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  1. Mandriva 2006 is old not supported anymore. Besides it was the worst Mandriva\Mandrake release I have ever met. It made me switch to PCLinuxOS. If memory serves well it had an experimental X server which caused a hell of a lot of problems. This X server can be the cause of your problem. I suggest to upgrade\install a newer release. But if you can't or don't want to, then could you make a screenshot? You can use the program called Ksnapshot under KDE.
  2. This problem occurs when you don't use the matching login manager to your DE (Gnome needs GDM) and\or you are using one of the 3D desktop enviroments.
  3. Linux kernel 2.6.24 has been released. A detailed overview about the changes/new features it brings is on the kernelnewbies website. It can be downloaded from one of the mirrors.
  4. The kde-window-decorator which you use under compiz fusion is written by the compiz guys AFAIK. They wrote it to support the original KDE themes. I don't know why they just didn't made the Emerald version of the KDE themes and made one really good window decorator instead of three, but it's their decision maybe it was just easier. So it is a compiz bug. Btw I used Emerald under KDE and it was crashing too. I don't think that compiz would be more stable under Gnome. At least I see topics about window decorator crashes both in Gnome and in KDE. Compiz is still in alpha stage. If you wanna use it you have to live with crashes currently. So my choice was not to use it. After the 4th or 5th crash I switched it off and never missed it since. I'll try it again in 2008 Spring but I don't have great expectations.
  5. After a month, nvidia has released a new version of its proprietary drivers. No new features only some bugfixes in this release. * Fixed a problem causing the fan on some GPUs to always run at full speed. * Fixed a bug that caused the X driver to crash if the X.Org GLX extension module was loaded intead of NVIDIA’s. * Improved the X driver’s awareness of the current notebook docking status. * Fixed brightness control on HP Compaq notebooks. * Fixed a bug in the Linux/i2c algorithm driver implementation that prevented core transfer types from succeeding. Can be downloaded from here: Linux x86, Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) or Solaris x64/x86.
  6. dexter11

    Please Help, Newb

    First of all you have to understand the different concept Linux uses for installing software. You have a software installer\uninstaller utility (aka rpmdrake). Just click on the menu button and you'll find it. Then you setup the application to use the software sources. This means that the application will download the necessary packages not you. Here's how to do it: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Docs/Basic_tas...tions_available The Software Media Manager can be launched from rpmdrake in the Settings (or Configuration not using English version here) menu in the menu bar. When you finished with this you use rpmdrake to install or uninstall software. You can install the nvidia drivers if you know which driver belongs to your card. But if you don't you batter leave it to the Mandriva Control Center. Sorry I can't remember exactly where but it must be on the Hardware tab. It should be the "setup the graphic server" or something like this. But if it's not then keep searching.
  7. There are also screenlets and if you like the Opera web browser it has widgets too.
  8. Or install unrar from the plf repos.
  9. I think he meant what kind of repos can he use. Currently the cooker repos should be used for updating, installing.
  10. Oh please stop that. The kids are making enough noise on the club forum.
  11. There is a better example: Linux Core Consortium. You can even count it as LCC2 since Progeny and Conectiva doesn't exist anymore. I just don't understand the point. Don't we have an LSB for this purpose?
  12. What kind of intrigue has Mandriva got?
  13. The second pre-release of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring is here. This pre-release brings - * a near-final snapshot of KDE 4.0 * new NVIDIA and ATI drivers * the chance to test the experimental nouveau open source driver for NVIDIA cards * kernel 2.6.24rc7 and more. See here for download information. As far as testing goes, for this pre-release we are particularly interested in testing PulseAudio, hardware detection and hibernation support. Please report any problems with sound functionality, and any mis-detected or un-detected hardware, to Bugzilla.
  14. There is a kernel-discuss mailing list. That's the closest thing I've found. There is also the cooker ML or there is a #mandriva channel on Freenode if you prefer IRC.
  15. The KDE Community is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. The KDE 4 Libraries have seen major improvements in almost all areas. The KDE 4 Desktop has gained some major new capabilities. Lots of KDE Applications have seen improvements as well. The Oxygen Artwork team provides a breath of fresh air on the desktop. Read more and download. Keep in mind that this is only the first in the KDE 4 series. Many features are incomplete, many applications are not ported yet. So be patient.
  16. I think you should ask these questions from the Mandriva kernel team. They sure know the answers for all your questions and I'm sure they gladly welcome another helping hand.
  17. According to this article MS is working on a Windows-only OLPC machine so no dual-boot computer for the kids.
  18. To be honest I don't even know what draws the bootsplash screen in my distro (Mandriva 2008). I'm just glad I don't have to recompile a kernel module to change it. Splashy not fast enough? I don't know why speed is so important for a program which just draws a picture and a progress bar. It just can't be that slow that I could recognize it. AFAIK the development of bootsplash was finished long ago. As I see it we have a better alternative now. So why should we resurrect bootsplash? It did its job then but time has changed. Tell the bootsplash developers instead to help develop splashy.
  19. You can be sure about KDE4. All the developers wrote, at least those I read, that KDE 4 final though stable is just a technology preview. Many applications are not ported yet to KDE 4, many features are not ready yet. The first feature full release will be KDE 4.1.
  20. The plf package of win32-codecs installs into /usr/lib/win32 and it works for me just fine.
  21. This post is violating the guidelines, isn't it? ;)
  22. GarageGames made their Mech-like game Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion freely downloadable. You can use the the serial: RYD6-B2AM-6K6C-MRY4 which is now public too. Project page and download here, screenshots here, more info here. In case the game doesn't wanna start for some reason
  23. You need one of the smp kernels. Don't know about the memory though.
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