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Guest mtf169

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I just downloaded and installed mandrake and it went flawlessly. All of my hard was detected just fine, but I'm completely lost as to how to configure samba, apache, mysql, etc. All of those were installed and appear to be running but I don't know how to configure them. In the documentation, it talks about the Mandrake Control Center having networking wizards, but I don't have the network wizards installed. Are they only available in the purchased version, like the powerpack?


I can't even seem to edit the index.shtml file in the www/html folder because it's read only. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks. :wink:

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A good place to start is to install webmin. This is a browser based interface for managing your linux system. It's compatible with Mandrake. Log in as root and open a console. Then type


urpmi webmin


Should install it. When done, log out and log back in as your regular user. Then open your browser and go to




I think that's right. If not, open a console and type webmin and read the instructions.


Once you are there, you log in as root with root password and start exploring. In your case, click on the servers tab and start playing around..

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Guest urbanotter

As another alternative, I remember that you were asking about the networking wizards, and I directed you to a neworking wizard, but not what you were looking for. I think I found something though that might be helpful. There are wizards that are not installed in the typical install, although you did download them with the isos. Use urpmi or rpmdrake to install "drakwizard". This installs a set of wizards for ftp, samba, DNS, DHCP etc. You can access them from the Mandrake Control Center. THey are the last icon on the left column called "Server Configuration". Of course the above mentioned webmin might be just as good.


Good luck,



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I can't even seem to edit the index.shtml file in the www/html folder because it's read only.

That would be because "root" owns that file ( and everything else under /var )

What I do to edit these is to open up konsole or terminal and then:

su <enter>
***** (enter root's password) <enter>
kate <enter>

This opens kate as the root user, which enables the file to be edited. You can substitute this with your favorite text editor.

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That's the last time I trust a post to the U.S.P.S. :cheesy:


Seriously tho, I noticed someone was viewing this thread and thought I too would check it out. Before I knew it --- I posted what I thought was a helpful reply --- without checking the date.


Sue me --- dock my wages --- add to your post count. :cheeky:


:juggle: /me need sleep :zzz:

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scoopy isn't wierd... he's just... differnt... ya know?

Everytime I heard that statement, the person speaking meant 'gay' with being different.


What are you implying, canonfodder :P

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