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  1. Hi, i feel im wasting your time and space asking this but its bugging me? On the KDE 4 desktop of MDK 2009.1 there is a bar on the right hand side (clear and jutts out a touch), what is it and whats it for. Next, in kde 3 my task bar was narrow and grew wider as i opened more. i dont seem to be able to get teh say effect with 4? i had 3 set to centre and as narrow as poss then dynamic, i kinda get something with 4 by setting similar but its not very user friendly with the strange width settings. is there anywhere you suggest for help? thanks as always [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. Stevieag

    Ralink RT73

    in terminal i can get an ip but generally watching network events i get a contiual scroll of request dchp, receive dchp... eventually if fails?
  3. Stevieag

    Ralink RT73

    it is due to the fact that in the past the only way i could get life out of the connection was to install every boot??? i lived with this as i don't shut down often. i was using ndiswrapper. i did install 2008.1 all went well, except grub didn't find my windows partition so had to add it myself. looks good and did find my ralink edimax rt73 without problem. after a reboot it found my network and i set about entering the info needed. what i get on network set up is associated and requsting ip from dchp. mostly just disappears to nothing but the odd time i've got past here and had a request for host name.. twice this has been sucssesful but to no avail. i can get internet access, i still cant connect to wireless router via wlan. it is working aok under winxp as this is how im here. giving the config an ip as opposed to dchp get me linked but nothing else. how have others managed? i've followed 5 differing set up read me's. ralink, ndiswrapper, wpa_supplicant etc........
  4. Stevieag

    Ralink RT73

    I am running Mandriva 2008 PP I have installed ndiswrapper, rt73 firmware and seemidly anything/everything needed to get my wireless working. i've reinstalled a couple of times just so im on a clean install. Im tonight going to reinstall again to get a clean install to start again with the good help of you guys (hopefully) (im going to try mdk one 2008.1 spring this time as opposed to the above, to see if it helps (good or bad idea?) As it stands i can see my network, can set up in all ways (control centre, network config etc) all seems to go well until it asks my router dchp for ip. The message then leaves and im not connected. If i specify an ip i get the message indicating that i am now associated with wlan0.... to all indications im connected but i cant even connect to my router config page. I can easily connect via ethenet. i've tried WEP, WPA, WPA2, NONE all to no avail i've tried without ndiswrapper and with, using the inf from my working XP install Has anybody successfully set up a RT73 (mines an EDIMAX) would they be so kind as to walk me through each thing i need to do Im on Win XP at moment for internet access so will need to flit back and forth to give updates. Thanks in anticipation Off i go for reinstall
  5. Ive been trying to get any linux installed and followed a page for a ubuntu install but for college work i need to install via a win xp host??
  6. Heres a tricky one........ i have a windows 2000 (pass protected) dell latitude csx laptop, had been binned and now retrieved it has no cd/dvd no floppy and wont boot from usb it does however have a lan card in it i have mandriva 2008 on my desktop and would love a version on the laptop has anyone any idea how i could get something on it? :unsure: i have a working internet conection via a router, once run i wont need the cd-floppy etc i will use net and usb
  7. http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-tut...ives-linux.html tried this, abit of a pain having to mount each time but works? just changed fstab again, automount active
  8. yes i do have dosfstools installed? im still at a loss. ive reformatted my card and as you said cant have one partition on a 4GB card unless fat32 i cleared the card and allowed the phones internal auto formatting to take place and it does it as fat32 so as it is im flitting between xp and linux just for my memcard? all help is much appreciated......
  9. cfdisk /dev/sda comes up NEW 4GB DISK Disk Drive : /dev/sda Size: 4072669184 bytes, 4072 Heads: 128 Sectors per track: 32 Cylinders: 1942 Name: sda1 Flags: Boot Part Type: Primary FS Type: W95 Fat32 (LBA) Label: Size: 4072.67 SMALLER WORKING 500MB DISK Disk Drive : /dev/sda Size: 491782144 bytes, 491 Heads: 32 Sectors per track: 32 Cylinders: 938 Name: Flags: Part Type: Pri/Log FS Type: Free Space Label: Size: 0.26 * Name: sda1 Flags: Boot Part Type: Primary FS Type: FAT16 Label: [NO NAME ] Size: 491.01 * Name: Flags: Part Type: Pri/Log FS Type: Free Space Label: Size: 0.53 Definitely different? i take it, take my data off the disk then reformat as fat16? then put data back on?
  10. hi, i have a sandisk 512MB Pro Dua memory card i use in my phone. i have never had a problem with this. i just put it in the usb card adapter then it comes up..... now i have a 4GB sony card. this doesnt come up when plugged in. it sometimes come up if i have it in and do a full reboot. the 512 come up as 'system:/media/sdb1' or media/disk i hate to say this but in desperation i used winxp.... i feel sick it worked fine here swapping quite happily, so...... im back using windoze just to put stuff on my memory card? can anybody help?
  11. NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-9755-pkg1.run sorry, this is what i installed. i can count really
  12. im running mandriva 2007 free i installed the official 7655 driver. this enabled the compiz option under 3d. i recieved no 3d enhancments. so i updated the compiz and it indicated various other programs needed. i installed these some being beryl, emerald..... i now have under config: emerald themes manager gset-compiz beryl settings manager i have had no joy and still am getting static screens..... no bouncy stuff here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. hi, i have a brilliant screensaver that is an aquarium. problem it runs under windows. its perfect as the pc sits in the corner of my lounge and it is so realistic its like having an aquarium Q. can it be run under linux mdk 10 CE
  14. its working i'm here in linux mdk 10 kernel 2.4 (i'm sure) prob try a clean install with 2.6 for definate MY SECRET??????? speedtouchconf-20-03-2004.tar.gz it didnt work at first but after restart boot into root and ran /etc/rc.d/init.d/speedtouch start waited.......wow did have to urpmi bc decompress speedtouch file place microcode into decompressed folder cd into it type in /speedtouchconf.sh answer as asked and in my cas came up that couldnt load microcode then couldnt lfind ppp0 but as said i rebooted typed /etc/rc.d/init.d/speedtouch start BINGO I'M HERE
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