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Mandriva is up for sale


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Why so negative?


A new ownership means new breath of live, new opportunities, maybe finally better marketing, so it can only be positive!


If they can find a buyer and if the buyer don't kill Mandriva.

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Well, I don't see it really possible in this "business" that someone would buy MDV for the soul reason of killing the brand.


Who suggested that it would be the sole reason?


I really don't think anyone will be looking to buy the company in order to kill off the brand, anyone in the business with that kind of money to waste (i.e. RH, Novell, Canonical) need not worry about the strength of Mandriva's brand as it isn't that strong relative to theirs.


Anyone looking to buy the company will be more interested in stripping out the technical staff (at least what's left of them) and their skills and absorb them into their own products. They are not likely to keep the existing business going as is as it has been proven that the current business model is seriously flawed.

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The Xandros & Linspire is a good exampel of this. Xandros bought and stripped Linspire back in 2008.


If Mandriva is going to keep on under new owner A LOT of things needs changes. Mandriva as it is now have several failures from poor management to total lack of PR department and communication.

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So much gloomy random speculation, did anyone actually read the article?


There are two interested buyers, both of them are open source related companies and both don't have their own distro.


Linspire had nowhere near the customer/user base that Mandriva has so the Xandros<>Linspire deal is not comparable at all.


While I agree that the free consumer Mandriva distro is not a viable business in itself, the Mandriva enterprise distro and the related products (Pulse2) and the existing enterprise customers could be an ideal complement, especially for Linagora.


Here is a better article that clarifies the situation more:


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let me expand on my previous comment.


The article suggested Mandriva may shut down after a couple of months if they cannot secure a purchaser.

that's sad


New owners may be excellent. They maybe just what Mandriva needs

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