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  1. Sorry for my late reply ( something is wrong about the topic subscription ). I found it in the file menu, Thank you very much. But is there a way to have it in the right click as well?
  2. Hello, Every time I start Linux I would press Alt+F2 and type [drakconnect] enter my password and configure my wireless broadcom adapter using ndiswrapper. How can this be done automatically?
  3. thank you for your time but sadly it did not work
  4. Hello, I want to be able to switch between keyboard layouts using alt+shift to toggle between the two layouts I have. How can I configure KDE to do so? [sOLUTION] there is a widget called "keyboard layout" add it then configure it by adding the language of your desire I do not know how to access the dialogue by any other mean
  5. Hello, when I right click on dolphin the context menu that appears contains no "create file" and its submenu although I can create files from konqueror, opera and on desktop and I can save files anywhere I want on my HDD. I googled a little bit and I found there was a bug report in Mandriva 2011 rc1 and I am using the final version. how can I solve this problem? I posted first in Linuxquestions.org : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=4475507
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