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  1. I have to agree, as well. Currently running 2007.1 on a T30. Partitioned with the Mandy disk, installed XP on the first partition and took almost 2 hours to get all the drivers in. Switched disks back to 2007.1 and <35 minutes later EVERYTHING Hardware wise Works. urpmi the plf packages and 10 minutes later I'm watching a DVD movie. Most BORING Install I've ever done. I tried Werewolf a couple of weeks ago and it had a few problems, seemed heavy and caused some issues. Loaded Sabayon 3.4 before that and it is Really solid and quick except that the ThinkKeys aren't working. I didn't even bother to dig into why as I'd already established this drive as my primary. I've been running Mandy since 8.1, been windows free since 2003 and have been more than pleased with their evolution.
  2. Just a quick update. I downloaded new images of One, One-Matisse and OneKDE (different server). Turned my burner as low as it will go. Defaults to 10X and, BEFORE ANYONE ASSUMES ANYTHING, this is the same burner that has burned Ubuntu, Kubuntu, FedoraCore6, SBELive, LinuxXP, 3 versions of Knoppix, 2007Free which just recently partitioned, installed then rescued grub (after the XP install) of my wife's AM2 upgrade and have made copies of various DVDs with no problems. I DON'T THINK IT'S THE BURNER!!! AND, from seeing some of the other threads here this is not a single occurence. IF Mandriva wants to stay out front, and I do wish them to with all my heart, this problem needs to get fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I don't have the education or the apptitude to debug the code or even to analyze the boot record. In the scenario I have, there is no boot record. The Mandriva disks will not operate live. Everyone elses will. Goodbye
  3. Thank you dan1600. That's what I was trying to get at in this thread and, please don't anybody don't take this wrong, this is not a bitch gripe, but nobody was listening to me. I haven't had time to burn another DVD as yet but I'm now sure that's the problem. I'm in the middle of setting up another box for my wife and she's already convinced that veesta is not for her; so I've convinced her that a dual boot with a 64 X2 may be a better way to go. Again, my thanks.
  4. Mandriva One is supposed to work in Live Mode. The one I have is Not. It's not a matter of getting to an X environment, it's not getting that far into boot.. It's not getting past the HAL Daemon. AND, I want to get this working so that I can have my favorite Linux Flavor as a demonstration for a die hard Microsofter, especially after he has cast aspersions on the efficacy of Linux due to "the driver issues he's heard about". Plus, I haven't bought a Mandy edition since 10(PowerPack). It's about time to do so again and I want to be certain that all is well before I send my money off. So, if no one else is having this problem I'll bid you all a good day.
  5. Greetings. I've been having a similar problem with mandriva-one-2007kde. It does not seem to want to run in live mode. I had downloaded, made sure the checksum was correct and burned with K3b. It begins the boot process and hangs at loading "HAL daemon". I've waited well over 2 minutes with nothing happening. Now, I assume I can rule out hardware as I had burned 2007 FREE to DVD and it installed with no complications on my (quite old ATA33) experimental drive. In fact it SCREAMS! I had tried Mandriva Live last year with similar results (don't recall which module would hang though) and simply gave up as it was of no importance at the time. This year, however, my IT guy, (died in the wool Microserf SysAdmin) is willing to experiment with the `Dark Side' and I'd like to have some Mandy Goodness to share with him. (along with wanting to install MandyOne for myself, of course) Is there a whitepaper or other reference that I've not found on this subject? Thanks to all in advance.
  6. I would also advise Not going with TigerDirect. They stiffed me for over $80 in rebates. Try http://www.geeks.com/ And they also have an eBay store with some Very good buys. I've been dealing with them for a few months now and have been very pleased. I bought most of my wife's new Athlon64 puter parts from them along with the DVD burner in mine.
  7. Lagrosse


    Downloaded the package & installed but came up with the same answer. "Everything Already Installed" I'll mess around with trying to copy the /bin file from my 9.2 just for grins. Anyone sent word to the KDE team? laters
  8. Lagrosse


    Yeah, yeah; I know. A whole year since anyone posted to this thread but I want to know where it went too. I've tried reinstalling kdeutils in 10 Official and gotten the updates to no avail. I compared it with my 9.2 install and it doesn't create a /bin file. That's as much as I can find. And there's nothing on the KDE boards that I can search out. I like the little program too.
  9. I haven't been here much lately myself. I guess you could say that the learning curve was a little too steep for this old man. (I did get a chance to help some kids on a Mandy LiveJournal forum, though. I guess some of the hours I had read here and cursed at my computer weren't totally wasted ;-) But in all that, I heartely second a loud and long THANK YOU to all here that have devoted their time and energy!!
  10. My soon to be ex-wife and I bought a 200 Mhz(1997) PacHell w/ Win95 in early 1999 so the kids wouldn't be too far behind their peers. The ISP we were using said that we needed to upgrade to Win98 to get online. After we upgraded (it was her machine) and after all the headaches with the most usless piece of to ever be printed ->the winblows user manual<- I was determined to find something better. So I started searching the web and found Linux. I went onto yahoo auctions and bought another PacHell that had two different distros with it. One of them was RedHat/Mandrake Linux 6.2 put out by McMillan publishing. Of course I had trouble with the modem. I did have a USR hardware modem but the kernel wouldn't support it. But I kept on. I bought Mandy 8.1 from WallyWorld only a few months after it came out and dual booted that little packard bell. By then the wife had upgraded her machine so it was mine. I lived without sound for almost 2 years (integrated crystal sound) just so I would not be beholden to the Lord of Redmond. had to do some dual booting for school at the time but I was messing with the "dark side" whenever I had a chance. I tried upgrading with Mandy 9.1, Woody, FreeBSD4.6, RH9 but I thought I had reached a hard plateau in my learning curve. (a.k.a. could I actually be that stupid?) Finally, after almost a year, I found in the XFree86 wihite papers that the S3 video chip was no longer supported. A short time after that I got this box as a gimme, loaded 9.1 and had things like sound and playing DVD's. Of course, after getting Mandrake10, it's almost not fun installing anymore. The other thing that convinced me to try Linux was that early on a Sunday morning I got a chance to read the M$ EULA all the way through. And this was only the one for Win98SE. So that's my story to date. An oldn00bi3 learning old dog tricks. Still, I'm somewhat limited by the hardware and the learning curve, so the next project is to build a micromachine and see how low we can go.
  11. I tried using dillo a few months ago and found something interesting; go to google and there are no ads. Of course, then when going to a lot of sites that one tries to link from it, then it gets a little frustrating that they won't render or some other component won't load. The one is forced to copy and paste into another browser. But it's still damned fast for quick searches and sites that one doesn't want any traces from.
  12. M$'s REAL Weapon against LInux??? Just in case anyone is interested, in the US at least, http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,4149,1518444,00.asp Microsoft Lawyer to Be on Antitrust Panel By Ted Bridis, Associated Press February 6, 2004 WASHINGTON?Stung by earlier court rulings, Microsoft Corp. has positioned one of its top lawyers to run a legal committee to influence how much oversight U.S. courts exercise in antitrust settlements like the one the company negotiated with the Bush administration.... (more)
  13. Lagrosse

    Monitor Help

    I apologize for that display of technical jargon. (cough-cough-choke-gag) He's not able to bring his resolution up further than 640x480 in windose. He hasn't had a chance to load Mandy yet, but I'm pretty sure that there is a custom that will work. Just would like to know if anyone knows the sync and refresh rates of that particular monitor. I know that he's got an ATI Rage and that Knoppix worked really well, except for freezing up when the computer wemt tp sleep Not sure of any other specifics on it.
  14. Lagrosse

    Monitor Help

    I have a friend about to install Mandy9.1 and I was wanting to head off some trouble if it arises. He's already formated and partitioned his Compaq and reinstalled Win98 but his monitor is giving him fits. He has a CTX VL900 and I've not found any info on it. I'm hoping the xfree_ctx will work but the company seems a little elusive with even their own drivers and specifications. Has anyone had any dealings with these monitors?
  15. hmmmmm, doesn't sound slow to me..... I've got a Paxkard Bell with an underclocked PentMMX (233 running at 200Mhz with 96 Megs of RAM) As I'm still very gui dependant, I can sympathize. I haven't been able to upgrade to 9.1 as there is a problem with the S3 V64 chipset I have. Something you might want to watch for as NEC bought Packard Bell. XFree86, which is the software that drives the GUIs, stopped supporting it a few months ago in version 4.0.x and the newer version of 3.3.6 just isnt' working for this one. Doesn't matter to me; 8.1 works just fine and it's the house server for three other computers as well as my personal computer. But I've installed 9.1 on two Compaqs in the house. One has a 400 Mhz Athlon and the other has a 266 Celeron and they both work perfectly. Had a little prob with the sound in the celeron but sndconfig, an older console program, worked just fine. One trick I read about in installing on a computer with a lower amount of RAM is to use the text install option. That goes for Mandy as well as some of the others and it's good practise in getting used to a text/console environment. Something else. Know your hardware! I'm not trying to discourage you but Mandrake has a wonderful Hardware Database that you might want to check first to see how much or how little frustration you might be in for, just in case you have one of those problem child machines. And what ever distro you choose, be sure to take your time in choosing what software you want on it. There aren't many conflicts but the nice thing is, you can always add later. Try to remember one other thing while your installing whatever you choose, what M$ achieves by force, Linux achieves by cooperation. This doesn't only pertain to the programming scheme, either.
  16. ummm, What are some of the signs of LDS? (Linux Dependency Syndrome) let's see, putting up with no sound on an old 200Mhz computer rather than running ... the 'other' OS? Having only been messing with puters for a little over a year and getting their first copy Linux-Mandrake6.2? Walking in to the office at work, seeing a sys32 failure or even a full grown BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH and sadly shaking a head and the first thought that comes to mind is propagated ignorance? Being, professionally, non-technical and pestering a 25+ year Systems Analyst friend with Linux News and SCOX Reports. (and aforementioned friend actually has Linux 1.0 on a stack of 5.25 floppies downloaded from ARCANET.) Is any of this symtomatic? hmmmmm, could BE?
  17. Just as an update for the morbidly curious: At first I thought to try upgrading from Mandy8.1 to 9.1. No go; not enough space. but lucky me as it turned out. I decided to use the experimental section of my hda and made a clean install of 9.1Even selected XFree 3.3.6. S3 Got a server failure, no starty Installed 3.3.6 again. nope So I got this billiant idea to install XFree from the 8.1 disks; even had to replace the lib. files. Same story. My conclusion? Considering how easy 9.1 has gone into two other machines I have here, I'll just wait and get the other box I have coming in to install it on. Might have something to do with the proprietary bios I have but I'm so ignorant I'll have to solve this mystery another day. I guess the "designed for windoze" sticker Does means something sometimes. later
  18. OK kids. here's the why. http://www.xfree86.org/current/Status29.html#29 NOW I know why I haven't been able to upgrade to 9.1 It's taken me trying to install Mandy9.1, RH9, FreeBSD4.6 and Debian to figure this one out. (((And all this time I thought it was because I was stupid!!))) Edit: I found it! Now I'll give upgrading a try but how does one choose that particular RPM when it isn't in the install choices??
  19. Will that plugin work in Galeon too? And will I have to point Galeon to it to do so? I don't really care for flash, but my kids love it.
  20. I recently went to the TechTV message boards to see what was going on there. I'm still n00bie enough to like watching The Screen Savers and how they've been dealing with the Evil Empire. In the message forums they have a 'Just Linux" category and the most active thread is "How about a Linux/other OS Show How about a Linux Show? Rather than listen to the post pubescent bitching and whinning I have tried to impart the notion that 1) 250 plus posters are not going to sway a Media Production Company and 2) Said Production company will not start a new show without sponsors and a significant viewer base. I'm not sure if they've gotten the concept yet, but I only posted there yesterday. If any here think it might be worthwhile to take a look and maybe help make the numbers grow and maybe interject a little better perspective, especially for Mandrake-Linux; please do so. Linux Advocacy through involvement is part of what I've tried to post there also; that the community can make things happen only through unity. And for those that don't watch TechTV, the staff usually points out, when asked, that Mandy is one of the better distros for a newbie. And with RH going commercial it should become the n00bie distro of choice! Thank you for your time..
  21. Right before I picked up my first copy of Linux I had asked my Systems Analyst buddy if there was a way to make wiindows more stable and secure. As far as he knows, the best and quickest way is to park a 1950 Packard on top of it. That is, of course, barring the availability of fresh concrete. Just a professional opinion I wanted to pass along.
  22. Thanks to all here. It worked in mine. (Mandy8.1) About a month ago, after almost two years I had finally gotten everything working; net and netsharing with the windoze machines using MCC. For some idiot reason I felt cocky and had downloaded some updates for it and the new iptables sent it down the toilet. (again) Long story short, I got so pissed I reinstalled hoping that it would work right again. NOT!! I didn't have to change the authentication protocol but I did change the device from /dev/modem to ttyS0. (I'm still not clear on making symlinks, yet.) There is no /dev/modem directory at this time and it's not showing in Hardrake either. At this point, it is working. but I still want to find out how to do this in a console. And never use MCC for networking again. later
  23. gawds, look at all the Ghz flying around here!! Allmost ashamed to post mine, BUT Packard Bell Multimedia 601 Pentium MMX 233 Mhz (underclocked to 200) Original Crystal Sound on the paddle card (still not working) iOriginal 3.2 Gig HDD Seagate (for Win bkup, still use some Office97 apps for a project) added 64Meg of RAM {Total 96Megs} added 8 Gig HDD Seagate {don't ask about the plumbers tape} added LInkSys Etherfast 10/100 NIC replacedUSR 56K/V90 ISA Modem Dual booted with Mandy8.1/ Win98SE and to madpuppy I used to work in a Landfill I know what you mean!!
  24. ahhhhh!!, (light coming on) I understood that it was a copy of the install config files. I was not aware that i586 was a generic install. I, erroneously it seems, thought there was some detection involved during install. I've seen the different kernels in the RPMs so I had thought they loaded as needed. live and learn Thank you.
  25. Now that I have almost everything working, networking included, I can ask another question I've ran into. While searching through almost every file that is in this installation I came across this in /boot/config-2.4.8-26mdk file # Processor type and features # # CONFIG_M386 is not set # CONFIG_M486 is not set CONFIG_M586=y # CONFIG_M586TSC is not set # CONFIG_M586MMX is not set Now this machine is an i586MMX, it even displays it on the boot screen and in all the system detect files and hard drake. So why didn't the install detect it and take advantage of it, or is there something that I'm not aware of. <note to admin> I did try search on this question first. Tried different search parameters with no joy.
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