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how to remove the star? [solved]

Ghil Vertefeuille

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for the main menu but I d/k if that changes the menubar or not

but I don't think that is what you are asking now that I think about it :cheesy:



look at all of the menu specific icons there ;)

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not 100% sure but the could also be located in /usr/share/icons.... gotta boot up my mandriva box in order to verify that. will do it tomorrow. need some sleep. :zzz:

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btw in ubuntu which is the one that is has the " Applications Places System" , and where is it? I have an ugly foot there right now, that looks like it's got a really bad rash. I want to change that little fungus feeding foot for a nice ubuntu small logo like the one artic has on his sig.

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I removed the start menu icon (I had a green "K" before).

I like the right-click on dekstop approach to access my main menu. :thumbs:

And due to my desktop setup I always have a small field of desktop not covered by windows.


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