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  1. MTP devices don't get mounted (well, I think there's some kinda FUSE implementation of MTP that abstracts it into a file system, but not by default). Only devices that use the USB mass storage interface get mounted.
  2. For Treo, BTW, all you need is a standard IMAP server, with which Mandriva is well-provided. I used to have a Treo 600 which I regularly used together with my personal mail server, which runs Courier-IMAP on top of Mandriva Linux 2008. Blackberry uses a proprietary server setup - Blackberry hardware is essentially one giant trap to lure you into using RIM's proprietary, pay-only mail server setup - and hence you need to do a tie-up with RIM to offer Blackberry services. I don't know if we've investigated doing such a deal, as I'm not involved with that side of things. My personal take on it is I don't know why the hell anyone sane would use a Blackberry - and have to pay RIM to do email - rather than just using a Treo or any Windows smartphone with a decent IMAP client, and use perfectly standard, open mail server software. IMAP can do everything Blackberries do (yes, that includes push email).
  3. well, yes, *Mandriva Linux* is indeed aimed at hobbyists, SOHO, etc. The Corporate products are aimed at business. As I said, I've passed on your criticism of the Corporate Server page.
  4. We have not changed the repository structure since 2007.0. We changed it in 2007.0 because the prior system was basically crack-addled; ah, with joy do I remember the fun of explaining the 'community / official' split to people. It took about two pages and they were still baffled at the end. Corporate Server and Desktop are important projects for Mandriva, and we believe they'd have all the features you need. Comprehensive support packages are available for them. Pulse is a deployment / management system which can handle variegated groups of systems (Mandriva systems, other Linux systems, and Windows systems). Hardware compatibility for Corporate Server 4 is broadly similar to 2006, as CS4 is built off the 2006 basesystem (kernel 2.6.12 etc). The kernel is patched to add support for hardware when this is needed by major customers. If you like, I can find someone to get in touch with you with more details about CS4. I will pass on your criticisms of the page.
  5. That warning is likely not the problem, it's a common message. The problem likely lies elsewhere, but I'm not sure where. Sorry.
  6. It should work out of the box using the correct driver.
  7. Ubuntu has a rather larger communications budget. (Ubuntu has larger *everything* budgets...) Our communications department consists of around three people most of the time, one of whom is me (and as you can tell, I have lots of other things to do). The other thing Ubuntu has is lots of enthusiastic community members who post stuff about Ubuntu everywhere. One sad thing about the Mandriva community is that it tends to be really active internally - this board, the official board, other Mandriva sites - but for whatever reason, even the most enthusiastic Mandriva users never seem to get out and write articles and stuff for general interest sites. if the Mandriva community (that's *you lot* :>) would do things like that a bit more often, it'd make a really nice difference.
  8. neddie: no, it's really not that simple. we offered a deal, it was accepted, and carried out: they bought 17,000 classmates, pre-loaded with Mandriva, from us. this was hardly a spur of the moment deal: it has been in the works for months (it was initially agreed back in the summer), and for much of the process, we were in competition with Microsoft for the deal. But we won: they chose our offer. This was a carefully considered decision, with a lot of work done in detail on exactly how the systems should be configured, deployed and used. almost immediately after the deal was closed and the shipment and delivery of machines had started, we were told that they would take delivery of the systems, pay for them, but then immediately wipe Mandriva from them and install Windows. this is hardly the scenario you paint, and it really makes very little sense. Why would you painstakingly arrange a project with one supplier, carefully customizing the product to be used, and then with almost no notice, turn around and say you'd replace part of that product with that of a competitor? there clearly hasn't been enough time for them to actually collaborate with Microsoft on creating a carefully considered plan to deploy Windows in a meaningful way, the same as was originally planned for Mandriva. If they'd been working on such a plan for months, why would they have closed the deal with us - and paid us for the systems - instead of simply deciding to do the deal directly with Microsoft instead? Microsoft is a reseller of the CMPC just as we are. If they'd made a carefully considered decision to go with Windows rather than Mandriva they'd simply have done the deal directly through Microsoft. the fact that they did the deal with us, then suddenly turned around and said they'd use Windows after all, is what makes us complain about the situation.
  9. lsusb output helps. there's so many model names for webcams I just tend to go on the USB ID.
  10. Can you please boot with the 'nopinit' parameter so we know where it's really freezing? parallel init makes it hard to know which service is actually failing. Hit F2 at the boot screen and type 'nopinit', then tell us where it freezes.
  11. General update: The 8.42.3 package just hit Cooker, as you can see from the above post. We just need to test it a bit there before doing the 2008 backport.
  12. Dark: um, it's there. ncftp ...media/non-free/release > pwd ftp://carroll.cac.psu.edu/pub/.mirrors/1/...n-free/release/ ncftp ...media/non-free/release > ls *fglrx* dkms-fglrx-8.40.4-8mdv2008.1.i586.rpm dkms-fglrx-hd2000-8.42.3-1mdv2008.1.i586.rpm fglrx-control-center-8.40.4-8mdv2008.1.i586.rpm fglrx-devel-8.40.4-8mdv2008.1.i586.rpm fglrx-hd2000-control-center-8.42.3-1mdv2008.1.i586.rpm fglrx-hd2000-devel-8.42.3-1mdv2008.1.i586.rpm fglrx-hd2000-kernel- fglrx-hd2000-kernel- fglrx-hd2000-kernel- fglrx-hd2000-kernel- fglrx-hd2000-kernel-desktop586-latest-8.41.7-1.20071003.3mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-hd2000-kernel-desktop-latest-8.41.7-1.20071003.3mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-hd2000-kernel-laptop-latest-8.41.7-1.20071003.3mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-hd2000-kernel-server-latest-8.41.7-1.20071003.3mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-kernel- fglrx-kernel- fglrx-kernel- fglrx-kernel- fglrx-kernel-desktop586-latest-8.40.4-1.20071003.7mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-kernel-desktop-latest-8.40.4-1.20071003.7mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-kernel-laptop-latest-8.40.4-1.20071003.7mdv2008.0.i586.rpm fglrx-kernel-server-latest-8.40.4-1.20071003.7mdv2008.0.i586.rpm x11-driver-video-fglrx-8.40.4-8mdv2008.1.i586.rpm x11-driver-video-fglrx-hd2000-8.42.3-1mdv2008.1.i586.rpm
  13. Not sure about that problem, but there's an obvious alternative. Install smplayer or kmplayer. These are alternative (and more advanced) GUIs for mplayer that should work fine.
  14. theyinyeti: interesting question - I don't know. I've mailed Pixel to ask.
  15. The 2008 backport of Compiz 0.6.2 and Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 went up today, so if you want to use it on 2008, just set up your backports repositories - go to the repository configuration tool and enable them - then update the appropriate packages (compiz, libcompizconfig, compiz-bcop, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, compizconfig-python, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra, ccsm).
  16. "Best of all though, when I use Filezilla, I can actually connect to my ftp server without it hanging on directory listings!" sounds like the old passive / active connections chestnut. You might want to test with a console client like ncftp and see if it gives you any warnings about passive transfers timing out. the Firefox spellcheck issue is a very odd one - the oddest thing is that everyone seems to get a *different* Random Foreign Language to have the spellchecker set to. And it doesn't happen to me, so I can't figure out why. I'm not sure if anyone's filed a bug yet, if not, you might want to. "Back then the story was that the menu system was being changed and some definitions of menu entries were still in the wrong format, but that was ages ago, is that still the case now?" actually, yeah, some packages (especially contrib ones) still don't have XDG menus. Just about everything in main should by now, though, I rebuilt just about every package in main that hadn't been touched for a while during the 2008 cycle, and added XDG menus to all packages that were missing them. I'm going to try and get through contrib before the next release happens. However, I'm not sure that's the problem in this case. I just checked Filelight, and it does have a valid XDG menu entry in the package. What desktop are you in? On KDE, I think it should be in the 'Utilities' area. On GNOME, I think the menu entry may not appear, as the file is in /usr/share/applications/kde , not /usr/share/applications . This may be worth changing. I'm fairly sure Filezilla also has a valid XDG menu entry, I'm not so sure about Hugin. If you want to check, check that the package includes a .desktop file in either /usr/share/applications or /usr/share/applications/kde .
  17. I'm really not sure. Is Kaffeine using its gstreamer backend, maybe? Can you test a different video player - maybe smplayer or kmplayer - and see if it works there?
  18. okay, so do this: edit /etc/modprobe.conf and remove any line that looks like this: alias (something) prism54 add a line that looks like this: blacklist prism54 and make sure there's a line that looks like this: alias (something) ndiswrapper then use 'ndiswrapper -l' as root to see how many drivers are installed in ndiswrapper. Remove any beyond the one you're actually using with 'ndiswrapper -r (name)'.
  19. adamw

    Video Cards

    If all you want it for is to run Compiz, get a mid-range NVIDIA card. Go to a local PC store (or I hear http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/ is good) and ask for the best NVIDIA card they have for under AU$150. It'll probably be something like a 6600, 7600 or 8600. Make *sure* you specify that you want an AGP card, because the standard these days is PCI Express, and that's what they'll give you if you don't specify AGP. If you'd prefer to use open source drivers, get an ATI Radeon 9800 or earlier, if they have one. Something between a 9200 and a 9800. That's the best discrete card you can get to use with open source drivers. But if you don't mind too much about the license, an NVIDIA card will work better.
  20. adamw

    First Timer Here

    using the word 'to' isn't a bad idea. I might go with that for the next release. thanks, dude67.
  21. "The software wasn't as rock solid as it is today, but the community could basically have any questioned answered in less than half a day no matter how complex." Yeah - the trick was guessing which of the ten different answers you were given was actually the right one ;)
  22. Thanks a lot for all your work on MCNLive and your contributions to the Mandriva community, Chris!
  23. lawsonrc: open the Control Center, go to the Local disks tab, click on Manage disk partitions. That'll open diskdrake and give you a schematic view of all hard disks in the system. You should be able to identify the Mint partitions here and assign permanent mount points to them.
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