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  1. If you're about designing logos and not just for Ubuntu then PCLinuxOS has a new logo contest. They have some reward too. Read more
  2. In Linux and UNIX systems there is a on ebig file system tree so there are no separate C or D etc drives. The slash (/) indicates the top of this directory structure. Anything else is a subdirectory like /lib. By the look of these error messages I think that a kernel module was failed to load so squashfs couldn't be used. Squashfs is a compressed file system. It is used on live CDs so they can store about 2G of software. Data is uncompressed on-the-fly. But since it doesn't work the system won't work either. I can only suggest you to wait for the public release of One and download it or order it from cheapbytes if you don't have broadband or a friend with broadband.
  3. But they have releases both for enterprises and for the community. Their community distros are the base of their corporate distros. This is what I meant.
  4. This is the same what Novell doing also.
  5. Hi, you can add into kickerrc [KMenu] KmenuUseMdvIcon=false
  6. Try copiing the last 10 lines first so we can see where are you stuck. Using any hardware depends on which part of the booting process is the OS stuck. You can try scrolling by Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown.
  7. This is true yet, but it doesn't mean it will remain true forever. So let's just say one example: A non-techy person can convince another non-techy person to use or at least try out Linux. And the convinced person can convince more people. There will be more and more of this kind of convincing as the Linux user base grows. Maybe there will be a tech person on the end of a chain but not necesarily. Not every person will start to fix their own computer as is the case with any other machines. Adam wrote somwhere maybe a year ago that 10 or 20 % (can't remember the exact numbers) of all the revenues come from the club. Now when almost nothing works there as it should. Imagine what it could bring if they'd do it the right way. Conclusion the club could actually work.
  8. Almost everything is open source in Mandriva so it's almost 100% sure you can use them unless we are talking about Acrobat reader's widgets. There are many widget sets available under Linux. The two most used are QT the widget set which KDE uses, and GTK which GNOME uses.
  9. Not quite. 0.94 which is expected that summer will finally switch to the current glibc and gcc versions, and will have to be installed from scratch. Maybe it will try to keep rolling AFTER that. Oh yes it has. Don't tell me I'm using it. Yes at 0.94 it will be recommended to do a clean install but it already has a rolling release cycle and it will have after that. Gowator there is free Mandriva club membership. It's called Alumni level. Of course almost noone knows about it but that's the usual Mandriva way isn't it.
  10. It' been a long time since I read such a narrow-minded article like this. It mixes two completely different matters which is a free distro with propietary stuff included and putting binary moduls into the Linux kernel. Well to the first one my opinion is why not. Maybe the article writer didn't heard about it but such distros already exist. Not to mention other distros like Mandriva when you just have to give them a small amount of money and their faith in open source just disappears and they give you every propietary stuff you want. In this point of view Debian is the ultimate distro. About putting pressure on hardware drivers: first of all I'm not a programmer but I've heard everywhere that writing drivers is a way more difficult then writing desktop apps. It gets even more difficult if you don't have the specifications. And hardware manufacturers are scared to death about giving away any detailed info about their stuff. XGL is designed to use propietary drivers so is it evil then? Without assuring users they can use their hardware under Linux how could you lure them from windows? Without a huge userbase how can you put pressure on hardware manufacturers? The article almost states that earning profit is evil. Or profit oriented companies in the IT world are evil. Well without these companies Linux just still would be a toy of several thousands of programmers. I say if the propietry driver is better than the opensource driver then use that. Make the user base bigger and donate to the open source driver writers from the profit. And if the propietary stuff gets buggy or evil then throw it out.
  11. So choose something that better fits your needs ;) I'm already on PCLinuxOS for a while now. And yes it has a rolling release cycle. How do you know they are the majority? And if they are how do you know they remain the majority? How major they are? Strange to hear that because Mandriva is Mandrake + Conectiva. So they have a doubled engeneering team now and they will make half of the releases they used to. Still 2006 has the two worst ever application which no sane developer would have put in a stable product. The less the distro limits your choices the better it will be. How does Fedora + RedHat limits these choices? If you want something fresh then you can use the latest Fedora. If you want a more stable one you can use RedHat. The same with Novell\SUSE. As arctic stated somewhere in these forums there are two kinds of users those who like the greatest and latest and those who like stability over new functions. If you want to make a succesful distro you have to satisfy both kind of users IMO. And Mandriva wants to be succesful hopefully.
  12. AFAIK it's Debian based so it's rather following in the steps of Ubuntu.
  13. Well you're not the first ones who tell me that you like stable over new. Other guys tried to explain me that I don't need really the new KDE etc. Well guys I'm glad that you're happy and everything works as you wish BUT I don't want to be explained that I don't need something. If I try it and it's not working then it's my problem. Linux is about the freedom of choice and Mandriva currently limits my freedom of choice. So give me. Not from 3rd party fan repos which in some case are more bleeding edge than cooker, or ones that maybe don't even follow Mandriva packaging rules thoroughly (btw the best repo IMO is SOS). No. Make it official. And many successful distros that are stable have the latest kde or gnome in them.
  14. Wish I would be as optimistic as you guys. But as I see there are several signs of the decline of Mandriva. So let's see: All the other distros give you the freedom of choice. You can install the greatest and latest or you can use an older but more stable one. As you know that's not the case with Mandriva anymore. Either you use cooker and deal with all the bugs in it, or use 2006 with KDE 3.4 etc. There's nothing between these two. Behind Linux distros often there is\are some person(s) who really make the distro and keep it in motion. Undoubtebly one of these persons at Mandriva was Gael Duval and we all know what happened with him. 2006 was the first one which was made with a doubled engeneering team (though with the old release cycle) and it contained two applications which never should have made its way to a stable product. One of them namely xorg is the core of every desktop distro. I'm using Mandrake since 7.2 but never saw such a buggy release from them. About the benefits of the new release cycle read this thread : http://archives.mandrivalinux.com/cooker/2...03/msg03626.php Do you still think everything is OK?
  15. The Longest Journey is probably the best point'n click game I ever saw and I tried a few. Looking forward to see Dreamfall.
  16. Cube is also a GPL game so it must be a Mandriva package in the repo. It is generally better to use the package manager if it's possible. I would use the GLX version.
  17. Mandriva One was built from the community tree not from the official and it's not released to the public yet.
  18. Maybe he should give an execute permission otherwise it will opened by a text editor like gedit. So right click choose properties and check permissions.
  19. You mean you use the same browser with the same fonts under Linux and Windows and they stilol give different results.
  20. I love that falling star and the penguins but you should change the MUB logo IMO. It looks like you ran out of patience and just hurried to finish it. This picture deserves a better logo IMO.
  21. I don't know the details either but I know that XEGL doesn't need a separate xorg to run or something like that as XGL needs one. It's based on XGL so it's very likely IMO that it will be ready later than XGL. So while everyone will use XGL Mandriva users either have to hack their system or use another OS or wait so Mandriva misses another chance.
  22. Mandriva has decided to use Xegl instead of XGL a while ago. So don't hold your breath.
  23. I thought when you wrote logo contest you really mean logos. These are banners IMO. In this sense josk made a very nice logo in his last work. But as whole I like arctic's last two banners most specially the big penguin caring about the little one. Is it possible to change the current wide eyed mob of penguins background to the one arctic used here?
  24. I don't know what language is your mother tongue but for mine it's not true. If I choose a language at installation in Mandriva then everything will be setup for that language automatically if it's available. In PCLOS the installer worked only in English in 0.92 and I have to setup my localization everywhere.
  25. The current url is www.mandriva.com You should edit the default page url if that's what konqueror calls it. It should be under Edit\Preferences IIRC.
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