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Mandriva 2006


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Seriously. I have the Mandriva LE 2005 PowerPack DVD and it has so many problems that I wonder if 2006 is as bad. Do XMMS and XINE work in KDE yet?? Did they cure the Mozilla lock up when trying to use Adobe Acrobat? Seriously I want to upgrade but I wonder if I should wait a couple, three months or get the 2006 PowerPack and go for it? I did a search first but being 4 pages I decided to post a general question here.


Later. Pepse.


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I only use 2006 on my systems, all previous versions no longer exist on them. They are a mixture of 2006 Free and 2006 Powerpack.


I don't have any problems with my system. XMMS was well known to be broken, there are better alternatives that look/feel the same, such as Beep. I tend to use amarok instead.

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I have the Mandriva LE 2005 PowerPack DVD and it has so many problems that I wonder if 2006 is as bad.

strange.. because I have no problems with 2005 free edition. it's the most stable and fluid OS I've ever had, minus Kaffeine being unusable, but that's nothing.

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I've been tinkering with 2006 since it was first

released on Cooker as ISO's on 2005.07.23 as 2006 0.1




I have a removable hard drive test system and can

A <=> B hard disks and Operating systems at will.

My real on line system was 2005 LE and that stayed

that way till I fully understood 2006.0 and the

kinks got worked out of it. I even made a couple

contributions to BugZilla.


Once it realeased as a 3-CD free Distro on 2005.11.14

I got serious and educated myself on transitioning

everything from 2005 LE -> 2006.0 and did that on

2 Jan 06.


Some general comments are that 06 seems at this point

at least as stable as 05 LE was. It boots about twice

as fast and that was one of the new features.

Traditionally Mandriva/Mandrake lags somewhat in

the revision level of the packages but none of them

are more then about 6 months old. My first system

was 8.2 running on a Compaq P-350 DeskPro I bought

for $250. Now that's running Ubuntu 5.10.


The biggest change for me was that httpd (Apache) does

not default to running with public_html as did 05 LE.

You have to install drakwizard from urpmi then set

up your FTP and Apache webserver using MCC. Once I

had done that it was off and running.


All of the features and functions I need are running

fine. As was with 9.2, 10.2 and 2005 LE you can seriously

screw it and it'll all come back. As in jerk the

power cord out of the wall and as it comes back watch it

check the file system for errors, correct them and reboot

back to proper operation.


I highly suggest installing the Webmin 1.222 that

is specific to Mandriva. That will give you a great

tool to manage it locally and/or remotely.


I've started the whole process all over again for 2007

using 2006.1.03 as a starting point but I don't expect

much until the middle of the year.

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Okay. ianw1974, I might look into Beep. Where do I find it?? Who puts it out? As for Amorak, I really don't care for it. I use it because XMMS doesn't work. And KSCD and Kaffiene are good for playing CD's.


Anything on the Mozilla vs.Adobe? Does Adobe work in Mozilla? Personally I like Konqueror but there is no built-in mail program, and IIRC JAVA and or Flash aren't in Konq either. Or are things improved enough in Konq to use it as my default browser?


A couple people mention no probs with 2006 Free. Is that to say that If I get 2006 Free and download whatever else I might need I probably won't have as many bugs as 2006 PowerPack??


I also, always start with a clean hard drive when upgrading because I had alot of probs when upgrading from 8.1 to 9.0 without a clean drive. I also, update my system as much as I can but that usually ends up with a problem somewhere else. Since my last update 4 weeks ago I had to quit using the default camera wizard (Konqueror). Which is fine because I discovered FLPHOTO and like it better. In fact with FLPhoto I can edit pix easier than I could in the GIMP. So, sometimes what used to work for me in a previous version and doesn't wotk in the latest version has caused me to look around for something similar and most of the time it is for the better. Although I still like X-CD-Roast better that K3B.


So, I will await a few more answers and then decide whether to upgrade to '06 or keep updating '05 and deal with what I got.


Later. Pepse.

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10.0 was most likely problematic because of devfsd, I found 10.1 much better for me as it was udev, and I have DVD version. 10.0 was XFree, 10.1 was Xorg. Not that this necessarily affected it to be buggy.


It all depends on your hardware. If you have new hardware, and try to use an earlier version, problems will be encountered, because of the lack of support for newer hardware in the older kernels. Of course, you could always compile a newer kernel to get around this problem.


What buggy problems were you experiencing on 10.0 and 10.1?

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So I'm going to fall in line with a couple of folks on here: I've actually found 2005 to be solid. It runs great for me. The worst thing about older MDV installs is the urpmi repositories disappear. I ran 2006 for a while. It didn't like me on a laptop.


But I've ran Mandrake/Mandriva since 7.0 now and the one I've had the worst luck with was 9.2. The Betas for 9 were actually more stable for me. But again, that could be hardware.

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