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AbiWord for mdk9.0?

Guest jwl

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Guest urbanotter

The font and clipart files that are being asked for by urpm can be found on the same abiword download site where you got the main rpm. urpm found the "expat" file itself (it asked for the first installation CD so I'm guessing it got it from there. I don't remember where I found the "lib" file, so I'm not of much help there. Google it?


As to rpm saying that it has already been installed, I had this problem with 8.2 until I uninstalled KOffice. Then it worked just fine. I don't understand why KOffice would cause that problem, but it did. I had already unistalled KOffice when I put abiword on 9.0, so I don't know if it still causes that problem.


Coincidentally, I ran into some troubles of my own when trying to install abiword using rpmdrake. I fought with rpmdrake for a while to add a source (just a directory on my hd where the abiword rpms live), and finally gave up to do it manually with urpm. Still, for the future, I would like to be able to add such a source. I never got any error messages saying that my newly defined source was bad unless I tried to put something in the field for the hdlist. Then I got "Unalbe to update medium; it will be automatically disabled." I didn't think I needed anything there for local files, and certainly my guesses (based on the relative hdlist paths of the other sources) as to what should go there didn't work. I even tried the suggestions from the "uprmifaq.txt" to no avail! (I got the same "unable to update medium" error in the terminal.)


In anycase, the local source never showed up in the Install Software Packages list. I've searched the docs and found nothing specific to my problem.


Any thoughts on adding local directories to the source list in rpmdrake?


Thanks for your help.



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