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  1. I disagree, haiving 80 staff, sales of EUR 4m and operating globally is far from small. That has nothing to do with size and everything to do with balancing the organisation with the oppropriate skills. IIRC they just recently ditched a member of staff that had a vital marketing role. IMO it would be a lot easier to pass off coding/engineer skills to the community than marketing, I do not believe that the Linux community as a whole is endowed with enthusiastic market skills, marketing in this context is certainly not as attractive as coding. That arguement is very weakl IMO, that's like calling a charity that makes surpluses a profit orientated organisation. In this context the motive to make profits is worth a lot more than actually achieving the goal of making profits.
  2. Sorry, are you saying that we should restrict our criticism just because Mandriva looks to be falling on hard times? By that logic we shouldn't be giving positive criticism in times of success... The fact is that any criticism thus far has been borne out of the actions of the company, none of the criticism thus far has been unjust or without influence from Mandriva. It is on this basis that I believe that your statement is extremely biased. Mandriva is a faceless, capitalist organisation like any other, it's big enough and ugly enough to not need any mollycoddling!
  3. Behaviour like this is symptomatic of corporate failure. This, along with Mandriva's poor financial position and the current economic climate may indicate troubles ahead. You might argue that Mandriva's financial position has been improving, but that was on the back of a stable and growing macro-environment, I do not see Mandriva's management as having the skills necessary to maintain this through a recession nor ensure survival. I could be wrong, only time will tell. I would have liked to have explored this further, looking at any other messages I could see from their site but that appears to be down for me.
  4. For Project, I heard someone (on another forum) mention Gantt Project, which is Java based. Access is going to be more difficult, AFAIK OpenOffice.org can open and read mdb files, but that's as far as it goes as you can not edit (well the structure at least, not sure about the data) nor can you export it into another format.
  5. Thanks for this SS. I believe that the Windows binary is already updated for this, hopefully the fix will filter through to distros soon.
  6. Spot on, rational purchasers expect value for money. Paying more for less is a public sector phenomenon, any activity resembling this in the private sector will inevitably be forced out by substitution or government intervention in the case of monopoly or cartel.
  7. I'm not disputing that, but those community projects do not have a business model to maintain, one that includes enterprise and OEM customers...
  8. "Prudent management of operating costs" is what it is called. Unfortunately business these days is about meeting the quality requirements of customers, getting the level of quality right is critical to modern day business. Mandriva wants to offload a key aspect (well I see no sign of TQM practices, therefore quality appraisal is pretty fundamental) of this to the community...a disaster waiting to happen IMO.
  9. You say that 2009.1 is swapped onto the secondary master, then the entry should be title linux-0 kernel (hd2,0)/boot/vmlinuz- BOOT_IMAGE=linux-0 root=UUID=a913dfc7-91b9-4e2a-8eba-7843f00de8f0 UUID=a913dfc7-91b9-4e2a-8eba-7843f00de8f0 splash=silent vga=788 initrd (hd2,0)/boot/initrd.img (all I have done is replaced (hd0,0) with (hd2,0), (hd0,0) is your primary master and, with a primary slave in place, (hd2,0) is your secondary master).
  10. I think you misunderstand the remit of anti-trust law, such laws are about protecting product markets (groups of similar products) from monopoly, not market sectors (groups of customers with similar needs). Apple does not have a monopoly position in the PC market.
  11. They also offer OSX on non Apple hardware, is this legit?
  12. Wish they would sort out the Windows installer, it's a pig to uninstall unless you have the original installer file.
  13. I wouldn't read too much into it, it is a very small sample thus far and constrained by other factors over and above "popularity".
  14. Tried this on my wife's Aspire one last night, works like a dream compared to the preinstalled Linpus Lite distro (even though I was running Ubuntu on a memory stick and not the internal SSD). Yeah there's a couple of known bugs, but they are hardly deal breakers and one of them we have a work around if need be. Good job (ooh, I feel dirty for just saying that ).
  15. Sorry, don't get the joke.
  16. Alternatively you could try installing the windows version of firefox through wine, might work.
  17. IIRC Moonlight's major releases have the same release numbers as their Silverlight equivalents, therefore I expect the current Moonlight to be equivalent to Silverlight 1.
  18. Greg2 is correct, the plugin is in the form of a XPI file which should install irrespective of what distro you use.
  19. Oh wait, just realised, I already have that one, got it about 3 weeks ago. :D April edition must be due soon.
  20. I will no doubt pick it up at the weekend, like to have something to read in the toilet
  21. I have a HP1018, works fine with the foo2zjs driver.
  22. What are you trying to achieve over PXE, installation of software to the local machine from the server, or booting the client machine over PXE running all software on the server with no installation on the client machine (LTSP)? If it is the former, then tux99 is pointing you in the right direction. If it is the latter then you should start by looking at this on the wiki.
  23. We already know that Asus decided to get into bed with M$, feel free to provide independent statistics.
  24. I have never heard such an ignorant statement in my life. I heard that Linux can run better on low power netbooks than Windows, but I'm sure you will find reason to disagree with that "myth".
  25. What tutorials are you using? I found the Traditional DNS Howto at howtoforge.com very helpful. Yeah it's a big read, but I took the time to read it and found configuring bind to be very simple thereafter!
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