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  1. I'm sorry to say, but i'm not surprised, not in the slightest! Mandriva have some serious issues with regard to private sales, it appears that the don't care, or as I believe, they have bitten off more than they can chew! Customer relations inside and outside the club are poor, but they survive because they keep the corporate customers happy (from what I can see, it's these guys that are keeping Mandriva alive at the moment!!) Here's a tip that usally works, ask for your money back, serious, they seem to jump thorugh hoops when people threaten to stop credit card payments or demand their money back on the basis of "non-performance of contract". I sympathise with you ma man, might be worth finding out who has a copy of the cd's you need and getting a copy and use the product key you got from Mandriva??? Cheers
  2. Sorry if my boot statement is at all misleading, I was refering to the boot as in the context of the cd iso's :D
  3. You couldn't be any closer to the answer with that one, it wasn't a metter of putting nvnet in modprobe.preload, but forcedeth. Everythings now working great! Cheers for all the help you guys!
  4. Who knows, there were a lot of things that got the boot to accomodate alot of intel stuff, AFAIK!
  5. Sometime in November, there is no firm date (at least that has been made public knowledge!)
  6. Yuk, this keeps getting messier by the minute. Networking is still playing up despite removing IPv6, still a lottery, however I have discovered that if I change a network setting through MCC, and either try to connect then, or even if I revert the settings back and then connect, i can get connected no problem! Sounds like a file somewhere is getting mashed.....eek! As for nvnet, well I installed the module no problem there, however when I try to set up the interface using the MCC and select nvnet manually the readme file suggests using autoprobe, well that's a no go as when I click on it I am whizzed back to the screen showing the devices and drivers....eek again. While the readme gives the parameters for setting up nvnet manually, too many variables I know nothing about.. arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!
  7. Tnaks guys, will have a look at it in due time, will update you on my results! Thanks again!
  8. Well this certainly done something, the boot process hangs for about 2 mins upon trying to bring up eth0, and subsequently fails (as before) however net_applet is able to conect eth0 almost instantly and with usually first time round. Nothin on the exact command you quoted, however "lspcidrake -v|grep Ethernet" returns: forcedeth : nVidia Corp.|Ethernet adapter [BRIDGE_OTHER] (vendor:10de device:00df subv:1458 subd:e000) To all Any of you guys shed some light as to what logs are created by the boot process, might have a look and compare with what ubuntu is doing (it works every time with no intervention). Cheers guys!
  9. Hey there guys, Have problems with a tempremental internet connection and I'm sorry to say that the only problems I have are with Mandriva. I have two onboard ethernet ports, an nvidia ethernet controller (eth0) and a marvel yukon ethernet controller(eth1), along with the firewire port (eth2). I have been using the Marvell Yukon up until now, but as a need of the other OS's I have on the box I switched to the nvidia controller. This works fine with Win XP and Ubuntu, not a hitch in sight, however with Mandy I have encountered some problems. The verbose output upon boot shows that the systems hangs when trying to bring up eth0, and eventually returns with a failure message stating that Mandriva is unable to obtain the IP address from the device (point to note, my ISP uses DHCP). When I log into my user account, the network applet icon states that my network conection is down, I then have to right click and select conect eth0, which sometimes is a random event in itself sometimes it brings the network up instantly, sometimes it takes half a minute, some times it refuses to work, and sometimes it takes about 5 attempts! Any suggestions as to: What the problem may be? What logs/config files would be of use to me? Is the nforce 1.0-0306 driver installed in the powerpack along with the 7676 graphics driver? If not will it help? I know for sure that the nvidia controllers use the forcedeth, are there any noted problems as of late? My other (relevant?) hardware specs are: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939 CPU: AMD64 Athlon 3200+ Ram: 2 x 512Mb DDR 400 (Dual chanelled) Oh and lisa had been disabled! Cheers
  10. I like it,, gotta like a chick with a sword! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol Unfortunately it ain't a chick, its sephiroth from FFVII
  11. My desktop actually involves the nice hunny Shadowchaser put up, but for the sake of not duplicating, here's mine on my new ubuntu install.....
  12. Leo, Quick questions, may be off the track a little, but I will ask none the less. Have you used the ethernet/network port before now? If so, Is it on board? And again if so, does it use the nVidia controller? Cheers
  13. I'm sure there's room for this lovely lady on my desktop, so feel free to point us in the right direction......
  14. Jeez, yer no askin for much :D OpenOffice2 has only just been released today, you ,may have to wait a week or so before rpm's are built. Who will build them, who knows? If Mandriva is snappy enough their packager will be on the case as soon as, or there mey be an unofficial packagre making the rpm's available. Whetever happens, you will have to wait for the news to filter! What's so wrong with the installer?
  15. Also, are you using vmwar by any chance? There have been a few reported problems over at the club relating to vmware as it was re-writing /etc/resolv.conf. If so you need to set vmnet1 and vmnet8 in the MCC o that they are not obtaining dns servers from dhcp!
  16. The fact of the matter is that Linux Central "SHOULD NOT BE SELLING" the full powerpack discs, these have only been released for club members only! i586 should work on a P-III, my old box was a P-III which run i586 without any problems. Really you should return the disks and demand a refund as they are obviously bad copies!
  17. No wonder, i'm throttling it right now, although it is handy when one of the mirrors is hosted by your ISP, which I believe is having an profound influence on my d/l.
  18. Its a bit late now, but I feel your money would have been better spent on speakers using the universally compliant "audio jack".
  19. Yeah I know, but given I didn't give it a second though initially, I though maybe best not. Meh I hate hangovers, that's it no more .
  20. EEEEEEEKKK! Removed, until someone can give the appropriate skin to clothing ratio!!
  21. Gasp, shock, horror!!!! I'm using gnome! The GTK is a rip of a clearlooks theme in 2006, in the progress of "colouring it up", cos of course ah'm a colourful guy Anyone wishing to know who the fit ginge is, Amy Nuttal, she who should be worshiped by all men!
  22. Please do, I'm interested in trying it on the old relic, be good to hear how you get on with it.
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