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I just installed 10.0

Ghil Vertefeuille

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question 1: I'd also like to know


question 2: As far as I'm concerned you will have to use cooker (easy urpmi) as the source (main, contrib and plf, that's what I did), but for updates, I'm still trying to find a solution, the mandrake update tool that comes with MDK 10 doesn't show you any package after choosing a mirror.


question 3: strange but xmms iisn't installed here, I'll check that.

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Don't know if it will make any difference, but have you checked that the system has given you the correct sound card driver?


Because when I did my initial install, it defaulted to the snd-emu10k1 that alsa uses for my soundblaster live! 5.1 digital, and the speaker was "screeching" at me, so I just changed it to the straight emu10k1 and it seems fine now.





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bigjohn... Stop that, you're making me dizzy :mr-green:


I had some trouble with CD sound and xmms here. I use KDE and installed kscd and things starting working then. Still haven't figured out why I can't play CD's with xmms, but that's a project for me later. The new auto launch thing was configured to use kscd, so that's what I tried.

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I installed the mplayer plug in for Firefox and then it came back! The colors are weird again, and the sound isn't coming out (from mplayer and games only)



now after rebooting....I can't enter init 5

it just tries, blocks and give me a thing like init 3....


what do I do now????

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Guest pipplo

One thing i found to fix xmms playing is to remove the commnd soundwrapper from the shortcut, and it'll play.


I did find however that it crashes when you try to use the arts output plugin for it instead of the OSS one.. :-/

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