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  1. My pet peeve for mandriva? easy. It can't load the psb module after a kernel update, and this was fixed for Fedora weeks ago..... Other than that it beats the pants off OpenSUSE, Fedora, gOS, Ubuntu, pretty much everything I have tried.
  2. Hey folks, I want to readdress this issue because I still like Mandriva better than anything else and so I want to get it working. I think the problem is that whatever command is necessary to load the PSB module when the X server initiates does not make it through a kernel update. As noted in the above post, Adamw fixed this for Fedora. What do I need to have in a xorg.conf file to make sure that the PSB module loads?
  3. Not sure about that right now, I'll check, but the problem appears to be that the kernel update does not reinitialize the driver. I found some good info on the Ubuntu forums, even though Ubuntu 9.10 does not come out of the box with a driver for the GMA500 Poulsbo graphics chip. Adam W blogged about the issue: gma500 poulsbo driver for fedora 11 soon to be in rpm fusion intel gma500 poulsbo on fedora 11 repository with working 3d compiz support wiki.ubuntu.com Hardware Support Components Video Cards Poulsbo I installed Ubuntu (since Mandriva set up my partitions so nice) but it crashes the screen at completely random intervals and there is no way out of it but a hard shutdown.
  4. Hey folks, been a while. 2010.0 looks absolutely stunning on my ASUS EEE 1201HAB. That is, until booting after the first major update (which includes the two desktops). The boot procedes as normal until I get an error that the X-server has failed to initialize. I can get to a place to adjust the settings, but after I set the correct screen resolutions and run a test, it tells me about something that is missing (I'll fire her up and get the exact error in a mo). I don't get it because the live CD and the initial installation appear to work perfectly.
  5. You don't need to convert them to RPMs. You can compile from source and install. Do you know if your tarballs (tar.bz2) contain the source code for your drivers? Sometimes they are already packaged and ready to go. You should unpack the archive (tarball, tbz) and take a look for a readme file. There may also be an install.sh. Right click the package and open with archive manager then you can see what it is that you have got..
  6. Here are the steps I have followed to finish my installation of Wbar in Mandriva 2009.1 GNOME Installing Wbar in Mandriva is not as simple as it is in Ubuntu because there is no RPM available at this time. DeviceGuru has an excellent article about how to install Wbar in Ubuntu, and it also has links to all of the files that your will need. In Mandriva you will need to get the Wbar source code and compile it. Of course, this assumes that you already have the packages necessary for compiling the code installed: #urpmi make #urpmi gcc-c++ #urpmi libimlib2.devel There are two minor bug fixes that can be applied using your text editor: Add this line to SuperBar.cc and also to IconLoader.cc #include <stdlib.h> There is a patch that needs to be applied (thanks to scarecrow at mandrivausers.org) http://www.smithux.com/docs/wbar-patched/w…_warnings.patch You can simply apply it with #patch < $srcdir/wbar-gcc430_and_warnings.patch where $srcdir is the place you have extracted the source files. Once you have taken care of those issues you can compile the code: $make [if you do this in the wrong sequence then there are a variety of possible errors that can occur. One of them is noted here.] And then, as root: #make install Once Wbar is installed, you can quickly test it by issuing the following command from a console (Menu > Accessories > Terminal) window: $wbar -pos center -above-desk Next, download this file to your desktop, set its permissions to executable (â€chmod +x wbar_startâ€), and move it to /usr/bin/ on your system # ~/Desktop/wbar_start /usr/bin/ Now add Wbar to the list of applications that start automatically when GNOME loads. To do this, start GNOME’s Sessions configuration tool (System > Preferences > Startup Applications), and add Wbar to the list of startup programs. For its startup command, enter: “/usr/bin/wbar_startâ€. Now you will need to install Wbarconf so that you can customize your launchers. You can download the source files from here. Extract the package and then open a terminal. Install by logging on as root and typing: #../install.sh /usr/ (or) #../install.sh /usr/local/ And then add the Wbarconf application to your main menu. I put my launcher in System > Administration. Summary 1. DeviceGuru >> Adding Wbar, Prism and gadgets to Ubuntu 2. Downloads – wbar – Google Code 3. Add this line to SuperBar.cc and also to IconLoader.cc: #include <stdlib.h> 4. #patch < wbar-gcc430_and_warnings.patch 5. $make 6. #make install 7. $wbar -pos center -above-desk (to test your installation) 8. #mv ~/Desktop/wbar_start /usr/bin/ and make sure you set permissions to executable 9. Add wbar to your Startup Applications 10. Install Wbarconf 11. Add Wbarconf to your Main Menu
  7. OK scarecrow. I haven't had a chance to try that yet but thanks.
  8. 2009.1 Spring Gnome with Mac4Lin RC 1.0 and Wbar 1.3.3. Running on an Acer Aspire 3620 laptop with external hp 1902 17 inch monitor.
  9. Cool. But I'm getting an error after I installed the game: I used the following command to mount my install directory as the cdrom and it appeared to install OK: I have DOXBox 0.72 installed in Mandriva 2009.1
  10. That's what I thought I said, but maybe in an indirect way.
  11. Zac Medley


    Hi AussieJohn, I have unrar installed already, apparently I need a package for compression rather than uncompression. ianw1974, I have the plf repos installed and it didn't show up.
  12. Based on this article and thread I decided to try Fedora 11. It felt more like Mandriva than Ubuntu, but it wasn't enough of Mandriva for me to want to switch. Mandriva feels like a much more polished product to me. It's all in the details I guess, little things like the Synaptic Package Manager not having a progress indicator, and I didn't see any simple way to add sources.
  13. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The second article was very interesting. This could be a clever way to boost the developer's stock price. Ever heard of pump and dump?
  14. When I shut down now I get an error pop up that AWN needs to be composited. I don't see anything obvious in the Compiz Control settings that will take care of this issue. I know you folks can help, so thanks in advance
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