard, amd athlon 1.3 ghz, 512mb ddr ram, 40gb maxtor (10 gb win me, 20gb share (fat32) 10gb /usr), 20gb ibm deskstar (root, swap, var, tmp, home), 128mb nvidia fx5200 graphics, ac97 (via onboard) sound, phillips dvd re-writer 1640 (benq), hitachi 16x dvd rom, realtek 8129 ethernet card, hp930c usb printer, ctx vl700 screen, bog standard keyboard, and microsoft intelli mouse (both ps2) ok its hardly state of the art but seems very well catered for with this release. i hope the bugs others are experiencing are ironed out soon. regards reb2
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