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potential sad news on the horizon?


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Welcome aboard. .)A pretty simple plan: The wages paid in Brazil are below those paid in France, thus the company believes that part of their financial problems can be solved by using "cheaper brazilian manpower" instead of "expensive european manpower". I wonder however how much the migration-costs will be, setting up new servers, offices, etc. :rolleyes: Marketing is still an unknown word for that company.


Anyway, it's just another example of Mandriva not having any clue of business-strategies that can lead to success.


And yes, the Draktools are better than anything else for administrative tasks IMHO.


Interesting! You wouldn't have put that together from the little bit that has come out of Mandriva the company. Mandriva the company seems to be so expert at being the elephant in the China shop. They have known for how long now that Brazilian labor was cheaper than EU labor? They do seem more interested in the cost of "labor" than in the cost of "expertise". They could have been a bit more proactive and discreet as to how they handled this whole fiasco. They also could have been a lot more upfront with their employees and users as to where they are headed and why. Certainly employee costs are a large factor in maintaining profitability, but management acumen is also a huge factor and they seem to be unwilling to take any responsibility for an obvious lack of that. Right now it would seem that employees in Brazil have job security, but they had better not count on it because with this company jobs are secure only for as long as the employees are useful and today's hot business strategy will be toast tomorrow. If things don't work out going forward it will be curtains for them as well. And on top of all of this, Mandriva has benefited over the years from a robust user community that the current management seems to care less about. About the only thing that remains for them to do is to simply unplug the server on which the official forum operates. Honestly, we have been through so many of these torturous corporate reorgs only to have history repeat itself. How can anybody from employees, contributors, or users have confidence in them anymore?

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I don't see any problem for Mandriva the company (in fact if anything it's on a more stable financial footing now than 6 months ago), the potential concern for us users is how will the distro change (providing it will change)?


Over and over Mandriva has found new money and squandered it away. What will make this time different? New management? They've been through that before over and over as well. The most daring experiment with new management prior to this, as I recall, was Henry Poole and we all remember how that turned out. No one hopes more than I do that they finally have their act together, but just the inept way they are "handling" this transition is screaming evidence that they don't. And all of this will effect the distro going forward. There are HUGE things coming down the pike at this point. There are the new Broadcom wireless support which should be immediately integrated with draktools given the critical need for wireless support in netbooks and laptops and the growing importance of wireless in general. Is that going to happen? Next up will be btrfs which will require its own configuration infrastructure support under draktools AND install support. Is that going to happen in a timely fashion? Not to mention simply keeping up with KDE and Gnome transitions. One of my biggest fears regarding Mandriva is NOT that it would go away, but that it would become moribund with only simple kernel upgrades and a proliferation of bugs as development becomes fragmented for lack of broad developer expertise that has brought us to where we are. You can throw out a few experienced devs and survive, but rafts of them as Mandriva has been doing? At this point I have not yet upgraded to 2010.1 because of simple issues I am seeing that are not being addressed quickly. There are NO bugfixes coming down anymore, only security stuff. How can the distro thrive in this sort of environment?

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Well those are all moot points now, Mandriva is the past, Mageia is the future!

Any idea how they chose the name? It might have been nice to involve the community in choosing a name they could all get behind. Or maybe it was heavily discussed, I don't know. First I saw of it was on slashdot.


Also, any ideas how to pronounce it? I'm guessing "ma GAY a", am I right? Which seems like an odd choice. OK, so apparently it means "magic", but still...

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It's greek for 'magic', which should make the choice clear: mandrake magician -> magic :)


Gay means happy, whats wrong with that? The queer have no monopoly on happyness! ;)




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I'd say: Why not? We are not part of Mandriva, we were always pretty open to any distro-discussions, so if they need a forum for mageia, why not give them a new home here? After all, a bit more traffic would'nt hurt this board. JMHO. :)

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I too support Pauls suggestion.


What a sad state in Linux history. It seems that a lot of former staff from Mandriva have already signed on to the fork so I think that is an excellent start and a good pointer to future success. Hopefully this will also attract other former Mandriva people, users, contributors etc. This is one of those times I feel totally helpless in not having any in depth Linux skills to help push things along but I will continue to try and help newcomers where I can.


I am not about to leave for some other OS.


Cheers. John.

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I see there's already a wikipedia page on it now too!


I must say I hate the phrase "Improve our understanding of computers and electronics devices users". Do you want to improve your understanding of computers? Do you want to improve your understanding of the users of electronic devices? :unsure:


Yeah that gave me a headache too when I was doing the translation to italian, I understood it as in them (the devs) trying to improve their understanding of computer users and electronic device users (as in their needs, in other words make sure the distro is based on user needs and preferences).

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Guest prinitor

I don't understand why people wanna fork Mandriva instead of just joining an already existing distro.




Reinventing the wheel is the last thing we should think about.

Maybe there are good reasons to start an independent distro but so far I haven't heard any.


I agree with Your point of view - I really think all different possibilities should be examined before making decision. If it is true that Mandriva will still release 2011 Q2 - then there is still time to look around. I'm not pessimistic about Connectiva doing the development in the future - that might even open some new possibilities

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