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  1. Hi Mindwave, long time no see!! I am glad to see you haven't lost your touch! Been away from the computer for some time now. Had so many other things to sort out and it left me a bit exhausted. Keep up the good work bookie
  2. bookie


    I thank Ixthusdan for reopening the thread because I feel that there is still a lot to be learned by having an open dialogue :) I am not here to start a war about who is right and who is wrong about bootsplash! All I know is working with bootsplash the Debian way is far superior to splashy. Splashy was untidy and didn't do it for me!! Me is singular B) I implemented splashy and found that the verbose ran for quite a while before the splash and quite a while after the splash before I came to the login splash. I tried to everything to improve on that - but couldn't? If there is anyone interested, then I would like to understand the way the splash is implemented in Mandriva? I would then give the comparison for bootsplash the Debian way. Please don't forget that I am talking about the Debian way when I talk about the differences between splashy and bootsplash. I am doing this to learn more about Linux not start a slanging match :mellow: There are surely those who don't consider getting their feet wet as being aggressive on my part :) Linux can be fun even if it means compiling a kernel or two? :D I will not respond to snide comments!! I respect opinions as long as they are not aimed at me personally. bookie
  3. bookie


    Well, it is obvious that we are not speaking the same language - because it is just that that the kernel needed a patch that made it so stable?!!! I it is a shame that people wish to comment when I clearly posted yesterday that there was a lack of interest and wouldn't be waisting any more time on it. Perhaps I should make my self clear!! Bootsplash will continue to be a project for many even though it hasn't found any interest here at Mandriva. The term getting your feet wet hasn't any meaning here!! After patching and compiling your kernel which, unless you really need specific changes, can be an old compile. After being installed the kernel is stable and gives you a good stable start up splash and shut down splash. You can even put in a nice grub jpeg at boot if you like without too much trouble. Where do you think splashy came from? :mellow: It seems to me that folk only want to have a dig without really understanding anything at all behind bootsplash bookie
  4. bookie


    I am sorry that so few of you have come in contact with bootsplash?! There is no point in putting energy into something if people are not interested?! As far as I am concerned. this thread is closed Thanks to those who took the time to comment bookie
  5. Hi guys, I was just at www.mcnlive.org/index.html and saw that for the first time in ages there had been an update on the 18th. I hope this means that the revival of MCNL isn't far away now. Been AWOL lately. Broke my left ankle last Wednesday and haven't been able to concentrate on much at all OK thought breaking my ankle was enough of a problem for the time been. NOPE don't do things by halves :mellow: Decided to get a bout of the flu at the same time!! There is no justice at times! Thanks for post :D bookie
  6. bookie


    Hi pindakoe, thanks for stopping by :D I don't think that splashy is documented more than bootsplash - it's just that several distros are starting to adopt it! I haven't looked at the bootsplash on the Mandriva side yet, but the general consensus is that bootsplash patches are more stable than splashy :unsure: Debian has been using the patches for the kernel and bootsplash is still available for the present kernel but then it stops!! I am doing a compile the kernel the Debian way (been done before) but thought I'd do an update to show the advantages of bootsplash from an idiot's point of view (me being the idiot) It really amounts to what we want in a distro? Do we want it easy and painless then bootsplash wouldn't appeal to everyone. I am hoping to show that it doesn't have to be toooooooo painful using bootsplash instead of splashy :) I am still doing research but can post that compile How To here at Mandriva if anyone is interested? As we all know, Mandriva is probably one of the more user friendly distros (don't like Windows as the comparison) that is on the market at the moment It doesn't mean that we can't get out feet wet if we want - just that people seeing the light and coming to Linux get an easy time adjusting to the Linux way of doing things B) bookie
  7. bookie


    Hi guys, like I said your comments are valid - what ever you have to say :D The reason I thought I'd start this thread is people keep telling me I can't be afraid to get my feet wet with Linux?! ;) Getting your feet wet is working with Linux from the ground up?! I agree about splashy being able to develop into something great with time. Why should bootsplash be sacrificed at the expense of splashy? I have read so many comments about bootsplash with the patches being more stable than splashy? Patching the kernel the debian way isn't so hard?! I am still getting to grips with everything Linux - just think something shouldn't fade away because of new stuff coming around :D Take Slackware for example. There is a distro you really have to get your feet wet!! What is wrong with that. I am the first to opt for the easiest way out regarding having a nice stable distro and know ground work. That (forgive me if I am wrong) I have learned becomes very boring with time Keep your comments coming It is my hope that those who are a little put off with the idea of compiling will become better at understanding Linux by TRYING bookie
  8. Hi again, I thought I'd start a thread to see what interest there is in the original "bootsplash". Most of you are probably aware of the disappearance of bootsplash. It has been superseded by "splashy" Splashy cuts out the compiling of the kernel, which for many of us is a blessing or is it? Many of you know of me or have read my open statements on what I think of Linux. I like many others put my size tens right in the ****. I am also very honest and say what I think which has its merits but not always welcome. I am here now asking you all to make a little sacrifice and write your feelings about "bootsplash" being replaced by "splashy". I have tested splashy and, at the risk of drawing an arsenal of "what are you talking about" out of the wood work - think that splashy doesn't hit it yet! From the comments I have read on the NET, I think, like them that "splashy" is untidy and isn't the fastest at getting going. Like I said I want all your comments (not just the negative ones or positive) so we can see if I am waisting my time in thinking that the developers of bootsplash would reconsider and continue providing us with a product that we have become accustomed to. I am obviously uncertain of how we can affect the powers that be, but it is our using their products that make them what they are today? Please, please help me to bring back bootsplash!! I know that most of you here have tested and will keep on testing different distros. Isn't that what makes Linux great?! I have approached several other forums to try and start a trend and who knows????? Thanks for your time bookie :)
  9. Hi Peter Snow, I have also tried the ACPI without success!! My only option is a sound card if somebody can give me some hints on what to buy? A comment from Adam about now would be nice - giving us some sort of hope that Mandriva are looking into this problem and trying to sort it out?!! :unsure: bookie
  10. Hi guys, I have tried and tried to get sound working - but it beats me what the problem is?! There is a major fault in 2008 that really needs looking into! What is the point in continuing with a distro that you can't get any sound on? I am seriously thinking of buying a separate sound card and trying that solution. Is there any suggestions to what sound card is readily accepted under Linux? Even more important - it works with Mandriva!! Can't understand why we can't seem to sort this problem?! I am not likely to need a top of the range sound card - just one that works Peter, I am quite certain that there are a lot of people in the same boat regarding this version of Mandriva?! What makes me mad is I have 2008 running on an old Pentium 3 without any problems!! bookie
  11. You will find that mindwave has also looked at rewriting the scripts! Unfortunately, he has rather a lot of outside commitments and probably wont have the time. I would love to be able to rewrite scripts. Wouldn't know where to begin. I wish you luck with that I will have a look at your chat link as well. bookie
  12. Hi lurch, you sort of hit the nail on the head!! You can understand why mindwave and I were a little upset after putting so much work into this project - only to find that chris b at MNCL has retired from being a part of the MCNLivecd. As yet, I don't think there is anyone to carry on the work!! Which means we have only the 2007.1 version to work with!! Thanks for your comments bookie :)
  13. Hi highking, sorry you feel that way! The above list has nothing to do with the standard livecd! bookie
  14. I have solved the problem with the sound card!! I took the easy way out and went back to 2007.1 powerpack!! I have reprogrammed the computer without my webcam and I still couldn't get sound?!! So until they can make the 2008 version work I'll stay with the old one! bookie
  15. Hi lurch, I should point out that this to do list is by courtesy of mindwave. Mindwave wanted a livecd with an extra bonus having an updated reinstall cd as well. II got a little confused about what MCNl was about in the beginning and chris b put me right. It was then that mindwave saw what I wanted and was in the process of developing that side of things with some help from chris b. Cris b, as you all should have read, has retired from MSNl's development of the livecd!! Didn't get off to a good start with chris b but appreciated her being there. Sorry to see her go!! Having a livecd which can have your personal settings all the time from the point of creation has to be a bonus. The only downside is the livecd side of things becomes a little slower if you add everything you want in the way of programs etc. I have worked with mindwave a tremendous amount to make it work! There are no immediate differences from the livecd and what we wanted. I just personally thing that having a livecd that is an exact copy of your own computer at the time of creation to be a great reinstall device and save manually reinstalling individual programs, trying to remember where you got what from where, etc. The list I attached to this post is an amended version from mindwave's original, although, not changing the basic content!! I have powerpack and powerpack+ 2007.1 that work with this list. Any questions? Just ask! If you want to see what mindwave is about, and learn some more about this project, then follow the following link and you can get the original list and MCNL scripts in one package to save you copying from Toronto! http://www.thehess.org/Rollyourown1.html bookie PS Tried to upload list here but failed!!
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