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  1. Available at: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/0,39020330,39157635,00.htm If any of you in the UK plan on visiting, this should be a good guide to use when you talk to Microsoft about Linux, covering security, TCO, maintenance, etc. Have at it everyone! A cool article!
  2. The announcement is here: http://archives.mandrakelinux.com/changelo...06/msg00799.php B)
  3. Hey Michel! That would be awesome! I am not in a hurry, nor I want to push anyone or anything. But thanx a bunch!
  4. I don't know how popular GIS software is among users, but I for one, find them tremendously useful. I would love to see Quantum GIS (http://qgis.sf.net/) in an RPM format. The current versions is 0.2, and I have yet to find an RPM for Mandrake (there is a SuSE one I believe). The use for this is probably towards academians or people seriously using GIS in another field. Another application on the same lines is GRASS (http://grass.baylor.edu//), a complete GIS package first developed by the US Military. It is GPL'ed and has an installer (.sh script), but still, an RPM would be nice. There is one for the stable version (5.0) but the current development version is 5.7 if I recall well. The interesting thing is, GRASS is text-based, while QGIS (see above) has created a plugin to introduce a GUI to the application that is much more professional and efficient. These are the RPMs I am looking for around the internet and could not find yet. If you would be so kind to create them, I would be grateful.
  5. In MDK 9.2 (and I believe as old as 7.x series) included a DNS cache service, that would save most dns searches, considerably minimizing the DNS search time. My DNS search times in 10CE are extremely slow, and it is not a problem with my ISPs DNS as I am aware of. I cannot find any information on this, so if anyone can help me on this, I would be grateful.
  6. I've had the same problem myself. What I noticed is that there is no obvious DNS cache app in MDK10, which begs for the question: shouldn't there be a DNS cache somewhere to speed up the DNS searches? I did notice that mozilla/firebird/etc always try to resolve the server, even when I browse pages on the same server. Something wrong?
  7. I actually fixed the problem by erasing my .openoffice directory. It started just fine after that, no more questions asked.
  8. Running OOo after first installing MDK10 brings me up the installation thing for open office, instead of running the program. I assume there is a problem and it doesn't get installed correctly. Anyone wants to verify that with me?
  9. A Suggestion: A Groklaw Documentation Project Read all about it. More positive feedback anywhere else recently? It seems MDK is going up! Of course, she does complain a bit about the menu system and such little things, but hey! We can't have everything!
  10. I am about to install MDK10CE and I want my TV Tuner (embedded in the graphics card) to work. I love listening to TV background noise while I am debugging the LaTeX of my thesis. Anyone had any success getting gatos to work? If I remember well, they said it is possible to work with AIW Radeon cards. If anyone tried this (successfully) let me know!
  11. Quoted from MandrakeSoft.com: http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products In other words... We don't get enough people testing our RCs, so we renamed them, so people might take the time to test the and report bugs. That will make our final releases this time look more like final releases rather than RC.
  12. Hey guys! Thank you so much for the advice. My gf said she already had more offers for being a valentine to other guys around here I know of, after they heard of the iPod. Get in line guys... It's going to be long... And you will have to wait at least 60 more years...
  13. My gf bought me a brand new iPod (15GB) and I was wondering what can I do to run it on my Mandrake machine. Is there a program equivalent of the legendary iTunes? What about the calendar, notes, etc. features? Any compatible programs?
  14. i have search the forum and found numerous people having similar problems. My system: Pentium4 2.6GHz 512MB dual channel 400MHz 120GB hard drive Lite-on LTR-52327S CD Writer JLMS DVD-Rom Booting into CD1... Everything works fine until the installation procedure tries to load the image file into memory (first thing after the basic hardware detection). That's where I get the freeze. Checking the messages only gives an error about not able to access hdb... hmm... Tried passing out my own parameters... noapci - No change nodma - No change noapci nodma - No change ide2=0x180,0x386 - No change ACPI is disabled in the BIOS as well (also tried with it enabled and only disabled in the installer). The error remains the same no matter what. I may need to add that I checked the MD5 sums as well as burn at slow speeds (I have 3 copies of MDK9.2 so far). Any ideas on what I might do next? Please note I have no floppy disk or the bandwidth to do the ftp install. Michalis
  15. I will install MDK9.2 on a friend's computer. She has P4 2.6 with 512MB RAM. One partition, NTFS, 120GBs. Will the Mandrake installer correctly resize an NTFS partition, or is there chance of loosing information? She has way too much data on it to just burn them on a couple of CDs. Should I go ahead or not? Anything special I should do? Michalis
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