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  1. I don't know which KDE or OS you are using but under KDE 3.5.3 you can start KDE Control Center and start Theme manager under Look'n Feel. In the upper right corner there's a link "Download new theme" which launches Konqueror with kde-look in it. You can download whatever you want then click on the "Install new theme" button and navigate to your downloaded theme. No need for compiling and rpm packages.
  2. dexter11

    Starting Services

    We should know some error message to help you. To start a service on CLI you should type service <servicename> start as root. Post the error message here.
  3. They had a wallpaper contest also which was called "Theme contest". What you can see on the screenies is the 2006 wallpaper. I'm sure they'll change it too.
  4. dexter11


    How mature is this? The earliest date I could find on the webpage is 07/28/06. So is this still development stuff?
  5. Some more screenies: http://flickr.com/photos/mandriva/
  6. Never (???) I don't really care about avatars. This is the only forum where I use one. And I'm fine with Dexter and I'm too lazy to start looking for another.
  7. Check out the "Son of a - Improve your rank" topic. https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?s=&...st&p=254636
  8. Ok tried what you wrote with the new layer and the gradient. Slightly better now. I don't think I will spend more time with it unless somebody has a good idea.
  9. I don't understand how is it possible that one CD boots on a computer and doesn't on another. Did you check you BIOS? Though if the Mandrake CD boots fine that should be OK. Anyway I don't think that it's possible to install Windows with Linux. You have to boot from a Windows media e.g. a boot floppy.
  10. Ok played some more with it. Changed the saturation and contrast and now it looks like the sun has really shined that day. Tried to make the sky little more bluish with saturation and hue but didn't really succeed. Also managed to change the size to 1600x1200. But only by making a new picture and edit\copy visible and pasting it in to the new image. When I tried to change the original pic, GIMP really made it smaller it was in the upper left corner but the rest of the pic was black it didn't really changed the size remained 2560x1920 and when I saved it as png it was 2.9 MB.
  11. OK saturation defenitely made it better. Thanks for the idea. I added two layers as well but it didn't make any difference. Why would it of course. I didn't understand the rest waht you wrote arctic. I'll play with it tomorrow.
  12. All users have a 50MB upload limit. If you go under My Controls -> Manage Your Attachments you can see how much of this space you've used. Is that a typo? Not exactly 50MB. Anyway I deleted all my attachments so I must have enough space now, but maybe my screenies are missing from the older "show off your desktop" topics. The photo should be here now.
  13. One of my relatives has a digital camera and he used to use it a lot. I just took some of his pictures for wallpapers. But they are not sharp\colorful etc enough. Since I am a total noob at GIMP or art in general, and some of you are seem to be a pro I thought I ask some advice. Below you can see an example. How can I make it look better? Edit: oh great the pic is too large, ~892 KB. So you can't see it yet. What's the size limit?
  14. ...jmf.jar:.::/home... You only need one : between the library paths so the correct is jmf.jar:/home
  15. Thank you very much. I am a(n Alumni) club member so I can write them about it and the icon theme. Do you give them the permission if they choose to include it?
  16. This is the network connect app (whatever its name is) icon. You can rightclick and connect to the internet just like kinternet in SUSE with the exception that Mandriva's nework connect works under Windowmaker too IIRC. Arctic did you upload that wallpaper somewhere?
  17. They changed the directory structure again. This may be the problem.
  18. Because you installed from the GNOME live cd don't you. The live CDs have two versions for both x86 and 64_x86. Only the DVD is dual arch.
  19. You should look at the 2007 Beta 1 DVD which is dual arch. I don't know why it has 3 swap partitions but it would certanly explain some of the slowness.
  20. You can downoad simulteniously with bittorrent too. So you can reach you maximum bandwidth just like using ftp.
  21. You'd better use a Mandriva specific howto even if it's a bit outdated. http://qa.mandriva.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/XglHowTo
  22. There was (or maybe is) a theme contest (and a sound contest). If you don't like the look then do something about it. You can even win something.
  23. Yet another method is Konqueror's FSview. View\viewmode\FSview (this was translated back from Hungarian so the original English might be different).
  24. IIRC in Mandriva "df" is aliased to "df -h" so no need the separtate -h.
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