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  1. Thank you. That's what I needed.
  2. I can recall when I used Ubuntu 9.10 it had a built in utility that cleaned uneeded packages that were installed in the system. Is there anything like that in Mandriva?
  3. Thank you for the wonderful solution. It fixed my problem! What did that really do? Isn't Windows already mounted to the mount point?
  4. Every time I click on the icon that shows my drive in dolphin it says a whole long sentence that I do not have enough privileges to mount the drive. I can open the drive once I run dolphin in root but that isn't a permanent solution to this problem. How can I resolve this problem? I included a screen shot for more reference to show what I am talking about.
  5. How do I recover the file once I delete it? Never mind I found how to recover it. I still cant fix the problem. EDIT: I fixed the problem. What i did is I restored that folder that was causing problems. Then I logged into the root account then deleted it.
  6. Every time I delete the files inside the trash can it says that some files do not exist. Edit: I did what willie said but before I did that I check the trash bin before I deleted it and it appears that nothing is inside of it when im logged into root. Once I check into it being a normal user it shows the files.
  7. I have a specific folder that I sent to the Trash in Mandriva 2009 One Edition that won't delete. How do I delete the locked file?
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