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potential sad news on the horizon?


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Many years ago, Mandrake was having trouble, and the person who actually started the precursor to this forum disappeared. It was most likely due to internal issues at Mandrake. Later, Mandrake became Mandriva, and other internal issues arose. At that time, Mandriva attempted to squelch the user community by "buying" those whom they considered to be key members of that community, encouraging membership in a club. Many found answers in communities such as this one to be more responsive and understanding of questions than the club. I remember when Mandriva begged for money from the very users to which it payed little heed in order to keep operating, money that they received from those users. Today, once again, doom tolls from the iron bells. The only success over this entire time which Mandrake/Mandriva has experienced has come from the very sector which they never figured out-- the users. So, whoever looks to the users, whatever distro heeds the community, that is the one which will succeed. It has always been succeeding, regardless if anyone wished to acknowledge it or not. Mageia seems to be going in that direction. If this is the case, I support their efforts. It is not ending, just moving on.

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Hello Mageia and Mandriva users..


The beginning of your thread caught my attention and other developers at Unity Linux's attention as well. I can't speak for the other developers at Unity Linux but I'm pretty sure they may share a similar view as I do.


We do not see ourselves as a end user distribution and at the current time we are kinda in a gray area to be called a fork. Let me address both of those.


Not being a enduser distribution, but a distribution as a "Core" or trunk for more advanced Linux users to base a personal or community distribution off of. I personally have no desire to adopt or take in anything from Mandriva other than a few packages and draktools and those quite frankly I will import (patch and work with) until a better alternative comes to the community (as being a PyQT guy I'm not a fan of PerlGTK). Now granted our packaging style is a lot a like and we even import packages from Mandriva as it's our closest relative and what we're very much familiar with as a lot of us have learned to package on Mandriva or package for a fork that was heavily related too Mandriva in the past. So we have adopted rpm macros that Mandriva uses which makes it a little hard to import some Fedora and Suse packages with out a little more change than normal to spec files. However that hasn't stopped other packagers and I from pulling from other distributions. We have our own Kernel, Xorg, Tool Chain and KDE packages etc.. If Mageia was to fail horrifically and Mandriva was to go away we would still carry on, maybe tweaking some rpm macros to play more nicely with Fedora and Suse, but at the most it would only be a hiccup in our own development. So I personally see no need to worry enough to take on such a large task that would place our focus on a gaol and a direction that Unity Linux is not and was never planned to be. It's not like it would be something we would need to do too "survive".


Will we work with Mageia, Yes. We will have no issues importing some packages we may need (when/if there is some) and if there's any patches or fixes that are not applied we'll push the changes back up. However, our plan is the pull from both, if we need too, so we will extend the same courtesy for Mandriva. We each have our own individual feelings about the fork, personally I don't work with a lot of packages that are based on Mandriva for my own branch (or distribution based on Unity) called Synergy I use my own KDE 4 packages and take in a lot from Fedora, Suse and Chakra. I guess the only thing I follow closely that are Mandriva Packages is Colin's work on PulseAudio which I have no issue taking his current patch set and building Unity PulseAudio packages.


My point is we like Unity Linux the way it is, we're pretty flexible, we have a lot of tools that make our Job easier, but there's no need nor want too maintain any branch of Mandriva, more than just maybe pushing a few fixes up the pipe. We have a different purpose and goal, but we wish Mandriva and Mageia the best as they both in the future may make our jobs easier ;)


Hope that kinda clears things up ;)



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just wanted to add my views, im all for this fork, if it keeps the distribution going in the same style that it currently is.


I dont want to see another OS based on ubuntoo/debian, so as long as Mageia sticks with being a Mandriva fork or if that becomes difficult applies the Mandriva style/tools to a predominantly KDE focused fedora/redhat base then ill continue to use and support the OS.


I would be happy to offer some of my time, helping with supporting users on the forum etc as im a UNIX SA working at a bank supporting and engineering redhat ES based servers, and Solaris.


Its good to see people being so vocal on this forum about what they would like to see/not see happen.


regards peter winterflood

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