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  1. i have tried (& still use) both Moz & Opera in Windows & Linux (MDK). my observations are thus......... Mozilla beats MSIE (using Windows) hands down. (IMHO) installation is a breeze, plugins are picked up automatically, it's faster, & far more secure. Opera in Windows is also an easy install, but it's a bit slower than both Moz & MSIE, timing load times in identical web sites. (at least for me it is) Mozilla in Linux (MDK) has issues that i don't like that makes Opera far superior. (again, IMHO) Moz in 'nix is slow as hell for me. (i'm talking 10 or more seconds slower loading some identical graphics intensive web sites) also, getting plugins (Java in particular) to work with Moz can be a frustrating, hair pulling experience. (just search the forums for that topic......there's many). Opera, on the other hand, was a breeze to install in 'nix, picked up most of my plugins automatically, & the ones it didn't were just a matter of telling it where to find them. it's far more configurable, & has many more options than Moz. so, in short, Opera gets a major nod over Mozilla in Linux from me. i still use Moz on rare ocassions (like if i'm testing something on different browsers or trying to help somebody with something Moz related) but Opera is what i use 95% of the time now. duh! i didn't really offer any opinion on your question about the Opera license, huh? well, i wouldn't worry too much about it. i mean, it's a pretty straight forward licensing agreement. it's not like they're telling that you agree to let Opera gather personal info & relay it to other sources, or anything nefarious. as for multiple licenses........ummm......i'll keep my opinions to myself about paying for multiple licenses. but...... Chris
  2. smartjak......... the first part of your question........ it was just telling you that you were missing certain required libraries (libs) for the Sun Java to work correctly. you just need to put in the corresponding MDK CD it's asking for & answer "yes" to install those libs. if you did that already, then you did the correct thing. it's not an error. the second part........ ......pertains to a file signature key. basically, the key checks the integrity of the file you are installing. in general, if you got the file from a reputable site (such as Sun or here at the forum) & know the download wasn't corrupted, you can just answer "yes" there to continue without the gpg key. i've done it many, many times without a problem. if you want to avoid that message, get the gpg key from the downloads section of the forum & install it. getting Java to work correctly in Mozilla can be a bit tricky. if you're using the rpm from the forum downloads, it should install & link itself without you having to do anything else. if you're using the Sun Java tar.gz installation file, then you have to sym link your Java installation to Mozilla's plugin directory. there are instructions on the Sun site to tell you how to do that. (just ask Mystified ;) ) in short, to sym link Java to Mozilla, you need to....... open a terminal su to root cd /path/of/mozilla/plugins type the following: ln -s /path/of/your/java/lib.so as for Konqueror, it's much easier. just follow my comments a few posts up to get Java working in Konq. Chris
  3. ummm, not sure what you're driving at with that query, or how it might pertain to my (former) icon problem, but to answer your question, yes.......i have all MDK updates installed, KDE & otherwise. Chris
  4. MottS is close.......... to change double click/single click method in KDE go to..... KCC->peripherals->mouse Chris
  5. go to http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/#uabar install the user agent tool bar & addons for your browser version & os. it'll let you spoof MSIE & several other browser id strings. Chris
  6. try here: http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/ or here for KDE: http://www.kde-look.org/ or do a Google search: wallpapers & themes Chris
  7. wooohooo for me! ok, Durvish, & anybody else that may have this problem with KDE, here's the fix.......... i was poking around my desktop directory & noticed 2 files that hit me like a ton of bricks. i arranged the desktop icons to my liking, deleted said files, rebooted, WALLA! everything stayed where i put it! so, to accomplish said feat, you need to........... click on "home"-> navigate to /home/user(you)/desktop/ delete the following files: .arrange icons (if it exists. this will only be there if you right clicked the desktop & choose one the the icon alignment options) .directory reboot, or logout of KDE & log back in. presto! hope this might help some other folks with the same problem. EDIT: just noticed Durvish's last comment. yes, i do have KCC set to "restore previous session". so, to test on that theory, i just tried logging in & out without saving the session & the icons are still where i left 'em! so the key is to delete the above 2 files, regardless of your session settings. Chris
  8. just tried that Durvish. but, alas, after rebooting the icons were back on the left side of the screen. thanks anywho, Chris
  9. ok guys & gals, help me here if ya can.......... i'm using KDE3.1.4 on MDK9.1. i have some pretty wallpapers set up & i want to move my desktop icons so they don't cover up portions of the wallpaper. i can move icons to any place on the desktop(s) i want to, but the problem is after i shutdown/restart/reboot/login/logout, the desktop icons are always back to being lined up vertically on the left side of the screen. i have tried the following so far, to no avail....... placed the icons to my liking & checked the KDE "restore previous session" in KCC placed the icons to my liking & checked the KDE "start with empty session" in KCC made sure all icon permissions are for me (user>chris).....they are checked all through KCC->look & feel for a desktop icon placement setting (there is none) right clicked the desktop for a icon placement setting.......there are three options: line up horizontally line up vertically snap to grid i've tried using each of those settings & then moving the icons...........no go. so, is there a KDE user (or even a non KDE user) out there that can give me an answer to this annoyance? i've Googled 'til my eyes are crossed, to no avail. and, no, don't tell me that i should just leave the computer always on & never shutdown or reboot. :D thanks in advance for any help provided, Chris
  10. to any of you Opera users out there, there have been several security/exploits uncovered in Opera versions 7.22 & below. it's recommended that you get the latest upgrade. read all about it below & get the latest if you're so inclined......... Opera Security Bulletin PS: i know that link takes you to an Opera for Windows info page, but that's the default page they use to announce the security bulletin. :o just click on the "download" link at the top, then click on the "linux" link at the top of the next page to get your appropriate version. Chris
  11. not really sure, but according to that web site you also need the following: do you have those installed? or....... maybe it won't work with .so.5 libs & you need .so.4? :unsure: Chris
  12. i'm at work on the Win2K box, but if my memory serves me well, that file should be located in: /home/yourusername/mozilla/profiles/default/bunchofnumbers& letters.slt/ if i'm a bit off in that path, you could always do a search files & find out of it's there that way. but, if you truly have deleted all things Mozilla, then that file may well not be there. note, that Mozilla directory is hidden, so you need to have hidden files viewable as i noted earlier. if you haven't gotten Mozilla working yet & still want to, i would try as i mentioned above. get the tar.gz file from the Mozilla download site & install Mozilla that way. it's very easy to do, just read the provided install info at the Mozilla site. your troubles with Moz may have something to do with a corrupted or bad rpm install. if you go this route & Moz works, then move on to getting your plugins installed. do one at a time & test after each one. that way it'll be easier to catch a problem & know what's causing it. and, for Java, i would suggest using the Java rpm in the dowloads section of this forum. Java can be a pain to get working properly in Moz. the rpm provided here seems to work perfectly & you won't need to bother with symlinking & going through Java install hell. Chris
  13. chin808, heed the warnings on logging in as root. if you want an easy way to manipulate files in a GUI mode, you can still use the KDE Superuser File Manager. just run it from terminal as such: open terminal su to root type the following: kdesu konqueror hit enter that will get you to it & give you the ability to alter/manipulate any file. just be careful out there! Chris
  14. concerning Java in Konq & to add to what Dragonmage said, make sure the path to Java is set correctly. KCC->WebBrowsing->Java&JavaScript where it says: "path to java executable, or 'java'" make sure the path to your Java installation is correct. mine looks like this: /usr/local/j2re1.4.2/bin/java Chris
  15. a few more thoughts & things to try if you haven't already........ found some info on the Moz troubleshooting site........ note: even though the following says different versions of Moz or Netscape, it could be a profile conflict with Epiphany. (just a guess :unsure: ) and here's a link to the proper Flash plugin & some instructions for install & compatability issues: (since you said you installed a Flash rpm, you may wanna try this tar.gz install instead) Moz Flash Plugin and (yet again) one more final thought......... you keep saying that you're installing Moz from rpm's. if you haven't tried this already, try installing Moz from the tar.gz package instead. Moz1.5 downloads might be worth a shot. B) Chris
  16. still at work........still stumped by your problem. unfortunately i'm busy tonight so i won't be able to offer anything new 'til tomorrow. between everything you've tried & has been suggested, i'd think one of those solutions would have worked. i'm using MDK9.1 & Moz1.4 install from tar.gz. maybe your problems are MDK9.2 specific, in which case i wouldn't be able to help much more. :unsure: i've never used Epiphany, nor do i use Gnome so i can't comment on the relationship between Moz & Epiphany, either. (lotta help i'm being, huh? :o ) maybe a MDK9.2 user of Moz can come up with something for you. if not, i'll have time tomorrow to research & play a bit. good luck, Chris
  17. okay.........i'm (still) at work so i can't play on my 'nix box, but a few more questions....... what type of installation of Moz are you doing? rpm? tar.gz? i can't remember exactly now (it's been a while since i did the Moz1.4 install) but if your using the tar.gz package, you have to run Moz as root first & i THINK the command is ./mozilla from the main mozilla directory. (IE: /usr/share/mozilla, for instance.......) also, i had a problem with the Flash plugin in Moz1.4. it caused symptoms similar to what you're describing. BUT, when i tried running Moz from terminal i was getting errors about my xfont server blah, blah, blah. what i did was reboot (yeah, bad Windows habit, i know :P ), uninstalled everything Moz, unistalled all plugins, reinstalled Moz, ran once as root from terminal, then installed plugins one at a time & tested each one. i got the Flash plugin from the Macromedia site. other than trying those steps, or the ones you've already done, i'm at a loss at the moment. also........i really should be doing some work! B) post back with any updates on your end. i'm sure somebody here can help you through this. Chris
  18. when you say that you deleted every Moz directory you could find, does that include the hidden ./mozilla directory in your /home directory? that ./mozilla directory contains user specific/profile info. if it got corrupted or damaged somehow, that could be causing Moz to crash. if you didn't delete the aforementioned directory, try doing so. or, just to make sure, if you're using KDE, do the following: open Konqueror file manager, click on "view", click to "show hidden files", go to "kicker"->configuration->file tools (or something like that.......not at the 'nix box right now)->find files. run that, type moz in the find box, set it to look in all directories (/). delete whatever Moz files it finds. but make sure you enable hidden file viewing first. that way you'll know for sure if you deleted all old instances of Moz. one other thought.........did you install or upgrade Sun Java recently? some Versions of Sun Java are incompatable with certain versions of Moz & will cause it to crash. also, here's a Moz trouble shooting page that may help you out..... Mozilla Help Page finally, if all else fails, do as mystified suggested & run Moz from terminal & post any error output. Chris
  19. this might be stating the obvious, but since you didn't mention it.......... do you have xcdroast (or k3b, or whatever burning program you use) set to burn at the proper speed of your burning drive? i've found that with both xcdroast & k3b you have to manually set the speeds. they default the lowest possible burn speeds, unless you change them. i forget exactly where you do that (i'm at work) but for xcdroast, it's the setup button on the first screen, then look for your cdrom drives & the corresponding speed setting. same thing sorta for k3b. also, what speed are the cd's you are using rated at? that can limit burning speeds. just some thoughts off the top of me head........ Chris
  20. chris z

    windows maximized

    siko9 wrote i had the same pain in the a** with dialogue boxes when i was using 800x600 resolution. i bumped the reso up to 1024x768 & all of the dialogue boxes now fit in the screen perfectly. (no more dragging/repositioning). if you try to up your resolution, you can do it in MCC->Hardware->change screen resolution. just make sure you test it before applying the settings to make sure your monitor & video card supports it. (it should, though!) you'll need to reboot for new settings to take effect. Chris
  21. it's recomended by Mozilla that you uninstall previous versions of Moz before installing a new one. per Mozilla.org if i had to guess, the remnants of your older versions of Moz are conflicting/confusing Moz1.5. for lack of a better solution, what i would do is uninstall Moz1.5, delete the remnants of your other Moz versions, reinstall Moz1.5, then add your plugins. you can get plugins & info on them here: Mozilla Linux Plugin Page Chris
  22. what DE are you using? if it's KDE, maybe try going into KCC->components->file associations & making sure they're set correctly there. if not, then set them, apply, & reboot & see if it sticks. if you're not using KDE, there's probably a similar way to change file associations in whatever DE you're using, so try doing the same. EDIT: or/also, open OOo, go to tools->options->load/save->MS Office & tick the load & convert/convert & save boxes there. Chris
  23. just wondrin'........ i'm still happily using MDK9.1 here. that being the case, all of my urpmi repositories are set for 9.1 software rpm's. after reading through threads, i keep seeing it mentioned that 9.2 has it's own repositories. (which makes sense........) that leads me to wondrin'...... (note: even though i'm running 9.1, i do have every MDK security update, patch, bug fix, etc. installed, with all current libraries of various things (gcc, x11, etc) so it's sorta like i'm running 9.2, in a way........) will various assorted software upgrades (say, fo example mplayer.....k3b.....mozilla......etc.....) be made for distro specific versions of MDK, or will they generally work across the board? if not, will developers continue to make 9.1 compatible software? can i/should i add 9.2 repositories to my urpmi data bases? seeking your knowledge & wisdom........ Chris
  24. chris z

    Weird KDE error

    Linz, ok.....i have MDK9.1, so your error may be 9.2 specific. but........what version of KDE are you using? is it off of the 9.2 discs, or an external install? that error has something to do with KDE having trouble reading certain mime type files. here's a Google Link with tons of info on that error, if you wanna try to weed through it. one thing i did find out, was............check if you have the following file............ file:/usr/share/mimelnk/application->OCTET-STREAM.DESKTOP if that file is mising, or currupted some how, it will shoot out the error you're seeing. how to fix? again, i'm not an expert, but i would try this, in the following order, unless somebody comes up with a better method. 1. if that file is missing, add it. 2. if the file is in place, try replacing it 'cause it may be corrupted. 3. if 1 &/or 2 don't fix it, try reinstalling or upgrading KDE. if you need & can't find a copy of that file i can e-mail you a copy of the one on my system, but note............i'm running Texstars KDE3.1.4 on MDK9.1, so i don't know if it would be compatible with what you have. Chris
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