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3D desktop


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I've seen this in my urpmi list, but unsure if it offers 3D icons, etc, or whether it's just the switching of desktops that's in 3D. It'll save you building from source at least, since it's in rpm form. :P

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3ddesktop is just what it is called. It shows your virtual desktops in 3D form so you can select which one you want instead of using the Pager. It has notthing to do with 3D Icons.


It is available in Contributers for Mandriva. I have it installed but rarely use it. I feel it it only has novelty value really.


Cheers. John.

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Slightly off-topic, but I don't "get" these 3D desktops at all.


As far as I can see, they offer very little over and above a traditional 2D desktop. Yes, I can stack windows behind one another, and make them smaller by pushing them into the screen, but I can do that on a 2D desktop too. And, err, what else can I do in 3D that makes sense?


I think that a 3D desktop is going to have to be very different to today's desktop if it is to offer a compelling advantage. The "wow, cool" factor is OK for 5 minutes or so, but it won't keep most users using it for day-to-day tasks.


There's another disadvantage, because your input devices are 2-dimensional. You have to either shell out for a spacemouse, or learn how to use the 2D mouse as a 3D tool.


Perhaps (gasp, heresy) there isn't a good 3D design for desktop-like tasks? After all, we don't have people trying out 3D word processors, because there is an obvious disconnect between the two.


With database-like filing systems, there may be room for 3D in the file explorer, but even that is hampered by the fact that the search space is N-dimensional (where N is the number of distinct labels in the system), and so squeezing N dimensions to 3 doesn't give you much leverage over squashing them down to 2.


As usual, feel free to disagree.

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It is really easy to install - unfortuantely it's not currently compatible with ATI cards (if you have one of the features it relies on activated in X ( I forget exactly which one) then it deactivates dri...


If you follow the instructions here then it's a pretty straightforward install

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