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  1. I'd like to add some more thoughts... I salvaged a pretty nice laptop, only the screen was broken. So I bought a shiny new 19 inch display for it... now I can go sit and work outside in this hot summer, with this nice and HUGE display (instead of a laptop display, which are mostly crap...) As the OS my choice is SuSe 9.3. I got SuSe 10.1 and I'd use that, but the DVD drive somehow will only *boot* CD-roms, not DVD's. Too bad the wireless card that came with it doesn't work (not detected properly), but then again neither does it in Windows (detected but can't make a connection). The reason why Linux is such a good choice is that it's fast and responsive (moreso then the windows XP that's on it), pleasant to work in (moreso then the windows XP that's on it), and all the software I'll EVER need is on the SuSe CD's, so it doesn't really matter that much that I can't make an internet connection. I'm going to use it for (offline) web development... if I really want to test it, I can always run Apache on it... right on the CD's and easily installed with Yast. Plugged in the screen, configured with Sax2... all very nice and easy. Windoze did not have drivers so it was stuck at 1024*768. Not meant to be a SuSe ad, Mandriva would've been fine too, but since I did not use my 9.3 CD's any longer... I'm probably going to buy Crossover Office to run Photoshop (can miss Dreamweaver, can't miss Photoshop) and Internet Explorer for compatibility testing. I think for those purposes, it sure beats windoze...
  2. They got hacked... but everything is back to normal now... : http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?showtopic=20171&hl=
  3. http://www.suseforums.net/ , one of my favorite forums, now shows this text: "under construction This domain has just been registered for one of our customers! Domain registration and webhosting at best prices." Because I know there are some SuSe users here, and people that frequent(ed) that forum: does anyone know what is happening here?
  4. Some people are just scared of Linux because they think it's L33T and for H4X0RZ ... others just have known Windoze for all of their lives and pee their pants at the thought of having to try out something else ("learning Windows was hard enough"), still others think "well, everyone has Windows on their PC's, my boss, my neighbour and his dog, so it's probably easiest if I do too"). I think if you look at it that very FEW people are using Windows because they consciously made a choice and really think it is better.
  5. Personally I really liked this tutorial: http://www.coronadoenterprises.com/tutorials/c/index.html But since it's a trial it's only the first couple of chapters. Anyone know of any other (free) online/downloadable C tutorials in the same style (absolute beginner, lots of explanation, go step by step, keeping each step as simple as possible)? Thanks you :)
  6. And some people aren't too enthousiastic: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20060424164142296
  7. Note: at the moment, it's slowly showing up in stores... Europe and Australia (Asia probably too) will only have it end April and start/middle of May. It should have shipped *everywhere* by mid-June It's not to be missed if you like games with a great story, and in-depth characters.
  8. I just got the game and already enjoying it. Maybe some of you even played The Longest Journey. I'm happy since Dreamfall is very beautiful and the voice acting is great. I didn't get far yet though, darn sleep got in the way. x] If any of you like adventure games, check out this one! Also, I bought Paradise and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory... but I'm having too much fun with Dreamfall to actually start playing them. If any of you are playing it, or will have played it, let me know what you think about it in this post! (oh, and if you have an nvidia card, you might want to go back to the 81.9 forceware drivers or else you might have problems)
  9. If I have a dual-boot with windows (NTFS & FAT32) and Linux (ReiserFS), can it also 'take care' of the Linux partition (? I don't actually need to do this, but it's nice to know for later reference.
  10. We've got a couple of old computers lying around, my dad wants to get rid of them, bring them to the junk yard. However, he's afraid someone might get them and wants me to erase all data from it. I read somewhere about how formatting doesn't really clean up everything, but that there is a method where you fill up your entire hard drive with zero's, or something like that. Anyone know of a program that does this and that fits on a single floppy disk (CD drives are broken for a few PC's)?
  11. Darkelve

    DLink DWL 650

    Is this the 650+? Here's some discussion about it, but no solution unfortunately. http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?showtopic=22513 Still, it's nice to know people are working on drivers for both the 650 and 650+ cards.
  12. Is it April 1 again? ( Just janking yer chain / joking :P )
  13. Mandrake... although I'm with SuSe now... <blush>
  14. You could probably still get that pretty cheap through ebay or another auction site. Lots of gamers are upgrading to newer cards (7800/7900 or x1800/x1900) nowadays. Get one of the 6-series.
  15. So... anyone wanna take a guess at this Ulteo thing? My guess is they're going to try to offer software over the network, like Linspire is trying to do also... and like lots of Ajax-like applications already try to do. Personally, I'm not too enamoured with the idea. But who knows, it just might work out.
  16. Hmmm... spaghetti with fresh mushrooms! Yum!!
  17. Try SuSe. I'm currently using SuSe 9.3, it's great. Or you could wait for SuSe 10.1, which should be out not too long from now. SuSe is certainly a logical step to go to from Mandrake. Darkelve
  18. Gael Duval To Sue Mandriva Over Firing
  19. I think it's fully coded in Geek++ B)
  20. My first 'success story' was when plugging in my digital camera to the USB port. Windoze did not recognize it, did not have the driver installed and constantly asked me for the WinXP CD-Rom. I have it, but I don't keep it close. Also WinXP didn't have an image viewer that satisfied me. Sure there's Windows Viewer for Images & Faxes, but it doesn't have the functionality I needed, especially for managing albums (of course) and advanced slideshow features. Digikam and Gwenview were already installed and fit the bill nicely. Also, SuSe picked up my USB mass storage cam. right away. Next task: record a song, then transform it to mp3 (I'm trying out home music stuff). My goal was to record a song though a microphone, capture it to hard disk, edit it and convert it to an mp3. Both Windows and Linux detected the microphone I bought just fine, except I had to raise the volume in SuSe through Kmix. Tried the Windows Audio Recorder (or something like that) first, but it only allowed me 60 seconds of recording per file! And no other features. So I booted into Linux again and discovered I nice little program called Audacity. Recording was trivially easy, although I did have to alter the input to microphone (originally I thought the recording didn't work). Then I edited out the parts at the start and end, where there was noise from switching the microphone on and off. Working with it was really intuitive. Then I wanted to export it to mp3, but I couldn't at first because libmp3lame wasn't installed. So I grabbed and RPM for Lame from the internet, installed it from Konqueror with right-click 'Install with Yast' and it was OK. Of course I knew which package I needed, where to download it and it was available as a (SuSe) RPM. I agree these last steps could've been made easier, but with the experience I gained as a Linux user, it was very straightforward. After that, exporting the song as an mp3 was easy as pie. Audacity is great, open source, and it came with the system. It showed me that Linux really is 'getting there', bit by bit, and I'm now all the more motivated to check out other software proggies and maybe create my own songs someday. This experience gave me confidence one day, with the help of Linux and OSS software, I'll get there. I'm actually excited about the possibilities now.
  21. My desktop, and the one I made for my sister:
  22. Oooh, I almost forgot: California games! ^^
  23. Owww yeah! How could I ever forget Commander Keen? And Dune belongs to my list too, but the original one. Never played Dune II.
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