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  1. durvish


    worked with it some more last night and it seems if it is trying to find a program that the cache says is there but is not at the mirror smart returns the above error!
  2. durvish


    no matter what channel I use for main backports i keep getting the same error --- Failed to download packages: blah blah Server reports unexpected size. anyone else seen this?
  3. Even if you already have gnome installed as an alternate gui? if you already have gnome installed then you already have the libs
  4. To rebuild your bootloader (next time) you can pop in your 2006 disk and reboot, when the gui comes up hit F1, at the prompt type RESCUE after that you will gat an option to reload the bootloader. then take out the cd and reboot. that's it and it will save you $91
  5. I am thinking of getting a usb gaming headset for well gaming! Is anyone using a set? How is the functionality? Which headset are you using?
  6. durvish

    DWL G650 Problems

    merlin -- just search the board! there are many many posts on how to update versions of Manny, I think I might even have written one a while back
  7. durvish

    DWL G650 Problems

    the ndiswrapper rpm in the sources works fine for this card on my 2006 system -- try the rpm before you build a version from source
  8. Gnome has a program for this. I can't remember what it's called but it's in the sources if you set them up. Just go to software install in MCC and type gnome in the search bar. Just looked it up, it's called "gnome-phone-manager"
  9. Aomighty, check out this link for your new keyboard! Linux Keyboard
  10. actually I didn't use an IM until now with google
  11. I'm here ---- pmworks1@gmail.com
  12. Almost sounds like a power supply going bad but don't quote me on it.
  13. go into MCC and tell mandriva to use GDM instead of what you are using now.
  14. I remember Tyme bringing up this project when it was in it's infancy. I haven't checked in on it since then. Let us know how well it runs for you.
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