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  1. Mandriva 2010.0 is out on the mirrors. Well it was launched last night. I have it downloaded and ready to install this morning.
  2. Thank you Greg. I found the offending file(s) and as there seemed to be quite a few bad words I decided to re-install aspell after deleting the personal directory. Ken I understand what you are saying, but, in the first instance if there is a misspelled word in a dictionary then it will never be highlighted. I also use the same dictionaries when spell-checking rather large text files and if there are bad words in the dictionary then they will remain in the document. Thank you for the suggestion any way.
  3. :wacko: I have some misspelled words in my aspell word list but I don't know how to get rid of them. Can anybody help please?
  4. You can always use rpm -i drakconf --nodeps to install drakconf without any dependencies.
  5. Hi there Sunwatcher, you say that the wireless connections keep going sometimes, do they stay connected to the internet or just the local network? If it's the internet then the router may well be at fault. Not to say that it is faulty but you may have a bad connection between the pc and router. If the wireless stay connected to the local network and sometimes the internet then the problem may lie with the modem. Are you able to hardwire to the modem for a while and see if it stays connected? I once traced a fault similar to yours to the connection at the cable back of the modem not being fit securely. I only had to tighten it hand tight and it was fine and is still fine now some three years later. To find where the fault lies I feel you will need to bypass the router if possible.
  6. A very helpful message from Vista then Does the printer show up as online in the printer management page of cups? It could be a matter of selecting the driver that will work with your printer. Unfortunately I can't tell you the one to use. Maybe someone else can. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. Have you tried the cups web interface. I use that when I want to set up network printing. It's a bit more friendly than mcc and messing about with .conf files.
  8. I also finished up removing the .kde folder and start a new one. If I remember correctly I also had to set the preferred icon for the start menu. Glad you got it sorted. Perhaps I should have reported back how I had got the task bar back. Sorry folks.
  9. Thank you Dexter, I've just been updated.
  10. One needs to examine the list of files that --auto-orphans is going to remove. Otherwise it will remove something important to the system. Then you you will have a hell of a job finding out what was removed. Be warned!!! ;)
  11. The settings for your taskbar are made using sliders on a panel that will open above your task bar when you click an the cashew at the right hand side of the task bar. You need to unlock widgets to access these functions. You may need to play with it a little bit to see what happens, but all you want can be done visually in real time.
  12. I think that the very mention of Linux should strike fear in the very heart of Microsoft. Linux is a formidable force to be reckoned with. C'mon Linux!!!
  13. Gee, thank you Greg. I must get out more often. I didn't dare put my question to google in case I got a load of porn or something.
  14. My throbber doesn't with this version. Anybody know why?
  15. killall plasma doesn't work anymore 'cause its called plasma_desktop or something. It still didn't work so I will just have start again with .kde and set all up again. Thanks anyway.
  16. I've just been updated to 3.5.2 whether I like it or not.
  17. Has anyone found a spare task bar and menu around here? I updated to kde 4.3 and lost mine. Not only the task bar but the desktop settings as well. I can still login and run apps via the konsole so it's all there just a matter of finding how to get it back. I can't restore a back-up as it's now all version 4.3. If anyone knows of a quick way to restore things I'd very happy to hear about it. I know I could start another /home (after renaming my current one) and copy my main stuff into it. But it's a bit of a chore. Thank you in advance.
  18. Thanks for that. I'm glad you tried it first :D Mind you if I finish up with a lot of work I'll be back with
  19. Well I gave 3.5 a spin, but could not get to like it somehow. Don't know what but it is different. Anyway did an update and got 3.0.12 and it feels much better especially with the KDE looks. :)
  20. I've added the repos from the given URL's but all the rpm's have NO KEY. Is this just because they are on an unofficial mirror or something else?
  21. So which version should be installed then. Seems a curious versioning system to me :wacko:
  22. I have just checked your link Scarecrow and according to the list my card requires the legacy driver yet it installs perfectly well via the control center. One needs to select from the choices given in the combo box the correct card that is installed. Maybe I didn't make it clear on that point. As you say the driver is not installed automatically, one has to make the choice and then the correct driver and supporting files will be installed. If the card or card family are not listed then I assume the card is not supported and will not install via the above method.
  23. The drivers supplied by Mandriva are perfectly fine for nVidia cards. The easiest way to set it all up is via MCC->HARDWARE->Set up the graphical display. Select your card from a drop down menu and the correct driver and supporting kernel headers etc will be installed for you. Just follow the natural flow of the dialogs and you will be fine. That's why it's so easy. I used to compile the drivers until they were supplied by the Mandriva distribution.
  24. Most likely the driver you are trying to build does not match your kernel. :)
  25. The many times that I compiled the nVidia drivers this way, the problem you are experiencing came from the fact that I did not have the correct sources that matched the installed kernel. I know you say you installed the sources but it is worth checking that they match exactly what you have installed. Not 'kernel-latest' but the full titled sources. See if that helps.
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