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  1. No, but I also dont run Tor, Privoxy and Tork because as shocking as it may be no one cares what we are looking at online. Big brother, with a few exceptions, doesn't give a damn about us.
  2. Wow no paranoia going on there at all :-)
  3. Why? You like having software installed that you don't need? :-) Unless you're serving windows machines from this box there's still no need to run an AVP on a nix machine.
  4. Why are you concerned about it is what I'm curious about. Ident isn't exactly a high risk thing and can be required depending on what you're doing.
  5. Nor should you be able to. Log on as your normal user, open a term, type su, then root password. Anything you do from that terminal is now done as root. And no you don't have to do it all on a cmd line, if you start an X application from that window it will be run as root.
  6. Now theres a bad idea. Installing Sid. Unless you can fix it yourself WHEN it breaks not if but when you shouldn't be running Sid.
  7. Yes. If you install sarge then edit your source list to testing instead of stable and do an apt-get dist-upgrade you will get testing and all its problems that it may have that day. Sarge does use xfree and testing is on xorg. I'd hardly call sarge ancient mind you but it is called stable for a reason. :D Also why are you dling a full dvd iso? Why not just get the netinstall which fits on a mini cd. Once thats done you use apt-get to install whatever else you want.
  8. Well this will be fun to watch. Cant believe it was suggested to run unstable. And running a mixed system is just begging for trouble. How bout next time suggesting backports.org instead?
  9. Or just install Debian instead of one of the knock offs. :)
  10. Depends which release you run. I think Sid, not sure about Etch, is on 3.4x.
  11. 6-8 hours? Nonsense what are you on dialup? B)
  12. You dont need any of the dvds actually, just one teeny tiny little mini cd and you get the rest using apt-get.
  13. You set it up the same way you did/do on a windows computer. Open your mail client of choice then its usually something like Tools/Accounts etc and fill in the blanks with the correct information.
  14. Ronin

    3D desktop

  15. Ronin


    They must have been doing some killer drugs to come up with mandriva and think it was a good idea.
  16. Piece of cake and it runs on linux too. http://www.ipcop.org/
  17. Why go through the hassled of compiling when there urpmi? It will definatly make your linux life easier and more enjoyable. Go here to learn about configuring urpmi: http://www.speculation.org/garrick/urpmifaq.txt And here for sources for urpmi: http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/
  18. Ronin


    This is what I have in the root of /var/www to test my php <?php // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL phpinfo(); ?> Name it to index.php and point your browser to it.
  19. Ronin

    Email server

    Have you looked at www.qmailrocks.org?
  20. None easier to set up, or at none I've found then www.qmailrocks.org. It has very well written step by step directions.
  21. No need for anyone to post thier conf file, point the brower of your choice to www.vsftpdrocks.org and you'll find a well written and easy to follow tutorial on setting up vsftpd.
  22. www.vsftpdrocks.org very nice step by step tutorial on setting up vsftpd.
  23. Use apt-get setup to rerun obviously apt-get and add what ever sources you like. I have the best luck speed wise using ones in the U.S. You may also want to search debians site for thier backports collection as while Woody makes an excellent server it's so out of date, software release wise, that's it can be a tough desktop.
  24. Or even better IPcop. Why even RM has been seen to type that he recommands IPcop over Smoothwall now. http://www.ipcop.org/
  25. I'm running a screen session from work to my home computer, I can type fine in one session but not in the second. In the second I just get a solid cursor, I can type but I'm unable to see what it is I'm typing. For example I type ls, I cant see that I have typed that but when I press enter I do get the listing. Anyone know what key sequence I have to hit to see what I'm typing? Thanks
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