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I want to maintain a reasonable but most critically professional looking website.

It needs to be multi-language, its for a company as reference and I want a nice theme throughout.


I keep messing about but end up with stuff either looks nice but is hard to maintain and keep the theme or looks like crap!


Im hosting myself at home so linux only...



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if u want it professional looking cms i would go first with typo3 but u need to have at least cpanel to configure it or if u are running a private server then u already are ready.


On second place i would check out joomla because its the one were people is more involved at the moment.


An final but a really good one for community stuff i will go with e107.


thats all man


- professional stuff typo3

- content managment joomla

- community like e107

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It all really depends on what you want from this site. There are many CMS apps to choose from and http://www.opensourcecms.com/ is a good place to find "the right tool for the job."


I have been preferring either Drupal or even WordPress for professional business type of sites. Yes... Wordpress is designed for bloggers... but it is easy to customize and has worked well for these types of sites also.

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