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  1. dijk


    OK. I know this post is a bit old. But how do i do to get the graphical menu?` You never explained it in the thread!?
  2. Problem fixed. I connected it to another USB-port a little baddly, so the system did'nt detect it. I also had to run drakroam as root to be able to connect. Im changing the title to solved. Thanks for the help.
  3. Maker: NETGEAR Model: WG111T Chipset: Atheros Driver: wg11t.inf (ndiswrapper, driver came on the CD= I hadproblems with this adapter before this. It's ndiswrapper that does'nt find the adapter. Yet im using the correct driver... It was working before I shut down harddrake. After that it dissapeared...
  4. Ok. The system boots just fine and works. But my wireless network does'nt work. Ndiswrapper can't find the adapter. It just says driver instlled. I fink it's because I deactivated harddrake. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks. I have stopped harddrake and alsa from booting at startup since they "hang" the system. I'll see how it goes after I finished installing KDE4 :) EDIT: Misspelled alsa
  6. After running "nopinit" I find out that it stops at Looking for new hardware in the alsadriver state. alsa states it's already started. I booted it succesfully in interactive mode where i skipped "harddrake" and "alsa". Is there any way to make the system automatically skip those stages, or do I have to do it manually every time??
  7. My system has a newly installed Mandriva Powerpack 2008. When I boot it it keeps freezing on "Looking for new hardware [ OK ]" The system is kinda' old. It's a fresh install, and I have'nt installed any new hardware. My previous (2007.1) system was working perfectly on the same configuration. I was able to boot it in failsafe mode once, but it has'nt worked since. I have googled without any answers. Any idea?
  8. Solved. Apparently a HDInstall and a urpmi.update -a whas all that was required. All done in Virtualbox. THX scarecrow!
  9. Yeah. when will it be released? Will it be released? I did'nt think it was possible to do your own "MCNLive". Is it?
  10. Done. Harddisk installation under Virtualbox. :D How do I update the initscripts under a harddisk install?
  11. I usually do it on the run (livecd mode) but I have a harddisk install too. Which one do you recommend?
  12. How do I do that? I don't know that much LINUX, I'm new to it.
  13. Hi. When I install kernel-sources (the installation goes smoothly, by the way) and does a remaster (goes smoothly, too) and then burn the remaster. When I'm booting, I get sent to "Busybox built in shell", ash. Any idea what the problem might be? I'm using Toronto and the "right" version of kernel-sources. All my previous remasters work perfectly. I'm installing kernel-sources to be able to get the NVIDIA-driver, to get 3D-effects (with Beryl). By the way, when will the next version be released? It's called "pilota".
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