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  1. Totally agree on that, as are Canon for their printer-support.
  2. Got it installed right away, along with about 200Mb other items.
  3. Read about this small, but effective program, Prey http://bootlog.org/prey#download [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. John, Glad to hear, it helped you out. Isadora
  5. John, Probably this filter did the trick on my wifes' KMail:
  6. It's in that filtering, i think. Just disable any. ;)
  7. Remember that i saw the inbox not before creating the mailaccount. And there were some issues with the Spamassassin-settings. Maybe run that Wizard one more time? And also check the properties of your Inbox. Excuses for not having detailed information present right now John. Btw, do you have any Filters set up? See under the "Message" menu and disable any such filter.
  8. Whatever John, i remember similar issue happened to my wifes' KMail. Me myself i use Thunderbird, but my wife uses KMail for many years already. Her posts arrived also into the Wastebasket, but we sorted it out somehow. I have to dig into my memory to find out, for i didn't documentate. There is a workaround, i am sure. Let you know, whenever i get the right brainwave. Meanwhile, maybe an idea to pop-up your question into the KDE-forum?
  9. Looks like some authorisation-issue. Like, are there browse-rights or something in Novell?
  10. Thanks xboxboy, took some time, but eventually everything comes in place. ;)
  11. You are right, not even when starting systemsettings as root.
  12. And when in the repo's? Missed 3.0.9 already.
  13. isadora

    KDE 4.3

    For what i have understood is this new release mainly aimed towards improvement.
  14. isadora

    KDE 4.3

    Just recovered from the latest upgrade to KDE 4.2.2, the next generation is appearing at the horizon. http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.3_Feature_Plan
  15. isadora

    KDE 4.2.2

    Exactly. that issue came by before, and then it solved the problem by disabling legacy fullscreen support in Compiz. But this workaround doesn't bring the solution this time.
  16. isadora

    KDE 4.2.2

    And worked out quite well. Experienced some improvement in performance. But on the other hand i am missing titlebars above any programscreen this far.
  17. Have the same on my desktop and laptop. Somtetimes the screensaver is showed up fullscreen, but most of the time just in the left upperquarter of the screen. It didn't start after some update, but just from the beginning after initial install.
  18. isadora

    KDE 4.2

    Together with Mandriva2009.1?
  19. My Mandriva2009 desktop on the laptop widescreen
  20. http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2-beta2.php
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