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  1. Hello again! i installed yesterday Mandriva 2007 without any prolems, but after i downloaded the official Free Edition ( The DVD one ) and then i wrote this Parameter ( noapic ) , then eveything went great. Thanks for the advice .... FreeEagle
  2. Hi all, I have this Problem with my Desktop "SCALEO P" Fujitsu-Siemens , RAM 1024, HDD SATA 160 GByte, ATI Radeon X600 - 512 RAM, Motherboard ASUS A8NE-FM, forget to say that i have a 64 AMD Dual Core Processor 3800+ . I tried Mandriva 2006 and 2007 Online Install ( Network ) and i got this Problem: After booting i can just choose FTP then enter my IP and Sub-netmask and other data, then after that step my PC Keep Hanging and i get just a black Screen, so what is the Solution. Is my PC -Linux noncompatible ? Or what ? Best Regards, FreeEagle
  3. Firts of all thanks for the replay, secondly, if my Laptop have a non compatible Hardware, why then it works good with Ubuntu and does not work correctly with Mandriva ? Can you tell me, because i installed Kubuntu the last edition and the one one before and everything went well, but i like more Mandriva, therefore i want to find the solution for this Problem ... can you help me ? Best Regards, FreeEagle
  4. Hi there... thanks for your answer.... i checked what you said, and everything is installed, but now i went back to Mandrake 2005, i like it more than the 2006 , but the Problem is still here.... the fan of the Processor keeps running without stop , and the Laptop drive me to be crazy .... can anyone help me ... i can see the Battery indicator on the try system, but the indicator show me nothing about the battery situation of my Laptop, i made right click on the Battery icon and tried to check everything, but the result still same ... i need a solution , otherwise i will move to ubuntu :unsure: FreeEagle
  5. Hi all! I installed Mandriva 2006 the Free Edition my my Laptop: Gericom Blockbuster 2400+ AMD Athlon Mobile 512 MRAM 60 GB HDD ATI Mobility Radion 64 MRAM 2 USB 1 Firewire and CD RW the Problem is that the Fan of the Processor does not stop , it keeps working all the time , and KDE deos not show me my Battery indicator, can anyone please help me to solve these Problems? Another thing when i plug my USB Optical Mouse, it works but too slow, but the Thouch Pad mouse which is on my Laptop built in works properly .... Any Idea ? Best Regards, FreeEagle
  6. I could not login in the Graphic mode, so i did not install any Packages :) FreeEagle
  7. Hi all, I did a Mandriva 2006 newtwork installation ( Clean Installation ), everything went well. After finishing the installation i restarted the PC, and i get at the end a black screen with many color lines, i can move the mouse cursor , but there is no more than black screen and these Colors, i can not even change to the Console mode to see where is the Problem. I have Nvidia Gforce4 Graphic Card with AGP8X "64M RAM" AMD Athlon 2600+ with Barton ASUS Motherboard A7V8X-X Samsung 80G HDD Hauppauge WinTV Card. 768 M RAM SAMTRON Monitor 76DF Any help please!!!! FreeEagle Note: I have installed the Free Version of Mandriva 2006.
  8. Can you tell me please how do you use Amarok to change the WMA to MP3, explain please if you do not mind, btw. i use Amarok that comes with MK 200LE thanks..... FreeEagle
  9. As I stated in my initial post, I *am* running acroread from the command line. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> try to uninstall the Acrobat, and delete all its folders ( usr/local/Adobe/.... ) and also its config. file under your users name, then install it again . I made today a new install for my MK 2005 LE and installed again Acrobat 7 ( German Edition ) and everything went well, I used the tar version, do not install the Firefox plugin, there is a certain script under Adobe Acrobat which do the same Process, try to run it and then do this : How do I install Acrobat Reader on Linux? To install the Acrobat Reader plugin, copy nppdf.so to your Mozilla plugins directory, and make sure a copy of (or symlink to) the acroread startup script is in your PATH. Note: Adobe Reader 7.0 includes a script for installing the browser plugin, although it is not run by default when you install it. If you installed Adobe Reader 7.0 to the default location, this script is at the following location: /usr/local/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/Browser/install_browser_plugin Hope this will work with you... FreeEagle
  10. well i will help you , it is simple you have just to install the libstdc++5 and everything will work like a charm.... Regards, FreeEagle
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    You welcome :) FreeEagle
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    Well I SOLVED the Problem Try just to install this Package and it will work like a charm. The package name is: opera-8.01-20050615.1-static-qt.i386-en.rpm you can find it here : ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/linux/801/f...en/i386/static/ But before uninstall your Opera Package and delete the its configuration file , and everything will work well... Enjoy... Problem SOLVED FreeEagle
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