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AbiWord for mdk9.0?

Guest jwl

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I just installed mdk9.0, and noticed that there seem to be no packages for Abiword. What's the story with that? Why would Abiword not be included?


Does anyone know where I can get an rpm of the latest Abiword for mdk9?




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thanks for the reply


I tried downloading the RH7.3 rpm to see if it would work, and got this:


[root]# rpm -Uvh abiword-gnome-bidi-1.0.3-1.i386.rpm

error: failed dependencies:

abiword-fonts is needed by abiword-1.0.3-1

expat >= 1.95.1 is needed by abiword-1.0.3-1

libcrypto.so.2 is needed by abiword-1.0.3-1

libpng.so.2 is needed by abiword-1.0.3-1

libssl.so.2 is needed by abiword-1.0.3-1


I could download the source and compile, but I'd rather use a mdk rpm package.


Why would Mandrake not include Abiword, one of the preeminent Free Software apps?


::scratching my head::




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From what I've heard, it's because AbiWord does not support i18n (multi-language & double byte character) standard properly. But I've seen others managed to get Chinese characters working on AbiWord, so I cannot say for sure the reason behind. Perhaps when Gnome Office is out sometime next year Mandrake may again change her mind.

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thanks for that URL.


Forgive my newbieness, but how do I add that ftp link so that urpmi can see it? Specifically, what should I add in the "relative path to synthesis/hdlist"?


I don't quite understand that yet. I'm an ex-Debian user, so I understand the theory going on here from apt, but I don't know what hdlist does.




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Read that, especially the part about urpmi.addmedia it should help a lot..

Anyway, hdlist is basically a list of all the packages in the site and their description (what it does, what is new in the version, etc). Synthesis.hdlist is smaller file which just list the packages name.

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Abiword 2 will be out very soon and i'm pretty sure that it will make

it back into mandrake.


It now uses gtk2 and xft2 (ie. it looks beautiful with great fonts)

and has tables support.


I'm running CVS atm - great stuff

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