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  1. Thank you, with some tinkering I got it to work with avview, but not too well. It doesn't work at all with xawtv or anything else. I guess I'll have to either wait until gatos is more stable or have to get a new graphics card. :o
  2. Hi, when can us non-club members get a hold of the new 10.1 official version of mandrake?
  3. http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20040916.html :o [moved from Offtopic by spinynorman]
  4. Is this an OS that is easy to install? I could not install FreeBSD. :unsure:
  5. I believe it is up to RC4 now... shouldn't be long until the final version is released. Well, I installed it a week or two ago and I love it. Sorry guys, but I like this better than Mandrake at the moment. :woops:
  6. http://www.techworld.com/opsys/news/index....age=1&pagePos=3 Finally a keyboard without that windoze logo.
  7. Well, personally I am most looking forward to the new Debian because I always wanted to use Debian but I never could because it was too complicated to configure... hopefully with that new installer things will be easier. As for the other two, well I don't think that they will be dramatic improvements over their current respective versions. Am I wrong on this? I have also included in this poll and Other option in case there is an upcoming distro version I'm not aware of... :unsure:
  8. I recommend you try Official. It fixes ALOT of the problems with the community edition.
  9. Well, how did OpenDarwin fare?
  10. I've been using this card for like a year and it has worked great as a regular graphics card, but I never bothered with the TV functions (mostly because I have a TV) until now and I find that I cannot get it to work. Does anyone know how I might get it to work without breaking the computer? I am using 10.0 official. Thanks in advance.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00...8250932-9243219 Seen this on Amazon for $165 new. Do you guys consider this a good buy or what? If it's not a good buy what would you recommend? Is there any other Linux Handheld computers for under $200? moved from everything linux - tyme
  12. Where might one find a RPM for 10.0 official of gaim 0.79? Some of us are "compiling-impaired" :unsure:
  13. That's great, but I am more concerned with shockwave. :D
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