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I've been with linux for nearly a year now and in that time I've found myself primarily trying to force windows games in linux. Although this has worked in some cases (unreal tournament) it hasn't working in most other cases (steam). What I'm looking for is some good linux games. I'm not talking about linux ports to windows games, I'm talking about games which are native linux, or have linux and windows versions. I've looked at www.happypenguin.com (i think thats it) and www.sourceforge.net but I was wondering if anyone who's been around the block more than me know of anywhere else I can look. Primarily i'm interested in action (primarily FPS) and strategy games. Suggestions?

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Although this has worked in some cases (unreal tournament) it hasn't working in most other cases (steam).


What cybrjackle is saying, is that unreal tournament has a native version for linux. You don't need to install it with cedega/winex/wine (which is what i'm assuming since you compair it running to Steam, which you need to use cedega/winex/wine to play).

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Click on my Dominions 2 sig, Clawfang. If you are looking for a very great strategy game. Try out the Demo....when you get hooked on the game buy it! ;) It's really awesome game!


If you have questions or problems with it just PM me or use the Dom2 board.




Forum Board


DomionsX - great place to get unit stats, magic stuff etc.


When you are ready for multiplayer (2-16 players) go here for Dom2 biggest multiplayer server or just put up your own.


If you buy the game check out all the mods and map for dom2

I'm myself is building a draconian mod: lofd.jpg










.:=The AI Dude=:. Totally fanatic Dom2 Fanboy*

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