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Show off your desktop for April


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OK here goes then :)


Icon theme: Exquisite.


Using "Ksmoothdock" instead of Kicker. (Kicker panel is hidden up the top, but still gets used).


SuperKaramba for "The Register" News box, the System Info Monitors, and also the XMMS panel. 


System Info Monitor theme, is called "cynapses_karamba", the XMMS panel was installed by Default with SuperKaramba.


And the terminal is always there, I just made it transparent and took away the borders and menu bar, so nobody can move it around.


Wallpaper is from Berserk, easy to find using google image search :)


Hrm I think that's about it.


All the icons for KsmoothDock, and the SuperKaramba themes, were taken from kde-look.org, so they should be easy enough to find, or to find something else you like. And you can find SuperKaramba and Ksmoothdock at kde-apps.org, both of which are really easy to use.


Well I think that's about it. Have fun. ;)


thanks alot for your fast replay, i am sorry for this delay in Answering you because i was busy with Exams, thanks again....




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Geez, some people change desktop themes more often than underwear  :P  :cheesy:


Next month I'll posting the same ol' desktop which I had on warty 4.10 but now on Hoary 5.04, with some changes.


Here, i hardly ever use kde, so this shots for you.

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