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Story #1 posted there:

RadioShack Saves Millions of Dollars by Choosing Windows Over Linux

Yeah... RadioShack... LOL

Had we chosen Linux for either area, the resulting costs and complexity would have been significantly higher."


"Had we selected Linux, I'm sure that we would have incurred significant additional staffing costs."

Seems their whole decision was based on having to retrain their "burger flipping" staff and they never really had answered their own questions as to what the real cost of this switch was.

"You've Got Questions... We Have Answers"

Yeah... right. Pure 100% FUD.

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If you read the Radio Shack one It is quite obvious why they went with windows..


It Says Due to time constraints and the Renewall of the Windows Licenses they decided to stay with windows..


Had nothing at all to do with the actual technology..


Never did a Test, or Mini Roll Out all based on Sales Talk..

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or http://lwn.net/

LWN.net has been covering the Linux and free software communities since 1998. Our aim is to provide complete information from the development community in a concise, well-written, and objective manner. For more information on LWN, see the LWN.net FAQ.
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