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  1. Using http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php I've been successful in getting three Linux OS's and a Linux Swap partition active on one hard drive. I'm preferring GRUB Text and GrubEd on Ubuntu as a boot editor. http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=58261 ( in French ) http://michelro.free.fr/grub/GrubEd.zip If you want to get really adventurous, and confused, use http://www.ranish.com/part/ Unfortunately it only really supports ext2 but you can get upwards of 32 Operating systems on the same hard drive. The Ranish Boot manager is a bit cryptic but lets you pile'em in there. Once I had nearly a dozen versions of Mandrake or Mandriva on the same HD. :D
  2. I successfully updated one 2007 platform and installed a second updating main contrib updates free non-free from urpmi.addmedia main ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Li...ia/main/release with media_info/hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia contrib ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Li...contrib/release with media_info/hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia --update updates ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Li...a/main/updates/ with media_info/synthesis.hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia plf-free ftp://ftp.free.fr/pub/Distributions_Linux...se/binary/i586/ with hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia plf-nonfree ftp://ftp.free.fr/pub/Distributions_Linux...se/binary/i586/ with hdlist.cz note that in the updates directory synthesis.hdlist.cz works and at least as of this weekend hdlist.cz does not. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  3. Some followup to my previous post: The repositories for Mandriva 2007 main contrib updates free non-free have been pretty unstable since the release. I been successfull to get the main, contrib, free and non-free repositories to work but I have yet to find a working functional updates repository. Even though you can go to the ftp update site(s) and review the content they don't seem to work. I've tried the locations suggested by the MCC, Easy-Urpmi, Smart_Urpmi and SeaOfSouls and none of the updates mirrors suggested repositories work. Even though the Updates repository appears to load correctly if you attempt to use it here is the error message I get: A fatal error occurred: It's impossible to retrieve the list of new packages from the media 'updates". Ether this update media is misconfigured, and in this case you should use the Software Media Manager to remove it and re-add it in order to reconfigure it, either it is currently unreachable and you should retry later.. ---- end error message ---- So I suspect all of these mirrors are being fed the same incorrect data and structure. There are not too many update rpms in the 2007 updates repository so it's not a big issue right now. But, I would hope that this rights itself in the next week(s). Here's some I've tried: ftp://linux.ups-tlse.fr/Mandrakelinux/off...a/main/updates/ ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Li...a/main/updates/ ftp://fr2.rpmfind.net/linux/Mandrakelinux...a/main/updates/ all with media_info/hdlist.cz all contain the same files and structure and error out the same way if you attempt to run an update from the MCC on 2007. For me my two 2006 boxes have been updating just fine since the first week of Jan 2006.
  4. IMO Skype has been pretty problemistic on Linux in general. I haven't tried it on 2007 Official yet as I don't need the stress. But, I'll give it a go in the next days. I got it to work on 2006 but it was a bit of a challange.
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    I got errors too. Patience is a virtue.
  6. I spent some considerable time last night fiddling with the new 2007 Official repositories. I see Easy-Urmpi now has the 2007 Official listed for main, contrib and updates. In addition to that I was successful in using: urpmi.addmedia plf-free ftp://ftp.easynet.fr/plf/mandriva/free/2007.0/i586 with hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia plf-nonfree ftp://ftp.easynet.fr/plf/mandriva/non-free/2007.0/i586 with hdlist.cz I'm sure in time all of the respositories will get up to speed with 2007. I was having some problems with the updates repositories but I'm sure that'll work itself out. FWIW, IMO the Multimedia functions in 2007 are OUTSTANDING!!! libdvdcss2 and Totem does a wonderful decode and presentation. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  7. FWIW I have been successful to install both Flash and Java on Mandriva Cooker 2007 ( sunna 32-bit ) and is operative in the Firefox Browser that is installed from the Live-CD to a HD. But, having said that I gave Seamonkey a brief shot and that didn't recognize either Flash or Java. So I have some work and understanding to do there.
  8. Over the weekend I put some considerable time testing the multimedia Play function of sunna. Here are the urpmi's I used: Multimedia ---------- In MCC open Hardware and allow alsa and gstreamer to install urpmi audacious urpmi audacious-skins urpmi avifile-win32 urpmi win32-codecs urpmi xine-win32 urpmi xine-faad urpmi xine-plugins urpmi real-codecs urpmi xanim urpmi libdvdcss2 So far everything has Plugged and Played just fine. One of the machines I am testing on features: Intel High Def Audio, Azalia (C-Media 9880) (snd-hda-intel) DVD Playback on this platform results in a 4-channel audio decode as indicated in the Totem settings. And it sounded that way when playing a DVD.
  9. Prompted by all the noise swirling around Gov. Schwarzenegger's computer(s) being hacked into in your mind what does that mean and what is your expectation of privacy on your computer(s)? If your webpage is located at /home/yourstuff/public_html/index.html and goes on down through lets say /home/yourstuff/public_html/index.html/morepages/somemore/more.html and in the same tree there is say /home/yourstuff/public_html/specialpages/hidden/index.html and in the primary tree there are no links into or out of the primary tree to the "hidden" directories if someone figures out how to navigate through that is that hacking? Even though your front door has a lock on it everyone knows that two quick jiggles clockwise will open your (locked?) door is that hacking? Mandrake 9.2 when it was released Apache installed with the proxy server defaulted open. I had no idea it was that way until there was lots of traffic through my server using it as a proxy. Just because it was set up that way does it make it ok for someone to casually get into it and use it or copy what's in there?
  10. Repllying to my own post: http://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=25464
  11. I am closely tracking two Beta's. Mandriva Cooker (now at Mona) Ubuntu Edgy Eft (now at Knot-2) I've even been able to dual boot them on the same HD ( took awhile to work that out ). I find that both distros are "faster" then their previous releases and versions. IMO they are working on "speed" on the Live-CD's such that when you boot the Live-CD you get to a working desktop as quick as possible. Once you get either Distro installed on the HD they both exhibit "faster" boots to a working desktop then previous releases and versions. But, having said that the install time to HD can be significant. Especially on older computers. Some really good news is that Mandriva has gone to the single disk Live-CD as against back versions that required the complete loading of most of 3 CD's just to get you going. As stand alone OS's, one OS, one HD, they boot a Live-CD quickly to a working desktop then install reasonably quickly providing you have a fairly quick machine. Note: I have ZERO experience using these OS's where WinBlows presently resides on the HD.
  12. This is more of an inquiry then a "bug" flag. I've spent a few days toying with getting Mandriva Cooker Mona RC1 and Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot-2 to dual boot off the same HD with each other. Try as I might I've not been able to get the "boot" section of the Mandriva Control Center to cooperate. Anytime I put the boot code ( Grub text ) into it the MCC crashes and fails to put the new code into the Grub text fields. The MCC boot section will do just fine for itself and create multiple instances and boots for Mandriva and even older versons of Ubuntu but refuses to deal with Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot-2 or any of the versions of Edgy. I'm not sure if this is a reportable bug or something that just has not been put into MCC Boot yet. FWIW doing the reverse. Create 4 HD partitions with http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php creating ext3 (sda1, sda2, sda3, linux-swap) Install Mandriva Mona RC1 to sda1 let it intall GRUB text. Then install Ubuntu Edgy Eft Knot-2 ( latest release ) into sda2. Let Eft install its GRUB text and it will recognize the existance of Mona on sda1 and make the necessary adjustments in the GRUB code. You will now be able to dual boot from GRUB and select either Mona or Eft and that works fine. Another interesting tool is: GrubEd http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=58261 (in French) which can be installed on Eft and makes it very easy to edit and save GRUB anyway you wish. GrubEd works wonderfully well on Eft allowing you to create GRUB boot menus for dual booting between these two Beta OS's. Do note that GrubEd does not work at all on Mona. Comments are appreciated. wilcal
  13. I had a few minutes last night to bring up Tyr ( latest 2007 Cooker ). I tinkered a little with the AIGLX and Xgl 3D thingy. I was wondering if anyone else had the opportunity to play with it? You can select in the setup to turn it off and that's kinda where I ended up.
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