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  1. I think I did like so ~> su -c "urpmi --noclean"
  2. Um guys why do I get a "bash: urpmi: command not found " error ? How wierd is that ?
  3. Thanks guys, this helps allot and cleared up thing amazingly. I truly appreciate the kind help I am getting over here. Is there a guide in compiling own source code RPM's ?
  4. I am fairly new to Linux and have been trying to make it Desktop suitable for my development for over a year now. I came across allot of issues and tried allot of distro’s. I decided to stick with Mandriva and fought my way to a good level. I have a few simple questions which up to now I don’t really understand. I hope to find some answers and raise some opinions; Question; Why cant you just use a Suse RPM file on Mandriva ? Its Linux no? Is Linux not suppose to be cross compatible. Opinions; I believe the above question is the reason developers fear to developing not only for Windows but also support Linux, you need to create hundreds of packages for different distro’s. That’s just not productive. I also believe that is the main reason Windows still has all the hardware and software developers full support. Then to cover it all you get different desktops like Gnome and KDE which also needs unique software. In politics this is the fastest way to make a party loose, divide the opposition too weaken them. If anyone could just explain it to me for the love of Linux. Do I simply not understand ? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. Thank you very much guys, will try it tonight and give final feedback :)
  6. Thanks fo the replies guys, I will have a look at it tonight and post my findings. You are a great community !
  7. I was wondering if its possible to backup after downloading all the updates from the package manager, if I need to reinstall it will be a tedious job to download the whole 700 MB again. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I recently had this bit of bad luck, everything was fine could see all my mounted ntfs partitions, but then for some odd reason, the one ntfs (Windows) drive, when I enter I see no files ? Why would this be, I tried to remount it but it tells me I need to format the drive to mount it. Is there anyway of mounting the drive without formatting ? The Windows drive boots up just fiune... Thanks in advance...
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys, yes basicly I would like to make Firefox (Linux) display a web page the same as Firefox (Windows). I will look into everyones suggestions, again thanks for the replies. Ok I see there are two directories, /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF and /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/drakfont/ttf which one will it be then, the both seem to have ttf fonts in them already ?
  10. Yea, its pretty bad, any help please...
  11. I have a kinda serious problem, I am a web developer and I need to see true type fonts look like in Windows. I just love Linux and got all the tools I need to continue Developing using PHP in Linux. However, one major setback. The browser text looks totaly different in *nix then Windows. I have already imported the Windows fonts through Mandriva "Configure your Computer > Fonts". I have also Google 2 days for a solution, tried many but none worked. I have Mandriva 2006 Installed, done all the updates, Nvidia Drivers installed and all the goodies. When I exclude AA to the smaller font range it just looks ugly. Any helin in the rigth direction will be appreciated ! Thanks in Advance ! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys, you are all great. Now to do the checking :)
  13. Thank you very much for the reply, and yes I see it, but is there anywhere where I can view driver versions and such ?
  14. I just installed Nvidia Drivers on my 7800 GTX, on Mandriva 2006 by; Pressing Cntr + Alt + F1; Then Init 3 Ran sh ///blah/blah... It says that all is successful, but how can I be sure ? Thanks in advance ! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
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