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  1. No, only the first part is for ubuntu under the heading "Installation instructions for Ubuntu users (Edgy Eft/Feisty Fawn/Gutsy Gibbon)", the rest of it is generic. Ix is correct, somebody in their infinite wisdom at Mandriva changed the directory from /usr/local/share/screenlets (that's what is in the upstream makefile) to /usr/share/screenlets. Not very smart IMHO as anyone looking at the authors documentation will be looking at the wrong place, and it's not as if it desperately needed to be moved. Anyway, if you don't see /usr/share/screenlets then you will need to install screenlets-0.0.10-1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm (if you are using i586, screenlets-0.0.10-1mdv2008.0.x86_6.rpm4 for 64-bit) via urpmi. As for the screenlets directory in /home, you will need to create that yourself, should you require it.
  2. Yup, educate them to use Microsoft software and the ignorance that dominates the western world hits the developing nations.
  3. It is there in the FAQ This is assuming that you have installed the base package first.
  4. Have they? I know that they have pulled out of the OLPC, but as far as I was aware that was because Intel was trying to compete and collaborate at the same time, I thought that the development of the classmate was still going ahead. Yeah, I did read an article on the BBC about how the laptop fitted into those neads, kinda knocked down what optimism I had for the project.
  5. I have an HP Laserjet 1018, works fine and dandy. However it doesn't work out of the box and HP don't provide the driver at all. I have to rely on this project as HP doesn't support this and certain other printers under linux. It's not a happy story all round as far as HP printers are concerned.
  6. Netscape was the first browser I ever used, it was the only Browser we were allowed to use at uni, there was no way you could start IE. I stuck with it since then, even downloading the next release over a 56k connection we had at home, that was a pain, but after using it for so long at uni, I went through the pain rather than using the IE that was already there.
  7. Yes, RPM Fusion, I reckon that it's a safe bet for Fedora 9, whether or not it's a good thing is yet to be seen :unsure:
  8. That's one of the things I like about Fedora, provided that you have a card that is supported by an open source driver that works with AIGLX, 3-D effects work out of the box. Every other distro I have tried recently requires more effort that I can be bothered with.
  9. I would go for livna, I have had no problems with it yet. Looking at the freshrpms mailing lists, it appears that the packages are there, but have not been announced. As far as I can remember, the rpm providing the yum config for the repo is release independent, so it will automatically pick the F8 repo if you are using F8.
  10. Nope, you need to use a DVD (this was noted somewhere, obviously not on the downloads page, that would be too obvious )
  11. That is not strictly true, fglrx works fine if you are using XGL, and the latest version of fglrx supports AIGLX, although it's not quite there yet in terms of stability.
  12. Compiz, Metisse is a waste of effort IMO. Do you have utility for configuring compiz, I'm not sure if the install it by default (sorry about this, I wasted my Mandy 2008 install a while back, somebody help me out here :P). If you do, there should be something that allows you to alter the opacity of active and inactive windows.
  13. It is intended for Gnome :P, I don't know if Gnome would work on OSX, never heard of it to be honest. However, that icon set should work for Gnome on Linux (although I noticed a comment on that particular icon set that it is broken on later versions of Gnome).
  14. Do you have compiz or Metisse enabled?
  15. yossarian, have you tried Gnome Look?
  16. Go to the theme preferences window in Gnome and try dragging the icon for the theme into that window. If the theme package/archive is in the correct format it will install automatically for you, it's as simple as that ;)
  17. I couldn't have said it better. Further to that you find that most projects do follow that ideology. The argument that the "alpha/beta/RC" labels are "commonly" misused is no defence, although I'd have to argue that the misuse isn't really common in the general sense, but definitely common when talking about badly managed projects.
  18. When sdb1 and sdb5 are not mounted, their placeholders /mnt/backup and /mnt/virtual are empty directories, the permissions on these directories can potentially cause problems writing to the partitions when they are mounted (irrespective of umask). The mount points are locations within the filesystem where the partitions are mounted, they are not the partitions, you can write to the mount point when the partition is not mounted, but then you will have problems mounting the partition at that point as the directory is no longer empty.
  19. What are the permissions on /mnt/backup and /mnt/virtual when sdb 1 and 5 are not mounted?
  20. Somebody might try suggesting to Mandriva to mimic the Installonly plugin that YUM uses on Fedora, it lets you decide how many versions of a kernel to keep installed at any one time.
  21. You need to update it quick Ian, you must display the company's registration number, registered address and place of registration in order to comply with the UK Companies Acts. http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/promotion...tationery.shtml The contacts table looks a bit squished, other than that it looks good
  22. Hmm, apparently there is a commitment, not a contract here: If this is indeed the case, then I hope for the sake of other Mandriva customers that this isn't one of those deals that could contribute towards cripling the company financially!
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