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  1. Here's why I think the iPhone will be a good thing for (embedded) Linux. Mobile Phone companies are very competitive. They generally don't like surprises like this one. If it can deliver, than the iPhone will be important competition to the mobile phone maker's own similar products. The iPhone as it is demo-ed right now looks like it's unlike any other phone. And the patents, although I don't like (software) patents, will block competitors from making products that are too similar. So they'll have to come up with a reply (probably already are) and for this they need something that is highly flexible and full-featured. And Linux certainly meets those requirements. I doubt WinCE will cut it. So maybe in the future we might see some Linux-based 'smart' phones that actually look good. This is much speculation on my part, but I can see it happening. The competitors in the mobile phone market need to respond in some way.
  2. No, not competing. More like, taking their place. Fill the void, like I said.
  3. Really, he's part of the team? I remember him, that's kind of nice :)
  4. I wanted to ask if there is any interest in a magazine by Linux users, for Linux newbies (people new to Linux). Since Tuxmagazine will not be free anymore, I think that created a void that should best be filled as soon as possible. Also, Tuxmagazine was good, but could use improvement as well. For example TuxMagazine didn't have any Gnome coverage at all. And even though I'm a KDE user, I think that's a shame. But before starting on anything, I would like to poll the members of some forums: - are you interested in such a magazine - would you willing to contribute and if so, how? (and how regularly) Some goals for the magazine (I'm just brainstorming): - frequent: at least bi-monthly - unbiased: Gnome & KDE, vi & emacs :P - sustainable: should be relatively easy to transfer tasks to other persons if this is really necessary - focus on the end user: the total newbie and the more experience "Linux n00b" - a number of recurring popular features (e.g. distro reviews) - freely downloadable - collaboration between different forums/distro users Your thoughts and opinions are very welcome! Darkelve
  5. Great! (by the way, that banner IS content :P) Oh, and you can code a list like this (ul means 'unordered list'): <ul> <li>item 1 of the list</li> <li>item 2 of the list</li> <li>item 3 of the list</li> <li>...</li> </ul> In your WYSIWIG program, there should be an icon with (a) bullet(s) on it, use that to make a list. You will get a marker before each one of your list items, and it's easier to read because the list marker separates all the items. For ordered lists, its "ol" instead of "ul" and in your WYSIWIG there should be a button with (a) number(s) on it. I saw that you didn't on this page: http://linuxsolutions.org/index.php?option...4&Itemid=26 Of course, you use unordered lists when the order doesn't matter, and ordered when the order matters e.g. because one has to be done before the other.
  6. Looks good, but you forgot probably the most important thing: to tell your visitors what your site is about!
  7. Oh, and I do think the site looks good. Clean and peaceful.
  8. Some quick points: - Your menu is a bit small if I enlarge the text. Try to make the container for it a bit bigger/wider. - You need a header for your website (in the empty area above) with a byline telling who your site is for and what it does. For example the http://www.xandros.com/]Xandros website[/url] is a nice example: "Xandros - Making Linux work for you", but in their site the header and byline are too far apart. Ideally this is also a link back to the homepage on every page (except for the homepage itself) - It is great that you offer a "Latest Updates" summary right on your homepage. Very good habit to do. - You need to structure your texts a bit more. Nearly none of your visitors will start reading the text immediately. Most people scan it. Meaning they jump with their eyes from one point of interest to the other (menus, headings, lists, ... ) Be concrete and to the point. Work with subheadings and lists. Use whitespace (your doing it already). Stuff like that. For example I rewrote your homepage a little bit (I'm not saying this is the perfect text, should be more scannable though): You can see the headings and sub-headings plus I've reordered it a little bit. "LinuxSolutions.org has been active since 1 September 2006." Maybe if there is more of this information you'll need an "About Us" section?
  9. Maybe they think that, if they sell SuSe with its coupons, then at least PART of that money will come back to them. Otherwise they get zilch. The "If you can't beat them, join them" theory...
  10. Let's just judge OpenSuSe on its merits for now, not on emotional/ethical/... arguments. OpenSuSe is not identical to the commercial offerings of Novell, although I do realize they have a lot of impact on it. Besides, this release can't really have all that much "M$ IP" in it, now can it? Maybe this is the last SuSe I will try out as well, I'm not sure, but for now I'm just interested to see how good/bad 10.2 turned out to be.
  11. It's because there are other webbased operating systems out there, and most of those actually do not work (well). It is understandable that people will compare a product they never saw, with products similar to it that are already out there. Personally I'm curious, but having tried other webbased OS'es I hope it's more efficient.
  12. I believe there is something called "Evolution Connector" (or was that "Ximian Connector"?) http://fr.rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/searc...ution-connector
  13. Willis? Anyway, Wine has come so far as to play a number of recent titles (even if they have 3D) either "out of the box", or with some additional configuration (patch/crack/copying of some files, ...) Dreamfall, as I reported, works with a crack and some extra configuration... not perfectly, but it's playable although with a crash every now and then (and it looks really good too). Today, I was surprised to find that "Secret Files: Tunguska", works under Wine without any extra configuration (except for a crack to get around the copy protection, which wine has difficulty handling). Wine
  14. I have a Nano, 4th generation (1 generation "before" the new, 5-colored ones)... Amarok works good for me. Banshee works too, but it does not have as many features as Amarok. I do think you'd do wise to backup her music collection somewhere though. You never know and it's a good idea in any case.
  15. Also covered on Groklaw: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20061112171106871
  16. Yes! Truly brilliant sights :) If you need tips for setup eyecandy (or other things), I'll gladly help. Do you know anything about getting fonts to look the best under Ubuntu? I've already messed with the subpixel hinting (set it to 'medium'), text is better but I've got the impression it's still worse than some other distros that I used.
  17. Taking Ubuntu for a spin... still feels weird to be using Gnome.
  18. Taking Ubuntu for a spin... still feels weird to be using Gnome.
  19. Well, I tried it out... but I was a bit underwhelmed. Doesn't offer anything Suse doesn't already have, and has the same nitpicks I dislike about Mandriva... Although I have to say that it booted really fast! Maybe I'll try Gentoo next... just to see what it looks like. Then again, most distros look pretty alike nowadays, I guess. :)
  20. I'd like to try out PCLinuxOS. (Looks good... hope it works just as good :) ) Right now I am running Windows XP (daily use)+SuSe 10.1(near-daily use)+Kubuntu (don't use it any more but partition is still there). I'd like PCLinuxOS to use the partition "space" now occupied by the Kubuntu installation. I'm not familiar with diskdrake (anymore) though. Questions: - Any tips you can give me on the resizing, replacement, protection, ... of all partitions? - Is the boot manager PCLinuxOS installs good at detecting/setting up triple-boots? - Can I install PCLinuxOS yet use another boot manager (preferrable SuSe's Grub implementation) - Any other things I should consider installing PCLinuxOS?
  21. Yes it is: http://www.sabayonlinux.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9500 :P
  22. Strange... HP seems to be rather supportive of Linux. They even had a notebook with SuSe 9.1 pre-installed about a year ago...
  23. I call the FUD card! (and holding a 'clueless' card up my sleeve...)
  24. "Everything IE has added is copied after the leader, Firefox." That's true. Most of it is. Firefox, and -to an extent- Safari.
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