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GIMP it!


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Idea: This is a total ripoff of fark.com's photoshop ;), but it has a bit of a twist to it. Go out, find some completely free photos on the web (we don't wanna break copyrights!) and post them in this thread for other people to modify in GIMP.


Qualifications: Modifications can be funny, artist, basically anything. All images, both posted for modifcation and resultant modifications must satisfy the guidelines of this forum. Keep it clean, folks ;). Please mark your post at the beginning with either the term "Submission" (in the case it's an image for other people to modify) or "Modification" (which is obviously, a modification). In the case that it is a modification, please link to the original submission in a format such as the following:

Submission (1)

1 being a link back to the original submission. This format is to allow for combining of two submissions into one modification, i.e.:

Submission (1)(2)

I'm sure you see what I mean ;)


Have fun!


Here's a random one I took with my cell phone to start it off (this is low-quality but it's the first thing I found):


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Okay, here we go.

Sumbission: 1

When I looked at that dog, I thought... well, it reminds me a bit of the 19th century, thus I made two version of this cute dog. One being a Van Gogh painting, the other being a painting of the italian impressionist Plinio Nomellini.


Nothing great, but nice for some 20 Minutes playing around in Gimp. :)

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Well, I can make it way better. It's just a quick modification. :)

There's some glitches with the big spacesuit, that I should iron out before submitting.

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