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  1. Thanks. Although my post was quite old, I never really finished this problem and still hoped for feedback. I'll try your suggestions.
  2. Usually, of course, I don't want that. But I use some web community sites, e.g., that, whenever I close one of their windows (which I REALLY want to close) pops up a JavaScript alert "Do you really want to close this? You won't be informed about new messages any more!" [Yes] [No] ... Grrrrrrr! I hate having to press Yes... Turning off JavaScript would be an option, if I'd like to use firefox like in stone age... I also could use the Greasymonkey extension to remove this part of the script. But to write a script against every annoying script seems to be more work than benefit. I'm looking for a simple solution for various dialog boxes. Some kind of Window-Opening-triggered keyboard macro player. Using it to reveal secret personal data to such companies is a totally different question. I wouldn't.
  3. Hi. Currently I'm annoyed by a bug in Firefox/Minefield and look for a workaround (I know I could use a FF version without the bug, but that's not the question ^^) and also a generic tool to do as follows: If a window (e.g. popup dialogue) appears on X that has a specified title, focus it and type in some keys, e.g. "PeterPanic" [tab] "password" [tab][cr] ... This would help replying to annoying popups as well as fill in some data or passwords. If I saw correctly, kwallet only supports programs that use it actively. Thanks, PeterPanic
  4. Ah, thanks a lot, both of you. I'll look that up.
  5. Yes, but is any of them installed with every Mandriva - no matter what window manager I use? And... doest that mean, there's no way to use su? The other thing is: I'd like to run some commands as root and some as a normal user, so if I could use su I could just issue one command as root and the otherone normally. Perhaps I'll use sudo and configure it from a bash script... :-( Hmmm...
  6. Hi. I'm just writing a script that adds a new User in Linux, samba, mysql and in a record in a mysql-db. This script obviously has to be run as root. I am aware of the security issues when saving a root password in a bash variable, but I guess typing it over and over again isn't much less secure. And this post isn't about the security aspect, so please try and help me with the real question. In a pure bash environment I can use the following code to look if I'm root, and if not, restart the same script with "su" if [ $UID -ne 0 ]; then echo "Please, type root's password..." su -c "$0 $@" exit fi # rest of program here... This will cause su to ask the user for the password. Now I want to run this in a graphical environment. Of course, I can use "kdesu" instead of "su", but I'm not sure, kdesu is even there. But there is zenity. Now I tried: if [ $UID -ne 0 ]; then rootpw=`zenity --title="Root-Password" --text='Please, type root's password...' --hide-text="" --entry` echo $PASSWD | su -c "$0 $@" exit fi # rest of program here... But su responds with "standard in must be a tty". sudo on the other hand doesn't seem to have the same problem, so e.g. in Ubuntu this works fine, as the user is always a sudoer. But by default sudo isn't installed in Mandriva 2008 and the user is no sudoer, so my script won't work on the servers I maintain without installing and configuring sudo first or installing kdesu... So: Is there any way to execute a bash script as a user, having zenity ask for the root PW and execute something with this PW which is stored in a variable? Thanks a lot. PeterPanic
  7. Hi! Hmmm... In my case I only have them with xine, when playing corrupted/unsupported videos (from Mandriva 10.0 to 2007.0) and with PlaneShift (nice 3d game, no chance to change versions, but you usually don't mind if games with 0.x.x versions have such glitches) So - No "serious problems" and nothing with the kernel. Of course, if that would be a cooker station or a server, you'd be totally right, but many Linux PCs are desktop workstations or multimedia/gaming things, so people aren't so much interested in analyzing slight glitches. Of course, awareness is important, but I don't want to spend my whole life with analyzing and correcting bugs in programs I didn't write :-) Well, as above. I never had any core dumps with anything else. I'm using relatively stable versions (no cooker), I use the standard kernel. The only problem I had were -in fact - the core dumps. Of course, if hey had 10kB with text description of what happened, not a CD full of data for every time a program ends (in case of PlaneShift), they would be helpful, but the way they are, I just write cronjobs or change the scripts of the programs to automatically delete them and I never see them at all. If I don't delete them, they crash my applications or my plans when the partitions fill up. (Happened to me after starting PlaneShift for a week, everything crashed, as the core dumps took 13 of the 14 GB of the Partition, the "real" content was the other 1 GB...) Well, different experiences. I don't doubt what you say, as I really appreciate your postings and almost admire your knowledge, but as I said: Not for mein this case. And obviously not for SuSE, Debian and many other Distributions, as most websites I found talk about: "How to temporarily ENable core dumps IF you are a programmer and want them"... I don't know many people that can analyze core dumps and I'm glad I found this thread here (in my "home" forum) which helped me getting rid of them. Well, perhaps it's as few a problem as mine with PS and xine... Ciao, PeterPanic
  8. Maybe, but thanks for the help. I'm not really new to Linux or Programming, but core dumps for anyone except the programmer himself are just a nuisance. I'm playing Planeshift and everytime the program is Quit (even the normal way) I lose 500MB to a core dump. That makes 14 GB a month *G*... And everything crashed when the partition was ful. By the way: NO other distro I know of has active core dumps as a default. If you google for "core dump", you'll find xx pages that show how to ENable them, if you are a programmer and need them. But Tyme's answers aren't really helpful. You can't expect 99.9% of all Linux users (The ones who don't want to analyze ram dumps) to change header files and recompile the kernel. Bye. PeterPanic
  9. The first thing I'd try would be to turn off Clam AV. I guess if you download a x GB file Clam will try to scan it for viri before it touches the hard disc. I always wondered why we have scanners for windows viri on our linux boxes by default now... That's like having an airbag on a kitchen sink. :-) Cya. PeterPanic
  10. Hi all! Well, meanwhile there are many (GL) screensavers that do slideshows, but only with those stupid mandriva penguin cooks, surfers and so on... How do I change the path to the images that are displayed by all those screensavers? Or simply: What IS the path? I could put links to my pics there of course... Thanks a lot. Panic EDIT: Found it! :-) It's in /usr/share/mdk/screensaver ... So, I copied some pics in and it looks a lot better :-D
  11. Used to? :-) Does that mean you don't have it any more? This would be a treasure to many people. I'll try to find some Tricks and post them here. In the end now I can search for "KmenuUseMdvIcon" and see what related things I find. Thanks again. Panic.
  12. Wow! That worked. How did you figure out (besides that you are the genius Dexter... :-) ) ? OK, now I can tyr to find out how to "usually" change the icon... Thanks a lot. Are there more "Make Mandriva work like standard" options we should know about? :-) A list perhaps? Ciao, PeterPanic
  13. How can I change the "Yellow Star" Icon? OK, I know by now that I could overwrite menuk-mdk.png in my theme folders, but there has to be some config file containing the name "menuk-mdk.png" itself which I could change... No? I tried grep in my .kde/share/config dir, but no menuk-mdk.png ... It's gotta be somewhere :-) And why isn't that a standard config option in MCC or the KDE CC (OK, rethorical question, you aren't responsible, I guess... ;D ) Is there any "theme designer" RPM out there which could do the job inside a theme? Ciao, PeterPanic
  14. Just found out how to change some of them. Edit ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals Section [smallIcons] Item "Size=16" to 32 e.g. This changes the lower part of the icons (LogOut, Run, ...) Will now look for the other ones. This works in Mandriva 2006. Ciao, PeterPanic
  15. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I got exactly the same problem with mcc (drakups). Same message, same maufacturer. The file /etc/ups/ups.conf ends with the detected UPS device, but with driver= port= The Comments in the file say I have to use one of the drivers listed there, but how do I know which one works? I got an APC Back-UPS CS 500 ... Perhaps someone can give me a hint. Otherwise I'll try apcupsd, too. Thanks, Panic
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