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  1. Hi, I have decided to use Linux Mandrive on my home computer and Im very happy with that, but becouse of that I have understood what makes Linux non attractive for "normal" users. 1. Installation - easier than in Windows, everything have installed automaticly without problems. 2. Day to day use - now is where the problem lays. Thanks to to Mandriva URPMI system it was so easy to install programs (if I would have to compile anything I would format the linux partition and put windows instead). I was unable to install Lexmark multifunctional device what makes me little bit angry. I have installed mythtv, great app but so difficult in management for normal user (for example editing channels with SQL language ...), I could handle it, but tell my girlfirend to go to shell if she wants to edit channel list. Why when I install patch in windows i do not have to edit source code becouse everything normally goes ok, in linux when I wanted install patch for mythtv i recived many errors and got advice to edit source code but it is not what I want to do on my home computer ? My question is: Is there any chance to make linux more user friendly, I understand that linux is stable and secure, but for home users we except something really easy in use. Mandriva is doing well but there is still a lot to do in shell when something is wrong. But for now I use Mandriva in home anyway ...
  2. hokah

    Two sound cards

    Hi, I have two sound cards installed, how can I choose whcich one to use, can I set using one card for music and one card for divx ? Somhow sound is very low, i dont know why becouse I have set 100% in sound mixer. regards Peter
  3. https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtop...701&hl=skystar2
  4. It plays subtitles but with incorect encoding (wrong charset)
  5. Hi, I have problem with showing non-english subtitles when playing divX from Freevo. When I play movies directly form Mplayer there is no problem becouse I have changed coding in Mplayer settings, but with freevo Mplayer runs under slave mode and I cant find answer for my problem at all. regards Peter
  6. Hi, Im trying to install mythtv-suite on my Mandriva 2005LE but i get an error like: not satisfactionary packets becouse of myth-themes, something like this. I have updated my urpmi I have plf rpms and other sources from easy urpmi and Thac rpm for Mandriva 2005. Would appriciate any help as I have been trying to get my HTPC working for over a month. regards Peter
  7. Hi I will use PLF as I did once and everything worked ok. There were not nvidia packages (i dont know what is this) but I hope it will work for me. regards Peter
  8. So i have added everything again and upadated but I cannot install myth still... have anyone did it form thacks RPM on Mandriva 2005LE ? regards Peter
  9. but its strange I have just added this RPM source so why I need to update
  10. Hi, Im keep on trying install MythTV on my Mandriva 2005LE, but every time I choose packet fe. mythtv-.... I get the message: Cannot be installed becouse of unsatisssfying packet ......... (something like this) What is the reason I really need to install this software for my nvidia and I dont want to compile anything (it scaring me ;-) ). regards Peter
  11. Hi, I have tried four distribuion of Mandrake and I cant understand why in one distribution my usb devices (digital camera and pendrive) works and in next distribution doesnt ? Why in new Mandriva 2005 LE it doesnt work again ? Simply Mandriva looks better but hardware problems are the first thing the user dont want to have. I have found solution like mount /dev/sta .... something like that, but I want it automatic every time I insert the pen, I dont want write 2 lines of coding in terminal to make pendrive works. regards Peter
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