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  1. Now to find me a 2 second drink
  2. I get the same thing when going to the adobe site to test my flash, I'm told it is missing. Even so when I go here http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/ flash is indeed working. I see Shockwave Flash File: libflashplayer.so Version: Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 in the about:plugins. Have you tried another browser to see if the results are the same?
  3. No need to set the jumpers, just follow dans advice and change the boot settings in your bios.
  4. Making the DVD master and the Drive slave should suffice.
  5. Right click the taskbar, unlock widgets. A cashew symbol should appear to the extreme right. Click it. To make the dot larger, use the height in the middle of the bar that pops up when you click the cashew. To move the dot. Put your mouse over the dot and a crosshair should appear. Click, hold and drag the dot into position. Once you've sorted it lock your widgets and you're good to go. :)
  6. That monstrosity was done by Mandriva. Â It's called SimpleWelcome. Â Simple it is, Welcome it is not. Â Right click the menu icon, then select the remove option. You can add the regular menu icon there in its place from your widgets selection.Â
  7. Have you tried option 1. You might have a corrupt disc. If option 1 works, you should be able to install from there too. If option 1 fails, I would burn another disc. Try burning the disc at the slowest speed you can to avoid corruption. Also use the md5sum check to confirm you have a valid iso file before burning.
  8. There's a 2010.1.i586 rpm package available here: http://pkgs.org/download/libx264.so.110
  9. Have you tried using systemadm the graphical frontend to systemd? Invoke it with kdesu systemadm. If that doesn't work try via the terminal as root: systemctl disable networkmanager.service
  10. GO SMS (even the free version) will backup all your text messages. There are lots of other ones too. If you can I recommend you try to either watch (or find the specific netcast) from http://twit.tv/aaa. They review all productivity (and other) apps each week. For example they will review say the most popular sms apps head to head against each other. The only caveat I've found with these dual sim androids is the processor. Don't go app crazy. If you get notified an app can be moved to the sd card do so, but also be aware moving some apps breaks the link with its onscreen widget, however thankfully that side effect is not common and has nothing to do with the phones being chinese or dual sim.
  11. Welcome to the dual sim club :) There is only one official Android Market. Even if you use third party services like AppBrain you are taken to the android market to download and install your selected app. Under Applications in your main menu make sure you have Unknown sources unchecked. This will prevent apps not from the market installing without first notifying you to allow installation. Google have taken great strides to have more of an Apple approach to controlling and vetting applications allowed in the market. If at some later date an app is found and reported to be malicious they can and do remotely wipe that app from your phone. Install an app like Lookout Security (there are many others) which not only allows you to backup your phone contacts, protects your phone, it also scans apps to determine if they are safe, alerting you if your install is suspect. As you become more familiar with the android ecosystem you will develop your own pattern of safe usage. Initially I strongly advise you stick to installing from the market only. Once you establish who to use as a trusted third party source you can then experiment with extending the functionality of your phone. A few resources I use regular: http://www.androidpolice.com/ http://www.xda-developers.com/ http://www.cnet.com/android-atlas/ (podcast via miro) http://twit.tv/aaa (netcast via xbmc) I forgot to mention, google have been actively hunting down unofficial markets and getting them closed down.
  12. You guys are saying too many positive things about Arch I'll just have to try it out myself now :) Oh nice to meet another Opera user
  13. First I tried the upgrade route. That failed miserably, whereas with previous versions upgrading over the net always worked. So, I ended up doing a clean install, which unsurprisingly worked. It was at that point the system felt quick and agile. After installing my usual applications, things started going downhill from there.
  14. I've been waiting to see what comments others have to make on Mandriva 2011. So far they echo what I posted in another forum. Nothing has changed about my hardware yet this version started out quite nippy but is now really slow especially compared to mageia, which I also have installed on a machine with lower specs. Loading of the desktop is incredibly slow. The system feels bloated and sluggish. I can't believe the amount of swap that is being used when I have my browser open sitting idle. I don't use firefox but wanted to see what release 7 looked like and if it is faster than its previous versions. Well yes it is faster but when I close it, the thing is still running and I have send a kill signal to stop it sucking the life out of my processors. The same thing for thunderbird. I don't use virtualbox as much as I used to because it just maxes out my dual core, didn't do that on 2010 or 2010.2 My dvd drives don't function correctly. Discs of any type are not recognised or mounted until I first launch k3b. Burning discs has crawled down to 2 kb/s totally unusable. There are plenty more issues that I have with this release which I can't be bothered to go into. All in all not a pleasurable experience. Like I said comments I've read here and there echo my own experiences so far therefore, I think it is safe to assume Mandriva has been made aware of these problems. I'm going to hang on and see if further updates (or the next release) remedy the situation, if not it's asta la vista Mandriva on the remaining desktop machine. I'm trying my best to stay loyal but if I can't be productive with my system what's the point.
  15. Okay I've found where you can add services in dolphin. No need to download and install that application I listed above. Open dolphin, go to Settings--> Configure Dolphin--> Services. Here you can download various other services to add to dolphin.
  16. The only way is to add it to the Service Menu. There's an application that (supposedly) makes the process easy. http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Service+Menu+Editor?content=85062
  17. Yes that option is missing from the right click. However if you go to File--> Create New the option to create a file is there.
  18. Hmmm interesting. In a way this is a good thing. How else would you know how secure you are if you don't get attacked? Getting compromised though unfortunate, helps you review, improve and put better mechanisms in place to hopefully thwart further attacks using this particular vector. I would be more concerned if it was found that the access was easily gained with little or no effort.
  19. My oh so quick first impressions of Mandriva 2011. Now that I've found out Simple Welcome can be disabled, I continued with my tour of Mandriva 2011. I like it a lot. It's definitely faster than 2010, also a lot smoother and polished looking. I had my doubts about them replacing Amarok with Clementine, but so far no problems, it works. The default login screen is useless if you hide usernames from it, no way for you to login graphically. Dolphin works great. Much better than before. It feels a lot snappier and faster. Configure your desktop is cluttered. Surely some of the options could have been amalgamated under one icon. Or even tabbed pages. The problem to me is they have gotten rid of the Advanced tab and thrown everything onto the one screen. If I have to search for the simplest of things, heaven help the new user. Plus, why have they still got System Administration tools in Configure your desktop, they should be with the rest of the system admin tools in Configure your computer. For some unknown reason some files in my home folder previously owned by me were now owned by root, not a problem though, a simple use of the chown command sorted that out. I normally like to upgrade over the net. It wouldn't work, failed, despite me following their upgrade instructions to the letter. This was both graphically and via commandline. There were some critical packages it couldn't find to download. Strange that one. So I resorted to using the live dvd. I will have another attempt on my main machine to see if the problem is resolved. All in all I'm going to remain a happy Mandriva and Mageia user. I'm sure there's more changes for me to discover/check out. I'm looking forward to using the free 2GB online storage and comparing it to all the others I currently use. :) Let the battle of the M & M's commence
  20. What do you mean by 'upgrade what you have and not replace it' ? By definition an upgrade is to replace what you have already. If what you mean is to update what you have, you can do that by typing in console.urpmi --auto-update -v or update via the software centre.
  21. Anyone know where the repos I need to add can be found?
  22. Apparently this is how you disable Akonadi. Taken from here: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/Akonadi#How_do_I_completely_disable_Akonadi_startup.3F
  23. So why not just have two live dvds. One KDE the other Gnome?
  24. During the install you can choose which desktop to use as your default.
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