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  1. I know this might sound stupid but where did you downloaded the kernel-source? if it is from the internet and not the distrib CDs, there's a great chance that the kernel-source isn't the same version as your kernel and thus is responsible for this error. The same happened to me a while ago...
  2. Counter-strike already runs in Cedega but for LTC, I don't know yet. for RO, it'll be quite some time before we emulate Gameguard so...
  3. you know what's funny? you'll miss a great game because of pigs and rabbits. thanks Dex for the link :)
  4. Sunshine, my first submission to gnomelook is now available! you can grab it here!
  5. I'm working on a mod of Clearlooks called Sunshine and I'd like to know what you think of it. It's not finished but it's in an advanced state.
  6. BVC does all his great themes himself ^_^
  7. downloading now :) I've started to skin Gnome, I'll show you the results later this week :P
  8. here's mine..or at least what I could do with a new Ubuntu desktop :P
  9. lol :) at least, download uxtheme patcher and get rid of the default theme :P
  10. and that includes violating our privacy? wow, I'm suddenly happy to live elsewhere.
  11. it's called the crave for power. you have, you want more :P
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