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    I love it <br>AMD 1.3.512mb ram,geforce 2 mmx 400 64mb tv out/in,sound blaster 5.1,60gb hd maxtor Win XP pro,120 gb WD HD 7200rbm,Win 98 se & MD 9.2,Network Card realteek RTL8139,Dial up modem

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  1. I installed Suse 10.0 OSS and it works very good and at the same time I update suse it still works every think plus it recogonizemy new LG CD-RW DRIVER . I can playing musik on and on it works. for SUSE. At the sametime when I install Suse,suse ask me do you like to update,I say yes it works fine. When I install Mandriva 2005 LE and ask to upgrade I say yes ,The answer it couldn`t do it ,I will see if Mandriva 2006 will update when I install from beginning. So far I`m more happy then with mandriva update . Best wishes for X-mas and a happy new year
  2. Tnx arctic I will never but my finger on cooker for sure.
  3. What is the difference of the Mandriva 2006 from the cooker,Mandriva 2006 from linuxformat.co.uk and from distrowatch mirrors?
  4. I looked at that OOo web pages is very good one I like it put there is for linux look up at http://www.hahaha.com
  5. Hi, Well can one or more off you can tell me please step by step to explain me to upgrade from Mandrake 9.0 - 2006?
  6. Wait I got for you and it will work 10000% n KsCD Click the "Extras" button and then select "Configure KsCD" from the menu that pops up. This opens a configuration window. Click on "CD Player" in the strip on the left of this window, then look towards the bottom of the window - you should see a section marked "CD-ROM Device". This contains a selector for which CD drive to use (if you have more than one) and below that a checkbox with the caption "Use direct digital playback". You need to tick this box if you do not have a separate audio cable between your CD player and your soundcard. That`s the one
  7. What`s all that rwsr-xr-x...? ( post #1) Is few people can give me hand please and tell what that tell me rwsr-xr-x....?. [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  8. One I tell you just reinstall it again,that`s all
  9. dsumedh tnx for the tips so I will not build my own laptop.
  10. Ok,ok right now I`m looking for a Compaq Presario R4000 notebook PC what you thing about that?.
  11. I browse for short time it is very good web page,but I will look into shortly. Tnx Mandriva-user
  12. It is easy for you but not for me,I will try :o Tnx artic for your help
  13. Can I find python, qt, gcc or whatever the app in start applications?
  14. Yes I have broadband conection and I use CDs to install goody stuff,I did already what you saying"Any way, click on the MCC (aka: Configure your computer) and go to the software section -> Install software. You can browse through the available packages quiteeasily there". Ok but I see a software I like it in http://www.distrowatch.com or other web page I like one software to download where should I direct to and how to install them in what directory. Ohhh I have lots of DVD or CD from LINUXFORMAT.CO.UK and how can I dowload? Where should I download? Do I have to make a new directory to install the software?
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