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  1. if u want it professional looking cms i would go first with typo3 but u need to have at least cpanel to configure it or if u are running a private server then u already are ready. On second place i would check out joomla because its the one were people is more involved at the moment. An final but a really good one for community stuff i will go with e107. thats all man remember: - professional stuff typo3 - content managment joomla - community like e107
  2. Hello everyone !!! i was just wondering how can i make my mcc to connect the isdn i tried diferent ways and i cant. And i can connect the box with the kpp program , it connects very good , but when i try connecting from the mcc i just cant. I was woundering where the kpp configuration file is (for the connection), and maybe this file can help me on modifying the one on the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ that the mcc created for the ppp. So in resume - I cant find the kpp configuration file for the connection i created. - If i find the file , can i use it to modify the one that mcc created and maybe that way connect the ppp at startup ?? tHANX btw im running mdk 10.1 powerpack.
  3. yes man this live cd thing its going wild , i use a damn small linux livecd (its a lot ligther) and it has his install on harddrive option, so i put it on my laptop and it did a pretty nice job installing itself !!! also puppy its pretty damn good :D
  4. only as a comment you may want to install azureus on the linux :D its way too fast compared to bittornado :P u just need to have the java and azureus got a nice installer its really easy and really fast also
  5. ok i went to the urpmi and installed urpmi kernel-source now looks like i got something else i dont know why i never get to compile a software :( ok so i noticed that by default urpmi installed a kernet 2.4.xxxx so i went and uninstalled it and with the same urpmi installed the kernel linux- , and now i have this so finally i decided that i will burn the 2 bins that i have to a cd and whatch them :D because i dont think i will be able to install cd emu :D btw they are not a movie are other files
  6. ok so i have a bin and cue files of a cd i have on my hard drive, normally on windows i will use daemon tools to mount it and then whatch the files in it , but in linux i have found a program called cdemu http://cdemu.sourceforge.net , ok now i have the tar file and i alread extracted it then here are the instructions on install it i did the step one (that was easy) , then i dont know what else to do cause i tells me that i need the source fo my current kernel i have no idea how to get that done so i skip to step 3 and typed make and this is what i got can someone point me in the right direction to get this software installed it will be really apreciated as usual Added: Btw im running mandrake 10.1 powerpack [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. thanks for your help , i already resolved this problem, i was downloading and saving the folder of glaze on my normal user documents , so what i did is that as a root moved the folder to /usr/share/icons or something like thant and then with the folder in there, i went to the kde control center and select the icon theme , kde detected it automatically , thanx anyway for your help :D
  8. hello all , i have this little problem , well i downloaded a icon theme from kde-look.org and i got a tar.gz file , then i extract all the files on it , and i was told to go kde->control center->look and feel -> icons , then i click on install new theme and go to select the index.theme file that i have on the base folder of the icon them , but then i got the error "the file its not a valid icon theme archive" , i dont know what else to do to install these icon theme :( , im running mandrake 10.1 with kde 3.3.2 , do u m8s have any ideas how can i install this theme ??? thanx in advance :D
  9. ok that is an option but the thing is that the dvd is the powerpack version , and i payed the download , now i have to find some place to download the powerpack cd 1 and dont think thats gonna be easy :D , but thanks you are rite i can do it over the network
  10. hello all once again here i am asking for your help ok so i have mandrake on a dvd its the powerpack 10.1 version, and i have a laptop and since mandrake its really nice on my desktop pc i want to install it on the laptop. what do i need to do to get the installation process done ? i was thinking maybe i dont need all the rpms because the laptop will be for office like use :D thanx and i hope i dont need to get the cd version :lol:
  11. when the installer asked you for a user and a password what did u put on it ?? , in the installation process you definitly put a user and a password :S , at least u needed to put a password for the root account , are u sure u were not asked for a password ?
  12. sorry if my question is too anoying but have u tried running the command ifconfig on the console and see if your eth0 has some ip assigned to it ? , do u have the ip of your router ? have u tried pinging it like ping (in my case) to see if your ethernet its getting conected ?, if everything its going try pinging www.google.com or something like that to see what happens :D
  13. yeah of course if u will install mandrake with windows on double boot , make also a fat32 partition or convert one ,i have one for about 5 gb so when i want to store things that i want to see on linux but also on winsucks i save it on there and no problems at all , but if u only want to read then leave it ntfs :P
  14. ok so i went down to the final conclusion what u need its a lady !! hahaha no man just kidding , if u dont like the proposition for slackware install gentoo and do it from the stage three and it will be easy as cake
  15. if u are getting bored then the only way to stop being bored is to install some dristro that requires u to edit some conf files and to compile also stuff. If u still consider a begginer then just install slackware , it will help u installing the x and after u got your nice kde or gnome running u have not so much wizard to get the job done ! u need to do it manually so i will recommend u slackware and the 10.1 its out so go and grab it :P
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